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House of Slaves

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House of Slaves by Lizbeth Dusseau

Sarah Strathorn thought she had the perfect Dominant submissive relationship with her husband, Alexander, until he turned his home into a house of submissives. He's a wealthy and powerful businessman who rules his world, and his wife, with an iron fist. Now, Sarah must compete with a bevy of beautiful female acquisitions, including Chloe who seems to have captured Alexander's heart as much as his sexually dominant desires.

Angry with this sudden change, Sarah strikes out on her own. She becomes the submissive lover to a renowned playwright Jeremy Loudon, then, filled with sexual guilt, she lets a casual acquaintance with a mysterious and domineering stranger turn into a torrid night of reprisal, punishment and sex.

Sarah is further distraught when Jeremy demands she divorce her husband. She doesn't know where to turn, until she recalls the stranger's business card - Martin Finch, Attorney at Law. Seeking Martin's assistance, Sarah tells the man half-truths and tall tales, too embarrassed to disclose that she is as much a submissive to Alexander as his other females in his house. She fails to tell him that ten years before she willingly gave her husband ultimate power over her life. In his mind she's no more than a piece of property to be used or discarded at will.

When Alexander discovers her plans to divorce him, he swiftly acts, driving her to his feet again. Cruelly punished and forced to serve him and his slutty acquisitions, she finds her most depraved desires quickly resurrected. But the conniving Chloe has plans to destroy the current Mrs. Strathorn. Is it possible that with Alexander's connections in the underground slave trade, he would dare sell her? Or will he simply keep her slavishly serving in his house of slaves? She's been curtly dismissed by her lover, she's infuriated her attorney, and now any hope for rescue from this bed of thorns looks hopelessly bleak.

The bewildered Sarah's downward spiral is filled with infidelity and betrayal, lies, punishment, humiliation and bondage. Sizzling with S&M content and a stirring romance, this story also includes whipping, spanking, oral and anal sex, fisting, piercing, exhibitionism, lesbian femdom and female submission.


He thinks deliberately with only a hint of a smirk, his eyes pressing their advantage as he speaks slowly, vibrating now from a lower rhythm and sounding not nearly as dismissive as he did before. “I wouldn’t bother with a seduction, Sarah. I’d be more direct than that. I’d tell you to go to the ladies room. If you want to give yourself up to me for a few hours, you take off your clothes, everything…then put your coat back on, letting it slide slowly over your naked skin so you feel it moving against your flesh.”
She’s trembling as he speaks, imagining her coat sliding over her naked shoulders.
“You could pretend you belong to me and that I’ll punish you soundly if you disobey. By the time you left the ladies room with your clothes stuffed in your purse, wearing nothing but the coat, you’d be wild with need, your desire unbridled. As you move back to the table, your knees would be knocking in fear, your breath would be short. You’d be biting your lip, nervous and terrified. But you would be conquered long before I laid a hand on you. If you wanted me, Sarah, that’s what you’d do.”
He finishes talking and she can barely feel a thing except her anxious heart. Everything collides together: his voice, the clinking glassware, the laughter rising through the bar, her raw emotions and all her lies. They’ve chased her down and caught her, yanking on her shoulder like a spoiled child…but in this man’s company, it’s easy to shrug them off. The lies drift from her thoughts with the alluring Martin whoever-he-is too inviting to disregard.
“That’s a very tempting fantasy, Martin.”
“Is it?” He feigns surprise. “Turn you on?”
“I suppose.”
“Between your thighs?” he asks.
“Of course.” She’s mesmerized by his every nuanced move.
“Where else?”
“My mouth…I taste it,” comes out in no more than a whisper.
“You smell your own juices, too?”
She shakes her head, glancing around, “Too much smoke, but I can imagine them.”
“You’re imagining them how?”
“Strong. Very strong.”
“And what IF I were available now?” he leans in closer.
She snuggles further back in the seat. The heat of the liquor and his probing eyes make her flesh hot. Her answer comes out in the same breathy whisper. “Well then, I suppose I’d go to the ladies room and take off my clothes…and return to you in nothing but my coat.”
Heart thudding. Loud. Obnoxiously loud…Inside her head and eyes, her chest, her randy, juice-soaked cunt.
“You look very ready, Miss Anonymous Sarah. You really think you’re all that brave?”
“So, going home to bed no longer suits you?” she coyly asks.
“I think a change in plans would suit me just fine,” he replies.
“Woah! You are serious.” If she could back up further she would.
But his commanding eyes drill her to the back of the seat. She can feel their power taking her beyond this place. Her body seems to lift right off the chair, while he leans back against the high-backed booth and casually finishes his beer.
“You will be here when I return?”
“I am trustworthy to a fault. Of course, you won’t know that until you try me.”

Artist Credit

© Roman Kasperski, www.RomanKasperski.de

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Lancelot Knight on 23rd Apr 2010

    House of Slaves by Lizbeth Dusseau
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight

    This is an interesting novel in that it is one of the few I’ve read that have as its focus the domestic side of the submissive/Dominant lifestyle. I might almost argue that this is basically a romance with plenty of kinky and steamy sex.

    Sarah is a confused, submissive wife. Her dominant husband has brought several new slaves into the household, and he seems more interested in them than in his wife.

    In retaliation, it seems, Sarah has an extramarital affair. When she decides to leave her husband, he exerts his power to once more hold sexual sway over his sex toy-wife.

    Along the way Sarah experiences a wide range of scintillating sexual encounters. Her husband uses her for gangbangs and giving out of sexual favors for friends. There are beatings. Sarah revels in several lesbian trysts, as she is forced to satisfy a whole household of slaves. There are several scenes of bondage, and . . . well, I’ve probably forgotten some of Sarah’s adventures, but rest assured there is something for everyone in this sexual smorgasbord.

    Definitely this is a read for women as much as for men, and in the end, Sarah gets, after all, what she deserves!

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