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Hunted Female Officer

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Product Description

Hunted Female Officer by Robert Summer

R. Summer produced a Femsub novel drawn from life observations. It’s a realistic, emotional story portraying a young woman’s reluctant awakening as she falls into two sadomasochistic situations.

High-living, suburban police officer Toni Turcato is awash in debt. Desperate, she accepts an “easy money” job from a drug gang enforcer to go rogue and strong-arm his debtors. A badly beaten prostitute Toni “touched up” wants revenge and secretly hired a shady Sheriff’s detective to find her tall, beautiful assailant and get some pay-back.

Soon, the hard-ass detective with a nasty reputation as a woman beater realizes that his “perp” is an athletic man-hating adventuress - but she’s also a police officer half his age. Can he carefully stalk, then trap and punish this Amazon woman of his dreams and get away with it? One look and he’s obsessed, so the hunt is on.

Meanwhile, the sarcastic Toni insults another militant lesbian, a dominant bull dyke. The powerful, stocky woman plots to lure naive Toni to a wild lesbian bondage party in a rented, gay clubhouse. Should Toni go? Will that bitch get off her back? Will she be turned on by what happens or will she try to escape?

Includes: Female submission, fantasies, bondage, oral sex, sodomy, whips and more!


Toni worked fast getting ready for Suzy’s visit. She started dinner and cleaned the condo – as if it needed it. Suzy’s picture sat in the center of Toni’s little ‘Temple of Love’ display of flowers and candles on her bedroom dresser. She kissed it and put a picture of Jesus in its place. She moved Suzy’s picture out to the living room and placed it on the end table with the rest of her family pictures. She prayed that Suzy sensed the intensity of her deep love for her.
Convincing Suzy to drive to Miami with her was a triumph. Toni had to put her heart on the line selling the idea. Juanita, Suzy’s other lover, never wanted to go anywhere. Fuck that skuzzy bitch!
At five-thirty Suzy rang the buzzer downstairs. Toni’s heart leapt and she let her in. The slim attractive olive skinned Latina was still dressed in her gray office outfit. She’d brought bread and wine and a bouquet of flowers. After putting them down and taking off her coat, she hugged Toni and kissed her passionately in the doorway, speaking Spanish. Suzy put the flowers in a vase on the table, seeing the fancy candlelit linen, silver table settings, and stemmed crystal, her mouth opened with amazement.
“It looks fabulous. What’s the occasion, my darling? Is this for just the two of us?”
“Of course it is, Suzy. I like to celebrate when I make love to you. I even made pasta – Poppa’s favorite dish the way he taught me – the Sicilian way.” Toni ruefully remembered her divorced father; Big Tony the Plumber, and his drunken beatings – the cheating bastard!
Suzy walked into the neat, sparsely furnished condo and sat on the Papa-San with her feet up on the crushed-velvet settee watching Toni put the wine in an ice bucket in the dining area.
Over dinner, Suzy asked why Toni didn’t visit her upstairs in City Hall any more.
“You’ve been avoiding me, Toni. Sometimes you even ignore me on the stairs,” she accused.
“I’m sorry, Suzy. That building is a small town – curious ears are everywhere.”
“Rumors,” Suzy rolled her eyes. “Aren’t you liberated yet, woman? Don’t you listen at our human rights and sexual freedom meetings?”
Suzy could be such a feminist fanatic.
“You’re so serious and far too political, Suzy. I don’t dare offend the guys I work with. I need them to rescue me when I run into serious trouble. I can’t depend on Jackie.”
“You’ll get over it; they will accept you; they accepted me around City Hall. Show some gratitude Toni, activists like me created the quotas and liberation pressure that opened up your job for you instead of for a stupid man. Remember, you are a woman and a Latina...”
“—don’t forget ‘queer’, Suzy. By the way, how’s Juanita?” Toni asked casually about her rival, Suzy’s live-in lover.
“Don’t!” Suzie’s eyes flashed, cutting off the forbidden subject with a slashing motion. Spanish arguments always erupted talking about that little bitch. She ignored Toni’s open invitation to move in with her. Suzy was caught between two jealous lovers and took a moment to calm down.
“Let me help you clear the table.”
As they washed the dishes and cleaned up Toni’s spotless kitchen, Suzy frowned at her.
“Toni, I got a call from Denise Robbins. She likes you and she asked about you again. She talks about you every time she calls me it seems.”
“Then change the subject, we have nothing in common.”
“Yes you do, Toni; she’s a guard captain who runs the Lake County Jail. That’s where she saw you last year when you dropped off a prisoner. She always tells me to invite you to her SM group’s meeting. I took you there once but you ignored her.”
“Denise Robbins is a dumpy old woman that you keep introducing me to. She put on that bondage safety demonstration back then and I didn’t like how she looked at me, I still don’t.”
“When she called me Sunday, she complained that you disrespected her again.”
“Okay Suzy, last Friday she hit on me at a dinner party up in Lake Forest.”
“So what happened?” Suzy demanded.
“Nothing, I turned my back on her and walked away. She scares me, Suzy, and she definitely is NOT my type.”
“Then MAKE her your type! Don’t insult her again. Listen to me, Toni.”
Toni shrugged and took Suzy in her arms, pouting. “Yes, my love.”
They deeply kissed, tongues exploring.
Toni felt free to carefully pick and choose her female lovers for romantic one on ones. Since she was eighteen, Toni drifted in and out of female sexual relationships. She loved entertaining young ladies in the privacy of her cute little condo, totally enjoying several juicy romances that she controlled. Being a police officer didn’t hurt her appeal one little bit. She was expected to dominate her new lovers and she did in a total unspoken understanding between them.
“I’ll run a bath for you to relax in Suzy. I’ll even wash your back.”
While Suzy bathed, Toni hurriedly turned down her queen-sized bed, lit some candles, put a romantic CD on the Bose and turned down the lights before she stripped and joined her Latina lover in the bath-shower. As she soaped Suzy’s slim body down, she compared her to the half dozen other young women she’d entertained in her little love nest since she moved in several years ago. Of course, she brought home several guys from the Job for “show and tell” sex to look like a ‘straight’ woman at work. She just couldn’t relax with them. But overall, her life was good and she just wanted to keep it that way… if she only could reason with Suzy.
As they dried each other’s warm flesh, Suzy studied the wide bruise on Toni’s back.
“I’ll work on that. But first; we love.”
Toni said, “You’re in real trouble, darling.” She spun Suzy around and into a nude bear-hug, whispering, “I haven’t had it for three weeks.”
Toni buried her nose in Suzy’s long black hair, inhaling her soap scented neck and nipping her small laid-back ears. She bit Suzy’s shoulder gently but painfully as her right hand found her lover’s hairy vag and gripped it like a hook; soon joined by her left hand. Their lips fused together, sucking and panting into each other’s mouths, wet tongues meeting and playing.
Toni was a big woman with big moves.
Suzy’s towel slowly dropped away. Naked, she found herself swept up in Toni’s strong arms and carried bodily into the inviting cozy candle-lit bedroom. The scented air smelled of lilacs and she heard soft Latin love songs. Toni laid Suzy gently down on fresh cotton sheets. Suzy’s bare legs were spread wide by her tall shadowy lover who knelt between them. Toni’s tongue took a long slow lick along Suzy’s clit that felt like a sudden electric shock sending a chill up her spine that make her gasp in sweet surprise. Later Toni pulled Suzy’s wrists down to join her slurping licking mouth. Suzy’s crooked fingers worked and rubbed in unison with Toni’s wet tongue and stroking palms.
The tickling licks and kisses and bites didn’t stop coming until Suzy shuddered to her first oozing hot orgasm, holding her lover’s head in her tight long thighs.
In feverish haste the lovers changed position, heads lying corner to corner squirming until their hot cunts rubbed together quenching their erotic itching need. In time, Toni propped herself up on one elbow, watching their thighs grind together, a lustful expression on her face. She imagined sinful, evil, devilish, filthy images. A smile spread across her lips. She laughed softly.
“Are you laughing at me, bitch?”
“No, no, darling. You talked about being liberated. I was just thinking about the young single guys I work with on the Job. So what if they do think I’m a queer? I hope not, but if they did, I think it would be a bomb to invite them up here to watch us fuck. Imagine, a dozen naked cops standing around this bed, jerking off and shooting their gooey loads on our bare bodies.”
“Hold that thought, pole-dancer.” Suzy twisted around to bury her soft face deep in Toni’s wet crotch. Toni soon dreamed up an image of Sergeant Davis, Jackie, and the guys jeering and beating her butt and breasts with their long blue uniform ties and sticking their exploding cocks into her mouth, feeling a passion beyond belief. Oh shit, here it comes. “Oh, Oh, oh, aah!” She started to scream and Suzy threw a pillow overhand to her face to stifle it.
They rested in each other’s arms, kissing and whispering their love and devotion, the hard nipples of Toni’s small breasts rubbing Suzy’s larger set.
“Let’s go to ‘The Boat’ with the gang this weekend, huh?” Suzy stretched out lazily, meaning that she wanted to visit the floating casino in Elgin, Illinois.
Toni sighed, “Not a chance, sweetie, I spent too much on Cancun last November, and I’m out of credit. We can go to parties instead. Everyone invites us – we’re beautiful!”
“Do you have enough money to go to Florida with me?”
“Oh sure I do. Hey, you know what? A friend of mine will pay me to drive a brand new Mercedes S600 sedan to the Port of Miami and drop it off.”
“How do we get back?”
“They’ll have a car to drive back – just not as nice.” Toni crawled down between Suzy’s encircling thighs. She bathed the tan hairy crotch and lower salty lips in licks, probes and kisses that made Suzy forget any more questions. When Toni sucked Suzy’s hard clit out of its fleshy hood, Suzy’s entire length stiffened into an arched bow. Toni’s tickling tormenting tongue maddened her.
“I’m burning up! I’m burning up, baby! Give it to me – give it to me now!”
Her fingers reached down grasping and gripping and pulling at Toni’s short, styled brunette hair, moaning in ecstasy.
Next they slowly swapped oral sex beneath the Egyptian cotton sheets.
Later, Suzy spent an hour massaging the sore stiff muscles of Toni’s upper back while her hostess listened to music on her headphones.
At nine p.m. Suzy reluctantly got up to put on her clothes. Toni gripped her hand and begged, “Please stay with me, darling. We’ll make a cool night of it together. Come on, Suzy.”
“I can’t, sweetheart, Juanita waits up for me, you know that.” She backed away. “Ah, listen, Toni, when Denise Robbins calls me again, I’ll tell her that you are sorry you dissed her and you’ll be civil next time and give her some respect.”
“No! Tell her nicely to stay away from me, okay?” Tell her to fuck off!
“Bad idea, bad idea, Toni – she’s influential – just play along with her or she’ll cut us out of some good time parties. Oh don’t worry, she lives with a lifetime partner like I do, but sometimes she enjoys fresh young women like you and me who catch her eye. She’s an excellent lover, darling, you’ll see.”
“Oh lucky me, now go home and pack your bikini, because as soon as I finish choir and children’s bible activities at Saint Mary’s Easter Sunday, we’re driving to Miami Beach for our own version of spring break.”

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Doug Stevens - Shutterstock.com

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