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Gretel's Game: Seduction, Power & Female Dominance - ebook

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Gretel's Game: Seduction, Power & Female Dominance by King X Key

Putting men on their knees is clearly Gretel’s specialty, and with such power, it would seem that this Dominant Female can get anything she wants from the men she exploits and dominates.

On top of her game in a series of clever power plays with the men in her life, Casper, Kurt and Sidney, Gretel leaves them humiliated and a whole lot poorer as she connives to strip them of their assets.

However, Gretel’s game begins to unravel when she can’t indulge in sexual sadism – her victim Kurt’s too willing to accept her torture! Meanwhile, arch nemesis, Jessica Noble, tries to steal him from her. In other matters, Gretel’s about to inherit a multimillion-dollar business conglomerate from her late husband—but his family is contesting the will. And if that’s not enough, Sidney and his henchman, Bruiser, conspire to molest her – in a move that could threaten her life.

While Gretel seems undeterred by these setbacks, has she taken on more than she can handle? Will she be bested in her schemes? Or will this ruthless female prevail, subjugating men for fun, profit, a little revenge … along with the sexual thrills she thrives on?

Contains spanking, anal sex, oral sex, adult and child role-playing, cross-gender role-playing, fetish-oriented arousal, limited tease and denial, and conventional sex.

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“Sit down.” She examined him. “Light gray suit. Good boy.”
Casper kept leering at Gretel while he settled into his desk chair. The brilliance of her green eyes always took his breath away—so rare in a world of blue and brown eyes. When her right hand and arm slithered into her glove, causing a rippling, soft glimmer in the leather, his Adam’s apple bobbed. He licked his lips. During Gretel’s tantalizing show with her left glove, Casper reached into his hip pocket and took out his wallet.
Gretel stepped close to him, teasing him with her voluptuous body while denying him the pleasure of touching her. She took his wallet from his hand, removed all of the bills, and tossed his wallet on the desk. “Have you been a good boy?” she asked.
The fifty-five-year-old boy replied, “Yes, ma’am.”
“Time for your allowance.” She peeled the bills off and let them fall carelessly, counting, “One hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred, twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, five hundred, twenty, forty, sixty, eighty, ninety, ninety-five, six hundred and one, two, three dollars.”
“Thank you!” he exclaimed. He fell on his knees to gather his allowance. Gretel’s touch transformed his own money into Gretel’s precious gift.
With Casper’s eye level at her legs, Gretel tapped her foot, treating him to the vision of her flexing calf muscle—compressing her sensuality and power into one motion. To exasperate him further, Gretel held her pose and tapped her foot faster. Her haughty stance paralyzed him. She felt a mild rush while he fumbled with the money. She snapped, “Hurry up!”
“Yes, ma’am.” He gathered the bills in a stack. “You’re very generous.”
“You can’t have all of it.” She snatched the stack from his hand, peeled off three one-hundred-dollar bills, and handed the rest of the money to him.
The sharp intrusion of reality into their game rankled him. “That’s not fair!”
She stroked his cheek with her left gloved hand. “I know! You get horny when I cheat you. You crave me so much you could explode, and you can’t resist my cruelty.”
Lifting the hem of her dress with her left hand, she tucked the three hundred dollars inside her stocking. Casper couldn’t avert his eyes from Gretel’s legs. Gretel rotated her right hip up slightly in a stance full of hubris that drained Casper’s resistance, snaring him in one of her favorite traps. “What are you staring at?!” she demanded. “You rude little boy! You don’t deserve an allowance.” She pushed the hem of her dress down.
“Please! I won’t do it again. Give me another chance.”
Gretel lifted the hem of her dress with both hands, enough to flash him with her thighs and girdle. When Casper powerlessly gazed at Gretel’s irresistible bait, she smirked. “Put the rest of the money in my stocking.” Gretel felt aroused watching the pained lust in Casper’s eyes. He would surrender all of his cash just to touch her thigh. When he knelt again, she wanted to press his face into her crotch.
Casper pulled softly, reverently at the rim of her stocking and tucked the money inside. Gretel stepped back to smooth out her dress and cover Casper’s cash tribute and her bait. Casper he protested, “You’re malicious!”
She took both of his cheeks in her gloved hands. “And you love it! Stand up.”
“Please don’t embarrass me.” But he stood anyway.
And she embarrassed him anyway. “What’s that?” She pointed to the tent his pants formed over his rigid tent pole.
“May I sit down?” Casper admired Gretel’s face. Her tiny mouth suggested stinginess with her kisses, but her lush, thick lips made each kiss a precious treat.
“You’re happy to see me, aren’t you?”

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