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Heather - ebook

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Heather by Charles Arnold

Even before she was born Heather’s life is determined by her uncle, an extremely wealthy and brilliant scientist, Doctor Bruno. Without ever contacting her he pays to send her to the best universities. He also sees to it that she is raised by a black nannie who is practiced in the occult arts. Through her growing up Heather’s dreams and desires are controlled by Carmella, her nanny. After her graduation she and her new husband are, on the orders of Doctor Bruno, taken by cruel mountain men and held for several weeks. Heather quickly learns what it means to be a submissive.

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On their way to the Yolla Bolly’s they stopped in Red Bluff and were married by a justice of the peace. It was in Red Bluff the day after they were married that Willy first saw them in the flesh. He and Jake had been given photographs. She was better than in the pictures, a lot better. As he came out of the men’s room of the Mobile Station just off route 5, he froze with his fly half zipped. Leaning over the candy counter looking at a map was the hottest young woman he’d ever seen. Tight cutoffs molded her ass cheeks and creased along her crack. Her tanned bare legs were not long but were firm…muscled calves, tiny ankles. She was up on her tiptoes, her small feet in new Nikes. He was quick to notice that under her tight tee there was no bra strap. Her hair was jet black and cut short curling under at the back of her neck. Beside her, tracing a finger along the map was Tommy, thin and wiry, not much taller than Heather. Like her, he wore denim cutoffs, new Nikes, and a plain white tee. Willy edged over to the magazine rack near them.
“See,” Tommy was pointing and explaining, “this is route 36. We take that out of here. It’s maybe forty miles to Platina. Then about five miles north of Platina we take road number 231 and follow that about ten miles into the Yolla Bolly range. See this thin line?” Heather nodded. “It doesn’t have a name but it must go to the trail head. I’m sure it’s a one lane dirt road.”
“We leave the car at the trail head?” Heather asked.
“That’s right. Then we backpack into some of the most beautiful and least traveled wilderness in America.”
“How long?”
“Maybe four or five days.”
“Are there bears?”
“Lots. And wildcats and rattlesnakes.”
“What about wild mountain men?” she laughed.
“Sure. Just like in ‘Deliverance’.”
She put her arm around his waist and looked up at him, smiling, “Have I told you lately that I love you?”
He kissed her lightly, “Only about five times since breakfast.”
They paid for the gasoline and map and, holding hands, went out to their car. Willy watched them drive away. He fingered the outside of his pants and felt his stiffening cock. “New Corolla and we know just where the fuck you’re goin’,” he said to himself.
“Wild mountain men, the kid got that right only he didn’t have no idea how wild. That hot cunt in them white shorts…she’s comin’ right to us just like the good Doctor said she would.” He remembered his recent instructions from Doctor Bruno. Ms. C. had told him to call the Doctor’s private number at a specified time. Doctor Bruno described the girl and the boy she would be with as well as the car. Willy and his partners were to hold the girl for a week. He’d made it clear that the purpose was to make her so terrified of being sent back to them she would do whatever would be demanded of her.
Before heading toward the Yolla Bollys, Willy stopped at the Red Bluff Post Office and asked for the boxes addressed to Albert Barnett of Weston. He showed the clerk Albert Barnett’s altered driver’s license. Willy’s face appeared where Albert’s once had been. The mail clerk put two small boxes into a large one and placed it on the counter. Willy thanked him and went out to his truck. He guessed the boy and his young wife were twenty minutes ahead of him. No matter. He had a very good idea where they’d be two days from now. He and Sam would find them. He patted the box on the seat beside him and smiled. “Two birds with one stone,” he said. Before starting the truck he dialed a number on his cell phone.
He recognized the voice immediately. He should have known. No one ever answered this number except the Doctor himself.
“They’s here,” Willy said.
“Good. Follow the plan. Remember you boys can do what you want, but don’t have intercourse with her, don’t fuck her.”
“What about her ass? What about her blowin’ us?” Willy asked.
“Yes you can have her ass and mouth,” He paused, then added, “Don’t do anything to her that won’t heal. Keep her for a week. At the end of the week I’ll phone you with the arrangements to have her delivered.”

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Raisa Kanareva

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