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Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups - ebook

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Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale For Grown-ups by Dominic Ridler

The classic story of Hansel and Gretel is here retold for adult readers. As in the original fairy tale, the beautiful young brother and sister are lost in the woods, then rescued by an old woman. In this version, each of them is sent off to become submissives. Separated from each other, the handsome boy and lovely girl are subjected to rough usage by their owners, forced to perform oral sex, whipped and deflowered. Happily, Hansel catches the eye of a powerful noblewoman, Lady Eleanor, who takes him off to her castle and initiates him into the pleasures of submission. He is bound and whipped and trained to please her, and is (literally) taken in hand by Lady Eleanor’s two pretty maid servants, Rachel and Rebecca, who tease and torment poor Hansel while enjoying his firm young body. Eventually he is groomed for Lady Eleanor’s paramour, Sir Gawain, who, eagerly assisted by Rachel and Rebecca, introduces Hansel to the pleasures of sodomy and fellatio.

Meanwhile, Gretel succeeds in escaping. She is rescued but finds herself in a brothel, where the poor girl is cruelly beaten when she tries to refuse her customers. But it is not long before she is rescued again, this time by Angel, a handsome and wealthy young man, who installs her in his home and taps into deep erotic impulses of which Gretel has hitherto been unaware. Under his affectionate guidance she is introduced to the pleasures of bondage, discipline, and group sex. Gretel also discovers a taste for other girls, and is encouraged to explore both domination and submission with Angel’s female servants, while he watches.

By the end Hansel and Gretel have left behind their youthful innocence and, though still apart, are both happily indulging the full range of their desires.


Hansel had his hands tied together and then roped to the back of the cart upon which the wood-cutter sat, as they disappeared down the track towards the other side of the wood. Every step carried him further from Gretel. He was powerless to help her, and that shamed him, as did his nakedness. He wasn’t used to other people, strangers, seeing him like this. In fact, from the time he had got too old for his mother to bathe him any more, no one else had seen him naked.
He was, although he was himself only dimly aware of it, a beautiful young man. His body was slim and graceful, almost full-grown. His blond hair hung down to his shoulders in soft waves. He had deep blue eyes, with long, almost girlish lashes, and his lips were surprisingly red for a boy. Except for thick curls around his groin, his body was smooth, almost hairless, and the skin soft to the touch.
At last they came to a stream. The wood-cutter stopped the cart under a tree. He fetched some water from the stream for Hansel to drink, which Hansel interpreted as a kind gesture, though as he was to discover kindness was to be the exception. The wood-cutter watched him as he drank, with a look that unsettled Hansel. He had no experience of men’s lusts, had no idea in fact that there were men who desired their own sex. But no sooner had the man taken back the cup than he seized Hansel’s curly head in his rough hand and bent it backward. The man then kissed Hansel full on the mouth. No one had ever kissed him this way before. He was surprised, even outraged, and yet there was something disturbing about it too. It aroused a feeling in him he had never felt before, something he didn’t understand. The man forced Hansel’s mouth open with his free hand and pushed his tongue between Hansel’s lips. This was even more intrusive and Hansel tried to pull away, but in vain. The man, aroused now, pushed his tongue as far into Hansel’s throat as he could. Still twisting Hansel’s hair in his hand, he slid his other hand across Hansel’s chest, taking a nipple between his thumb and finger and pinching it. Hansel grunted at this effrontery and tried once more to break away, but the wood-cutter was far too strong for him. The man twisted Hansel’s nipple hard, which made Hansel grunt with pain, even though the man’s tongue still filled his mouth.
The man ran his hand down Hansel’s belly and grasped hold of his cock. He pulled away from Hansel’s face and looked down as Hansel’s cock nestled in the palm of his hand. It was, though no one had ever told Hansel so, a handsome cock, long and straight when fully erect, at least an inch longer than average, perhaps a little more, with a proportionate thickness. The man gazed at it admiringly.
“You’ve got a good big cock on you, boy,” the man said, his voice thick with desire. “I wonder if you know what to do with it?”
Hansel could feel his cock stiffen under the man’s touch. It was not a touch he welcomed, indeed he felt disgust for the very thought of another man handling him this way. And yet his cock was now almost fully erect. How could his body betray him in this way? The man was rubbing him slowly, bringing him up to his full measure, the cock so hard that it stood up almost vertically. The head was a deep red as the man pulled back Hansel’s foreskin.
The man now let go of Hansel’s hair. His other hand slid down Hansel’s back and cupped one of his buttocks, squeezing gently, then more roughly, his calloused fingers digging into the soft flesh. Then he lifted his hand from Hansel’s bottom and pushed one of his fingers into Hansel’s mouth.
“Suck that, pretty boy,” he said, “and see if I don’t give you something else to suck before long.”
Hansel had no choice but to suck the finger forced into his mouth. After a minute the man took it out and his hand fell once more to Hansel’s bottom. Hansel tried to move away, but the man had him by the cock, and kept him close. Then Hansel felt the man’s finger push roughly up into his ass. He squirmed and tried again to get away, but the man suddenly released Hansel’s cock and instead got a firm grip on his balls, twisting them until Hansel cried out with pain. The finger on the man’s other hand was pushed deeper into Hansel’s ass. There were tears in the boy’s eye, tears of pain from the finger in his tight virgin ass, and from the man’s rough hand twisting his balls hard; but also of shame for the violation that was taking place.
The man released his balls and took hold of Hansel’s cock once more, his finger still thrusting up into Hansel’s bottom. He began to rub Hansel’s cock hard.
“Let’s see how long you take to spurt,” he said, “and how far you can spurt it.”
He rubbed Hansel faster and faster. Hansel desperately wished that he could make no response, but his cock seemed to have a will of its own, and the faster the man rubbed it the harder it got, until suddenly Hansel cried out and his cock shuddered in the man’s hand, and the warm sticky semen spurted forth, arching out and falling onto the ground. The man squeezed Hansel’s cock until he had milked every last drop from him. Hansel slumped back against the cart.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Kiselev Andrey Valerevich - Shutterstock.com

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