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His Latest Acquisition - eBook

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His Latest Acquisition by Lizbeth Dusseau

Compelled by impulse, suspicion and obsession, Emily Booker hacks into her husband’s computer files discovering his secret life as a sexual master. Shocked but sexually ignited, Emily begs to become his slave. Though Justin reluctantly agrees to her request, he feels betrayed and her training becomes his revenge.

Rapidly forcing her deep into submission, Justin strips away her life a piece at a time: career, friends, property, even her marriage disappears until there is nothing left but ‘em’, the perfect submissive. She is humiliated before masters, stretched for double penetration, whipped, bound and finally given away. While em looks on with longing, Justin entertains his other slaves in the bed his novice submissives once shared with him.

Is this the life she truly desires? In the wings another would-be master with his eyes focused on this beautiful prize waits… her trainer Dylan Kincaid. A confrontation between masters is certain… “Sell her?” Justin chortled darkly. “Maybe to some Sultan for a night, but sell her outright? Hell no! I’d be crazy. em’s worth a fortune to me… I figure I can retire on the cash she’ll bring.”


“brit, remove your clothes for my friends,” Justin ordered.
“Yes, sir.”
Without a second’s hesitation, the secretary unbuttoned her suit jacket and removed it to a chair behind her, revealing as she did, the transparent film of cloth of her pale pink blouse. Underneath, her bra was equally transparent which allowed the men to see her brown areolas and the darker nipples in their centers as distinctly as if they were nakedly displayed. Even more fascinating, however, were the gold rings pierced through the centers of those small brown buds, making each small nipple slightly erect and growing more so in response to the enthralled gaze of Justin’s friends.
Smiling shyly, brit continued. Undoing the buttons of her blouse, she tossed it aside with her jacket. Then, she unzipped her skirt and let it fall silently to the floor. As if the previous revelation of her nipple rings were not thrill enough, the most surprising aspect of brit’s attire became immediately apparent as the pair of gawkers spotted the flush-fitting harness at her groin. A simple band fit around her lower waist, while a second band thread her crotch. The supple black leather breached the cleft of her ass, then split in two as it hit the opening of her vagina and ran along either side of her clitoris, keeping her labia pressed back wide. The view was stunning with the glorious attributes of her privates shamelessly exposed as though she were about to hawk street traffic to her whore’s boudoir.
“She wears it every day?” Earl wondered—he was slightly knocked off his proverbial grim center seeing the amazing picture of lust attack his eyes.
“Often,” Justin replied. “Though I don’t let my slaves get bored with repetition.”
“Do you care if she’s bored?” he wondered.
“I care that they are at the peak of their sexual desire. It keeps me aroused.”
“Ah!” George was impressed.
“You can stop undressing now,” Justin told his secretary as she was about to unhook her bra. Left in just bra, harness, garterbelt and nylons, the lovely brit was stunning. “But turn around and bend over so they can see what’s in your ass.”
brit obeyed, straightening her legs as she bent at the waist, holding the position while her admirers stared at the pair of lovely rounded buttocks with the leather bisecting the two orbs.
“Spread your ass cheeks with your hands,” Justin went on.
She did that, too, giving the men a peek at the deepest recesses of her nether regions where it looked as though a sizable dildo had speared her ass—although the bulk of the device was so wholly lodged within the channel that it was impossible to know what kind of travail she’d been forced to endure.
“And she wears it this way all day long?” George asked.
“As long as I want her to. Squat, brit,” the order shot out like dragon fire. The slave was turned around, squatting, knees bent, ass resting on her calves, a pink blush rising on her cheeks before the men could catch their breath. Some things she did as though her life depended on it—this was one. Keeping her gaze lowered, she adopted the pose remaining as dutiful and submissive as she’d been when she arrived in the office on Justin’s command. “Look up at me,” he ordered.
The smoldering look in brit’s gentle grey eyes sought his encouragement. Hers was a valiant effort; the pose excruciating—but effected with diligence and good grace, something Justin valued, something he required and bred in any woman who called herself his slave.
“Take off your bra,” he told her. Little of the appealing and mild-mannered gentleman remained in him now. His gaze was ruthless, his voice the same. By his look, he might kill—but this was what the woman craved. Justin’s guests could see that in her expression.
brit struggled as she unhooked her brassiere, though she kept the squat the entire time, and finishing, she waited for another command, hardly surprised when her master ordered her to, “Show off your tits. Raise them high.”
“I’ll bet she’s wet between those legs,” George concluded as the slave’s feral expression grabbed his gut and his dick below with a salacious lust he’d not felt in some time. “You give her away?”
“I’m deciding that right now; I’ll see how she performs today. She needs her ass stretched, and while my cock might be adequate to screw her, it’s not the kind to widen her properly—that’s why the anal plug.”
“I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to help you there,” George remarked. “But to taste her juices with my cock does have its appeal.”
“You want a spear worthy of your project, Justin, I’ll put myself in the running,” Earl jumped right in, now more animated than he’d been in some minutes. His beady eyes probed the slave’s humbly raised face with such intensity that she shivered cold staring back at him. It seemed as if there were hollow places in the man where there should be eyes, a void where there should be sexual vibrancy. He was not unlike the masters she’d been with—including her current one. She thrived on soulless guises, quaked deep as these men unearthed the core of her submissive desire. brit was petrified to think the man might plunge his aching weapon in her ass. But the ache was real in her, too.

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Product Reviews

  1. Comments on on His Latest Acquisition

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jul 2011

    This erotic novel was an alright read, was not as enticing to read as others. The psychological twist in the novel were well written, use of more scenes and sexual intensity and longer story line would have made it an excellent book. The ending was too predictable

  2. Twisted Justin gets his comeuppance

    Posted by Avid Reader on 13th Feb 2011

    Interesting read! The psychology of the Bookers' marriage was presented very clearly, and the journey of em toward her realization as an abject submissive was fascinating. I inwardly chuckled when Justin lost his hoped-for money maker, and the ending left me wanting more. I am avid to read of em and Dylan's life thereafter. I can but hope for a sequel from Lizbeth.

  3. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Reviewer's Comments on His Latest Acquisition
    From "A New York Gentleman

    This is one of my favorite erotic novels, because of the emotional intensity of the character interaction within a married couple. A lovely vanilla wife belatedly discovers her husband’s dominating power and her own deep satisfaction in submission. She wants to submit to him, but he wants to dominate unconstrained by tender relations. As she surrenders completely, with much anxiety, she empowers him to be the cold, distant master he wants to be. He sends her to another master for anal training and more.

    Do this husband and wife give each other everything they most desire—though shared in surprising forms? Or do they fail each other utterly? The power relations have many facets. The story develops far. It culminates in shocking and highly erotic scenes with all the primordial power in marriage and more primitive forms of bondage that must walk naked among us.

    From Lancelot Knight

    Lizbeth Dusseau is the author of thoughtful novels that explore the psychological aspects of the world of submission and Domination

    Like several of her novels, His Latest Acquisition is a journey—as a submissive discovers her true nature and a Dominant recognizes his nature, as well.

    Like perhaps more than a few Masters, Justin Booker keeps his world of Masters and slaves distinctly separate from his married life. But then one day his staid wife Emily (or as she becomes by the end of the novel merely em) discovers his secret world on his computer. She finds herself oddly stirred by the images she sees and words she reads, and she confronts her husband. Much to Justin’s surprise, it turns out that Emily wants to explore the world of submission. In a word, she wants to become her husband’s slave.

    Justin is wise enough to realize that being a wife is entirely different than being a slave, but he tentatively allows her to enter his shadowy world of submission, of whips and orgies, of chains and all the other paraphernalia of the lifestyle.

    Emily/em quickly discovers that she has a genuine affinity for slavery as she is tutored by several Trainers.

    However, the novel takes a surprising turn. em discovers that slavery is not without its own special brand of power: “From her lowly place at the feet of masters, she ruled for just one breathless moment of decision.” That is, the decision to be a slave is in itself its own kind of power. Love is certainly as powerful as submission.

    Lizbeth Dusseau’s knowledge of the psychology of submission is insightful and genuine, making the book well worth reading. In His Latest Acquisition, she has fashioned another fine novel of self-discovery.

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