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Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary of a Male Submissive - ebook

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Homage To Emma: The Sex Diary of a Male Submissive by Lindsay Ross

Martin Groves, a twenty six year old ‘love rat’, has been cheating on his wife Kirsty for nearly three years. When she finally discovers his infidelity, she throws him out and Martin lands at a B&B run by Emma, an officer in the local prison. While his new landlady is pleasant enough, Martin quickly learns that her husband left her for a barmaid, and she’s become particularly hostile to men. When she assigns her new boarder a number of domestic chores, he willingly agrees. With a strong fixation for the female sex, Martin easily relents to the woman’s demands, and he’s soon turned into her groveling house boy. Though she can be a hard and demanding mistress, a strong, even affectionate, bond develops between the two.

Martin is soon a fixture in Emma’s emale world, where he’s trained to sexually service his mistress and her many female friends. Some rough trials await. He’ll be subjected to female wrestlers, a sailor and his horny crew, and extensive pony training that will prove to one of his most toughest trials.

Femdom erotica, including a wide variety of sexual and bdsm content.

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‘Stand closer.’ She raised her right foot and rubbed the toe of her shoe against the bulge in my boxers. I stood there not knowing where to look, feeling the blood rush to my face and neck, sweat breaking out in my armpits. She used the toe of her shoe to pull my shorts down an inch or two but then couldn’t drag the cotton material down any further.
‘Get them off,’ she ordered. ‘A slave should be naked or should wear whatever his mistress tells him to wear. I told you to come down naked and you disobeyed me. Hand me those shorts.’
I stepped out of them and handed them over. The rubbing with her shoe had produced a semi erection and she looked at my cock with a critical gaze.
‘Hmmm! I’ve certainly seen bigger.’ She leaned back on the sofa with the air of a judge at a horticultural show delivering a verdict on a pumpkin or courgette.
I found myself on the verge of apologising for its puniness but stopped myself just in time. First, it wasn’t that tiny (I’d always judged it about average) and second she said I apologised too much.
She must have seen how disappointed I was by her assessment of my virility because she said, ‘Oh, for God’s sake, Martin! Guys and their dicks. It does the job, I suppose.’
I suppose I still looked crestfallen
‘Okay then,’ she said, ‘I’ll be honest. It’s probably the smallest I’ve ever seen on a grown man.’
The fact that my cock was under the spotlight as it were (along with Emma wearing her prison officer uniform) caused it to twitch a few times and begin to rise higher. Emma watched it climb to about forty five degrees.
‘I didn’t give you permission to get a hard on, such as it is,’ she said.
‘Sorry,’ I said again.
‘Sorry isn’t good enough,’ Emma said. ‘Getting horny without permission is disrespectful. It shows you see women in only one way, as sex objects. And with that tiny apology for a cock you’re in danger of being laughed at anyway. You’re holding yourself up to ridicule. Control it.’
She obviously knew the more she demanded self-control the harder it was for me to obey because when a cock gets attention it swells with pride. Cocks are like naughty boys, grateful for any attention even if it’s negative, a telling off is as good as praise. There was something very stimulating about the way she was humiliating me.
Predictably what happened was my dick got even more disobedient and stood fully to attention.
The foot came up and the shoe began to rub again, this time on the underside of my upright cock. ‘I’ll just call you little dick- one of the less fortunate members of the tribe, deficient in the hatchet department. Did Kirsty or Mary ever complain about the size of your weapon?’
‘They didn’t, honestly.’
‘Well then. Malcolm’s was considerably longer, about eight inches, but he wasn’t that good in bed. He was done before I’d even noticed he’d started. Are you going to be my slave?’
‘Do everything for you?’
‘Of course, why else would I want a slave? You know the old saying, smart women don’t do housework, variation on why keep a dog and bark yourself? What’s the point of men if it isn’t to wait on women?
There were tingles up the length of my cock by now and my balls had bunched up. I wasn’t that far from coming over her shoe.
‘And would I have to call you Mistress?’
‘Mistress or Madam. Mistress Emma. Goddess Emma, Empress Emma, that sort of thing. You need to show your respect, little dick.
I tried to smile but Emma continued to look serious.
‘I’ll probably draw up a contract for you to sign- something binding. That way you’ll know exactly where you stand.’
She stopped rubbing my cock as if sensing I was going to spurt all over her shoe.
‘Anyway, pretty boy, you’ve got work to do.’ She tossed back my crumpled pants. ‘Use these as a duster. You know where the rest of the stuff is.’

Artist Credit

E. Seben-Meyer www.photographe-de-mode.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Homage To Emma by Lindsay Ross
    Reviewed by J Lott

    Men, if you are going to have an affair, you really do need to take some precautions if you do not want to get caught. Having a secure password for your computer—one your wife does not know—would seem to be an obvious one. Martin Groves’ failure to take such precautions leads to his wife’s discovery of his affair, the end of the life as he knows it, and the start of his new life as a slave.

    In Homage to Emma, Martin begins his initial training into the world of absolute male subservience and obedience under the tutelage of Emma, a prison guard. As his training progresses, he (and his new alter ego, Martina) is subjected to a variety of humiliations at the hands of a host of females. Although united in their belief in female supremacy and their joy in subjugating men, these women run the gamut from sadistic man haters to sweet and caring. As each woman puts her own special stamp on Martin, the bond between Emma and Martin deepens. However, this relationship is threatened by the claims of another woman who feels nothing but loathing for Martin.

    The author does a nice job of introducing an array of female tormentors who come in all shapes and sizes (literally) and who have distinct personalities and sexual appetites. The same is true of the men that Martin is forced to submit to. There is depth to many of these characters, which I find refreshing. There are even a few moments of humor.

    If you like variety in your Femdom, then you will enjoy this book. It has a little of just about everything, except the most extreme BDSM (ie, there is no body modification, etc). While pony training is not normally near the top of my list, I found this part of the book to be highly erotic.

    Overall, this book is well written and the author does an excellent job of integrating the numerous characters and activities into a single storyline. This would be a fun book to read with a significant other or friends. The subsequent discussions would be very revealing.

    Reviewed by Severin

    In this Fem Dom novel Martin a rather lost young man is enthralled by Emma – a charismatic mature Domme who turns Martin into a foot worshipping slave boy before sharing him with her friends. Cruelly used and passed around a circle of masters and mistresses, Martin and the reader find themselves crawling on a sexual odyssey which takes them into a kinky sexual milieu deftly depicted by the pen of Lindsay Ross (Lady Nigella Shaw’s alter ego).

    While previous stories by Mistress have concentrated on scenes set in suburbia, in this book Mistress has allowed her imagination free reign and the non stop action actually takes place in a variety of different settings which are all used to good effect.

    This book seems to have something for everyone I think whatever their fetish. I certainly enjoyed the sections where Emma puts her slave in rubber for her amusement as well as the scenes of face sitting and domestic enslavement which is only a small part of the action as Martin gets put through his paces. A good arousing read.

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