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How to Adore an Older Woman

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How To Adore An Older Woman by M J Rennie

A pair of short novels that explore a richly sensual relationship between a dynamic, dominant woman and a much younger submissive man.

In Obeying Margery, Kenneth White is only 18 years old, a slender, handsome youth with remarkable sexual stamina. He becomes enthralled with his mother's lesbian partner, Margery DeGrange, a beautiful woman 14 years his senior. To keep Ken from the clutches of immoral, college girls, Margery initiates a program of regular sexual relief, masturbating Ken daily. But when Margery moves out of the household, Ken falls into dangerous a downward spiral, and under the rule of a specially appointed guardian, corrective measure are taken to allow him the control he needs.

In Gratifying Gretchen, Kenneth, now forty-one, drifts into the hands of the older and very dominant Gretchen Brantwell, who immediately recognizes Ken's submissive nature. As soon as her control over Ken is firmly established, she begins distributing his oral services to other older women who share her unique female supremacist viewpoint and modern neo-pagan faith.

Finely crafted erotic prose that celebrates and reveres the ripe, mature bodies of seasoned, sophisticated women. Consensual.

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Ken hurriedly reached for a towel to cover up but Margery put her hand out to stop him.
“Don’t bother covering yourself, Kenneth,” Margery said. “I’m here to examine your body. Leave the towel on the rack.”
Ken left the towel on the rack and turned to face her. His mouth fell open as he realized that Margery was wearing nothing besides a lacy white lingerie set and high heels.
At age thirty two, Margery was fourteen years older than Ken, a truly remarkable woman at the peak of her physical allure.
She faced him directly, a statuesque golden-haired beauty who stood only slightly shorter than Ken at nearly six feet in height. Ever since Margery had entered their lives, Ken had secretly adored his mother’s lesbian lover.
Ken had many good reasons to adore her. Margery’s dazzling body was a classically sculpted wonder of delicious curves and soft, inviting crevices. Her gorgeous hair was cut in bangs straight across her forehead, medium length at the sides and slightly longer in the back. Her smooth, clear skin exuded health and feminine sleekness beyond all concept.
Ken did not know it, but there was another woman Margery resembled closely, the 1950s magazine model, Betty Lake. The physical resemblance between blond Betty Lake and Aunt Margaret Ann DeGrange was positively uncanny.
“Kenneth, what have you been doing in here?” Margery asked.
“I was—uh—combing my hair,” Ken said, showing Margery the rat-tailed comb. “See?”
Ken usually became quite tongue tied in Margery’s presence. He never knew what to say to her or how to say it, generally stammering banalities to conceal his nervous excitement.
“Hmmm,” Margery said, nodding as she looked him over. “Your ablutions this morning do seem above average. You appear freshly showered, deodorized, and appropriately scented.”
Ken continued to stare at Margery, his mouth agape. She wore a high-waisted satin panty accented with lacy side panels, a matching bra, a pair of white garterless stockings, and a pair of high heels that easily negated Ken’s slight height advantage.
Standing so close, Margery seemed like a vision in a dream, a pure fairy angel, hovering nearby in her ravishing underclothes. Because Ken very rarely saw Margery in a state of undress, the sexiness of her intimate attire excited him all the more intensely.
Ken’s mouth grew dry as he gazed at her. It took nearly all of his strength to keep his knees from buckling. As if it had a mind of its own, Ken’s outsized penis began to rise and stiffen. Mortified, Ken blushed a scarlet red.
To an inexperienced youth like Ken, Margery constituted an overpowering presence. She was fully in control and Ken never even considered the possibility of disobeying her.
Reaching out to him, she took his penis in her strong right hand, slowly stroking him up and down.
Ken gasped and let his glance fall to the floor. He couldn’t bring himself to look up, he was so embarrassed. His hardening organ, on the other hand, responded with enthusiasm.
“Look at me, Kenneth,” Margery said, in a low, compelling voice. “I want you to look at me!”
Ken’s eyes rose up, pausing at the sharply pointed satin cups encasing Margery’s breasts. Then, in one supreme effort, Ken brought his eyes level with Margery’s.
The heady odor of Margery’s generous bosom filled Ken’s nostrils in the close confines of the bathroom. Sensory input invaded the complex contours of Ken’s brain, swiftly encouraging reproductive readiness. In a few seconds, his swollen penis was at maximum pressure.

Artist Credit

Thomas Roche

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