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Gordburg - ebook

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Gordburg by SJ Lewis

SJ Lewis, famed author of “The Prey” series has listened to his fans and written a sensational story with more intricate details about Gordburg and how the sexiest vacation spot on the planet works.   

Six months ago, the tall and stunning Elizabeth Anne Krueger was simply Ron Smith's latest assignment. As one of the Organization's very best hunters and trainers, his job was to find a way to capture her, bring her in, and then make her dark fantasies come to life through strict training and constant sexual domination. Somewhere along the way, though, she went from being simply a female to him to being the female, his female, and rather than give her up when her time was over, he told his employers that he would quit so that he could spend the rest of his life with her.

Rather than lose one of their very best operatives, the Organization puts his resignation on hold and offers to send him and Elizabeth on an all-expenses-paid vacation to the unique and kinky resort town of Gordburg. They accept. Neither had ever been there, and the setting offers both of them an opportunity to act out their fantasies in comfort and style. As they explore their desires and those fantasies, Ron suspects that his former employers will make every effort to get him to come back to work for them, but he makes it clear that he is devoted to his lovely female. As time goes by, however, he begins to realize that the Organization is interested in far more than simply getting him to come back to work for them.

Includes: graphic sexuality, including straight, oral and anal sex, domination and submission, bondage, and so much more!


“Looks like they’re still open,” Ron observed. “Shall we go in?”

“Oh, yes!” Elizabeth answered. “Please!”

Before they could enter they were met by a tanned, rangy older man in jeans, boots and a dark flannel shirt who looked to Elizabeth as if he’d be right at home in West Texas.

“Can I help you folks?” he asked with a smile, though he was effectively barring their way.

“We just got in today,” Ron said. “We were wondering if we could come in and have a look around, if you’re still open.”

The man looked from Ron to Elizabeth and back again. “Surely,” he nodded. “We don’t officially lock up ‘til midnight, but most of the stock has been bedded down for the night, so there ain’t much to see. Anyways, after sundown we have to be a bit careful about who we let in. You understand.”

“Of course,” Ron said. “You ever have any trouble?”

“Not so far. Kinda like to keep it that way, you know? You folks signed in? I’m Jack Brown, by the way.” He held out his hand to Ron, who took it.

“Pleased to meet you,” Ron said. “I’m Ron Smith. This lovely lady is Elizabeth Krueger.”

A peculiar expression came over the other man’s face, and then he broke into a toothy grin.

“You are him, aren’t ’cha?” he said as he pumped Ron’s hand vigorously. “I kinda thought it was. Ain’t too many men match your description, and damned few women match yours, ma’am,” he nodded towards Elizabeth. “Come in, come in! I’d be real happy to show you both around.”

Elizabeth shot Ron a quizzical look as Jack led them into the Slave Market. All Ron could do was shrug and shake his head.

“Like I said, there ain’t much to look at right now,” Jack called back over his shoulder, his tone almost apologetic as he led them to a row of cages. Elizabeth counted six of them, with six more in a parallel row just beyond them. They had pipe frames supporting bright galvanized chain-link walls and tops. They looked a lot like dog kennels.

“The season’s just startin’ up,” Jack Brown said as he turned to face them. “But we got a few females here.” He patted the corner post of one of the cages. Elizabeth pressed forward for a closer look. There was a naked woman asleep, or pretending to be, on a thin pallet on the floor of the cage. She was pretty, somewhere in her mid-twenties, average height and build, with her dark hair cut short in a pixie-like style. Elizabeth saw faint marks on the woman’s wrists and ankles. She’d been tied up recently. Two cages down along the row there was another woman, slender, with long, wavy, disheveled dark blonde hair. She had apparently woken up at the sound of Jack’s voice, because she was just getting up onto her hands and knees, brushing strands of hair back from her face. Elizabeth noted that none of the cages were tall enough to allow anyone in them to stand up, but they were still taller than one of the cages she had been kept in back in the city. It felt thrilling to be standing outside of those cages, fully clothed, looking in at naked women.

“Why do you call them ‘females’?” she asked.

“Well,” Jack Brown rubbed his chin as he looked at her. “You’re a woman, ma’am. And a real handsome-lookin’ one, if you don’t mind me sayin’.” Elizabeth smiled at him, and he quickly looked at Ron to see if he had any objections. Ron also smiled.

“We get a lot of women visitors here,” Jack continued. “Got to have some way of distinguishin’ between them and the ones who come to play. You keep your clothes on, you’re a woman. You get naked and jump in, you’re a female.”

“I see,” Elizabeth nodded. “And you’re going to sell these two? Here?”

“Oh, no, ma’am,” Jack shook his head. “These two already got owners…or masters. Leila, here,” he pointed at the dark-haired woman, who remained stubbornly asleep, “She was brought in yesterday by her boyfriend, or husband, or whatever, for some trainin’ and conditionin’. We do that here too, for good clients.”

“And her?” Elizabeth turned and pointed at the blonde, who was now crouching in her cage, looking feral and almost dangerous. The woman was staring at them intently, and then Elizabeth saw her attention focus on Ron. She felt a sudden stab of possessiveness and unconsciously stepped closer to her man.

“Oh, her,” Jack chuckled. “She came in yesterday too. I think her name’s Heather, but I ain’t sure.”

“Is she here for conditioning and training too?” Elizabeth asked.

“No,” Jack shook his head. “The way I heard it, she’s supposed to get turned loose somewhere on the North side of the road just like she is now, and a couple-three men will try to hunt her down. Want a closer look?” He directed his question towards Elizabeth, who shook her head ‘no’ after a moment’s consideration. The blonde locked eyes with her and licked her lips lasciviously. Elizabeth smiled sweetly at her and took Ron’s arm. She had an urge to let Heather out of her cage so that she could rip her hair out.

“So, she’s going to be the prey in a canned hunt?” Ron asked.

“She’s a wild one,” Jack said. “From what I was told, she set it up herself. She’s been here before, I’m told, but I really don’t know much about her. She sure don’t act like she’s been broken in. It might do her some good if we gave her a little time upstairs.”

“Upstairs?” Elizabeth asked without taking her eyes off of the blonde, who smiled slyly and knowingly at her.

“Oh. Yeah,” Jack said. “There’s an upper level. You get to it by goin’ up those stairs there.” He pointed. Elizabeth looked and saw a long flight of wooden stairs along the back wall. “That’s where we train the females.”

Elizabeth turned back towards the blonde, who tilted her head, still wearing that nasty little smile. She focused her gaze back on Ron, then slowly shifted around until her back was towards them. She leaned forward and down until she was on her elbows and knees, back arched, legs spread, exposing her plump, pink pussy to them all. She made a grunting sound and wriggled her ass.

Now Elizabeth looked at Ron. He was watching the blonde, but his expression wasn’t at all lustful. Instead, he seemed to be sizing up the woman in a very detached and clinical way. She felt relieved.

“Can we see the upstairs?” she asked Jack.

“’Fraid not, ma’am,” he shook his head. “First of all, it’s closed for the night. Second, we don’t allow folks, even the two of you, upstairs for a look-see. Now, I suppose we could make some sort of an exception for you, Mr. Smith.” He looked at Elizabeth. “But I’m afraid you wouldn’t be allowed up there at all, ma’am. Leastaways, not the way you are now.”

“What do you mean?” Ron asked.

“Mr. Smith,” the man said, “the only way females get to go upstairs is naked, collared and tied.”

“Ah,” Ron nodded. “I understand.”

Jack showed them around the rest of the place. The second row of cages held only one woman. She was asleep, and appeared to be about thirty, dark-haired and a little on the plump side. Jack referred to her as ‘Janice’. There was a wide, open space between the cages and a big, low wooden stage he explained was used as an auction block. A big curtain at the back of the stage hid anything more from view. Jack explained that they brought the females out from behind that curtain for the bidding, and that they set up folding chairs in the open area for the bidders to sit on.

“How many men show up for an auction?” Elizabeth asked.

“Depends,” Jack shrugged. “But the bidders ain’t all men, ma’am. We usually have a woman or two as well.”

“Really?” Elizabeth looked at the stage, imagining the naked females being displayed up there for ‘sale’. “What if a wo…I mean, female, doesn’t want to be bought by a woman?”

“Then the women ain’t allowed to bid,” Jack replied. He said no more on the subject, and Elizabeth didn’t ask any more. There wasn’t anything else to see, so Ron and Elizabeth started back for their bungalow.

“Ron?” Elizabeth said after a long moment. They were walking arm in arm again. She had taken off her shoes, and they dangled by their straps from her free hand. The sand felt cool under her bare feet.

“What?” he asked.

“I saw you looking at that blonde. What were you thinking?”

“Sorry,” he shrugged. “It was professional interest only, I swear.”

Elizabeth laughed. “I believe you,” she told him as she gave his arm a quick hug. “But really, what were you thinking?”

“Sizing her up, really,” he replied. “Trying to figure out how she’s wired.”

“And?” she prompted. “What did you conclude?”

“I’ve seen her type before. We used to call them ‘leopards’. She almost certainly likes it rough, and she likes to goad men into treating her rough. She was perfectly safe from us while she was in that cage, and she knew it, so she just couldn’t help herself from putting on a little show.”

“Anything more?”

“Yeah. One man is never enough for a leopard. She can completely wear him out in a couple of days. Two men usually aren’t enough either. Three might stand a chance. She’s getting sent out into the woods naked, so she wants to be caught, and pretty quickly, but she’ll make them work for it all the same and probably fight them like hell every minute.”

“You’ve studied a lot of women?”

“Yes, I have,” he nodded. He said nothing more. He knew his female, and if Elizabeth wanted to know anything more she would certainly ask. They walked along slowly.

“Tell me,” Elizabeth said after several steps. “When you were hunting females before you came to the city, was it in a place like this?”

“Nothing like this,” he replied. “It was out in the woods, all right, but there weren’t any towns nearby, only some buildings here and there where we could take them and keep them.”

“Was it hard? Hunting females, I mean. Aren’t humans supposed to be the most dangerous prey?”

He laughed. “No, it wasn’t usually all that hard. They came out there wanting to be taken. Most of them made it pretty easy for us.”

“Most of them? But not all of them?”

“Some of them got to enjoy being stalked, or the thrill of the chase. They made it tougher to run them down. Sometimes when we finally got one she was already aroused and ready to go.”

“What did you do with them once you’d caught them?” Elizabeth asked. “I’d really like to know.”

“Why?” he asked, smiling at her warmly. She smiled back just as warmly.

“I find it exciting,” she said. “Please tell me.”

“Well,” he shrugged. “The first thing we always did was strip them naked.”


“It’s the best way to establish dominance right from the start. Some times they put up a fight, but it always got them aroused.”

“Did you ever make them undress themselves?”

“No. It wouldn’t have had the same effect. We did it ourselves, with a lot of ripping and pulling and button-popping and tearing.”

“Mmm…and then?”

“Usually we tied their hands behind them. More dominance.”

“And then you used them?”

“Not always right away. Sometimes we let them stew for a little while and wonder about what was coming. We’d spend a little time manhandling them. It gave us a chance to evaluate them a little more. After that, well, it depended on how we’d sized them up.”

“Tell me more, Master,” Elizabeth purred as she pressed against him.

“There’s not a whole lot to tell. If they got too rambunctious we spanked them until they learned to behave. If that didn’t work, we’d either string them up to something solid, or stake them out and let them fight and scream all they wanted until they got tired. What we were trying to do was make them obedient and submissive. That’s what they came out there for in the first place, so it always worked.”

“How did you know when it had worked?”

“Why are you so interested?”

“I want to be in the proper frame of mind when we get back to our bungalow,” Elizabeth replied. “We’re both well-rested and well-fed now, and I’m feeling kind of horny. How did you know when it had worked?”

“Okay, okay,” Ron chuckled. “One of the best indicators was when they would fellate us.”

“You mean, suck your cocks?”

“Yes. And we would come in their pretty little mouths.”

“Ooh,” Elizabeth said with a trace of a girlish squeal. “And you would make them swallow?”

“Yes. They couldn’t always manage to do that at first, so it could get kind of messy. We noticed that older women usually learned fastest.”

“I see,” Elizabeth said. She was feeling excited and giddy now. It wasn’t too much further to their bungalow. She could hardly wait for them to get there. She thought that she would get him to force her to do what he wanted, and if her dress got torn or damaged, well, she could always buy another one. She loved it when his desire for her made him forceful and reckless. She even liked it when he spanked her if she resisted too strongly. When they got back to their cozy little vacation home they would have privacy and each other. She started to walk a little more quickly, pulling him along with her.

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Cover Image © www.shadowplayers.com

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