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Hell Bound: The Search for Jillian Ingalls

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Product Description

Hell Bound: The Search for Jillian Ingalls by Tobias Tanner

Jillian Ingalls is Johnny Willis's girl, waiting tables in LA and screwing around for the fun of it. When she suddenly disappears, she leaves a cryptic note, saying simply, "It's for the best..." A letter from bounty hunter Logan Dunn follows, informing Johnny that he's taken the screwy redhead into his custody. Apparently, she’s reneged on a legally binding service contract, whatever the hell that is!

Johnny isn't about to let this girl slip through his fingers so easily. While making inquiries about her at a local bar, he stumbles on Amy Cavanaugh, a long-haired beauty with a disarming Southern accent. She's great company, easy in bed, and willing to bend to Johnny's kinky kind of sexual fun. She's even willing to help him find the missing Jill.

The search for Jill leads the pair to Sado Max, a posh dungeon where Johnny hopes to learn the whereabouts of the bounty hunter, and Jillian. It's also the perfect place to introduce Amy to the joys of bondage, punishment and the kinky lifestyle he enjoys. To his amazement, the novice submissive hardly balks.

From Sado Max, it's on to Logan Dunn's hideout in Michigan, then to a private town near Las Cruses New Mexico, owned by bad ass thug Ramón Cordova. But Ramón Cordova isn't about cooperate with Johnny in his quest for Jill. A nightmare worthy of hell itself unfolds at Cordova's compound, with Johnny headed for an early demise in the desert, and Amy about to become another of Cordova's many woman. Can Johnny extricate the two from the horrible fate that await them, or find a way out, and hopefully find Jillian in the process.

Combining adventure, mystery, kinky romance, lots of rough bdsm sex and a real stunner of an ending, this novel is one sizzling hot read!

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In the shadows of a covered picnic table, he pulled her upright and jerked at the front of her pants, ripping them open. Jill hooked her thumbs into the waistband without being told and wriggled them down. She was naked underneath. Willis bent her over the table and slapped her bare ass, shoving her around enough so that she never quite caught her balance. She yelped, gripping at the table edge, breathing very hard in the pregnant stillness of the impending storm.
“Where do you want it?” He stood back to unbuckle his belt.
“Please…no…” she whispered, making it piteous and horrified.
“Where?” Willis said dangerously.
The breeze felt cool on his skin. He gripped his cock tightly, and, with his free hand, spanked the girl, harder still. She bucked, yelping under the sharp pains, but stayed where he put her, more or less.
“Oh…God!” she wailed, starting to cry. “In the back, please…in the back. Don’t hit me anymore, baby. Please don’t…”
“Say it, goddamn you,” Willis snarled, squeezing her mottled ass. “Tell me where.”
“I want…um…oh…in the…oh, please…”
“Say it, Jill!” he said, almost shouting.
“In the ass,” she sobbed. “I want you in the…”
“Whose ass, Jill, whose ass do you want it in?” He kept slapping, hard.
“Mine!” she gasped. “I want you in my ass. Please, Johnny…”
Willis already had the little squeeze bottle of lube out. He knew what she was going to say, and knew how it was going to go. He squirted himself with the slippery clear gel, and then the shadowed cleft of her upturned butt. He pressed his cock firmly against the soft, pink socket of her anus. Her body yielded immediately, opening to him.
“How do you want it?”
“Please,” she gasped. “Hard, hard…please, give it to me…haaarrrrrd!”
She howled as he drove into her body. His cock was large by any standard, but she pressed back against him, impaling herself with enough urgency to force him backward a step. There was no denial in the movement, only need. He braced his legs and shoved harder, forcing himself inward.
Even as her muscular guts clenched at him, some cool, detached part of his mind recognized that she didn’t just want him, she needed him, like a junkie needed dope. His cock up her ass was like a needle in the vein, and the contempt in his voice, feigned as it was, gave her the juice that would have been heroin if she’d been another kind of addict. Humiliation was her drug of choice. She couldn’t live without it.
“Cum for me,” he panted after a minute punctuated by the slap of belly to butt.
The only other sound was the rising wind, and Jill’s desperate breathing. She reached under herself and he felt the faint scratching of her fingernails on his balls. The tenor of her voice changed. Willis knew that she would be digging at her clit, driving herself toward orgasm.
“Hit me,” she moaned. “Please…hit meeee!”
Willis spanked her, snapping his wrists to bring the flats of his hands down hard on her upturned ass. It made his palms sting to hit her that hard, but she liked it, whimpering with the force of each impact. Her breath shrieked, and the hips began to undulate. At the last, her legs were shaking so much that he had to hold her up.
“Yes, yes, yes…yesssss!” And she came, shuddering.

Artist Credit

© Copyright Ludovic Goubet www.ludovicgoubet.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Hell Bound: The Search for Jillian Ingalls by Tobias Tanner

    Reader comments from C Tracy
    Tanner tells an adventurous, erotic and tantalizing tale from a man’s point of view. It is nice to read a story from the dominant view rather than the submissive female side. There are plenty of erotic, thrilling scenes. I got all the pussy twitching, nipple hardening effects I wanted from reading this book. Good writing Tobias Tanner! I look forward to reading more of his work.

    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

    Tanner has written a novel that is fast-paced and great fun!

    John Willis will remind you of a cross between James Bond and Rambo—tough as nails, deadly, devilishly clever, filthy rich, and knowledgeable about more things than a human being has any right to be (think Sherlock Holmes!).

    Willis has lost his girl friend, Jillian Ingalls. The two of them had been exploring domination, bondage, forced-but-really-not-forced sex, and other kinky sexual trips. Willis goes in search of his wayward girl friend.

    Along the way Willis meets Amy Cavanaugh and the two of them further explore the world of domination and grow closer and closer.

    Along with plenty of hot sex scenes, the book is incredibly witty, with humor scattered liberally throughout. There’s even an inside joke: When Willis meets Amy she is reading a novel by someone by the name of Lizbeth Dusseau.

    This is a delightful read, with a marvelous surprise ending, the sort of book you might take to the beach—if it’s the right beach. It is richly entertaining, and that is no small compliment.

    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

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