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Hunting Party

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Hunting Party by S J Lewis

Stan, Jack and Mike set off for a week of hunting in the wilderness, but it's not just guns and backpacks that they bring along. Vacations like this require some nighttime entertainment too. As they've done in the past, they hire a pretty young female to service their sexual needs. This year it's Susan, a pretty blonde coed who's in need of some extra cash.

Susan has been warned to expect some kinky sex, but it comes on all too fast for this wary newbie. Heading out for a remote hunting lodge, the company makes camp for the night in the out-of-doors, where the three men order Susan to strip out of her hiking clothes. If she wants the cash, the reluctant girl had better obey. Once the trio gets its first look at the voluptuous female, they name her 'Barbie', then take turns breaking her in.

The next morning, Barbie is shocked to find herself hiking to the hunting lodge on the end of a leash...naked, collared, cuffed and barefoot. Joining her is another hired female, Toy, and two more hunters. Once at the lodge, both women discover that their week will include submissive training in addition to all the straight and oral sex the men demand. As 'Barbie', Susan finds she can slip more easily into the role of submissive captive and begins to discover unexpected pleasure in the rough treatment.

When the bound and collared Barbie is made to watch a helpless Toy get an introduction to anal sex, she's initially horrified by the brutal display. But seeing how Toy is beginning to enjoy it, the increasingly submissive Barbie decides to make a surprising proposal to her captors. What she wants is to get invited back for next year's hunting trip. But will baiting them with anal sex do the trick? It will break the men's long-standing rule of no repeats, but she's sure going to give it a try.

Readers will find plenty of sizzling graphic sex, including straight, oral, anal, and out-of-doors. Plus bondage, submissive training, a bit of nipple torture, female masturbation and girl-on-girl action to add to this very sexy novel.


She just looked at him for a moment, then shrugged. “Okay,” she said. She bent over and began unlacing her trail boots. Stan turned to us and winked. This was the part he liked best, ‘breaking in’ the new girl, getting her used to taking orders. He liked it even better when the girl was nervous and a little bit reluctant, like Barbie was.
We just watched in silence as she pulled her boots off and placed them neatly, side by side, on the ground under the bench. She peeled off her thick wool socks and stuffed them inside of the boots.
“There,” she said, looking up at Stan as if waiting for him to tell her what to do next.
“That wasn’t so bad, was it, darlin’?” he grinned down at her. “Stand up now, so’s we can get a better look at you.”
She didn’t hesitate quite so long this time. We’d long ago raked out the campsite and there were no rocks or twigs to poke at the soles of her bare feet.
“Lose the hat,” Stan suggested. She shrugged, doffed it and laid it carefully on the table.
“You cold?” Stan asked.
“What?” She was puzzled again. “No, not really?”
“Then how ‘bout you take off that vest, darlin’? You’re doin’ fine, don’t worry.”
She obeyed and laid the vest down on the table alongside her hat. She still seemed nervous, but also a little excited now, as if she was starting to get into it. She looked at Stan again, waiting. We could see her pink little toes digging into the loose sandy soil. I don’t think she was even aware that she was doing that.
Stan looked her up and down and shook his head. “Still can’t get a picture of how you’re built, Barbie,” he said. “Let’s get rid of that big old shirt, hey?”
She licked her lips once, then looked down and began unbuttoning the flannel shirt. She pulled the shirttails out of her jeans and slowly peeled the shirt off, looking straight at Stan while she did that. Her gaze was steady, even if her hands were shaking a little. The black t-shirt she had on under the shirt was way too big for her and bagged out around her. She tossed the flannel shirt onto the table on top of her vest, tossed her head just enough to make her long, long ponytail quiver and put her hands on her hips. It looked as if she was daring Stan now, pushing back to see just how far he would go.
“I guess that there t-shirt helps to keep you warm, Barbie, but get rid of it now,” he said with a smile.
She showed no hesitation at all this time. She pulled the big old t-shirt off over her head and tossed it in the general direction of the table, putting her hands back on her hips again. Jack and I sat up a little straighter. She had on some kind of sports bra under the t-shirt, and that wasn’t fitting her loosely at all.
“36-C,” Jack whispered to me. “Maybe even D. I sure do hope they’re real.”
“More like C,” I whispered back. “Shut up. I’m watching.”
Stan put his hands on his own hips and sauntered a little closer to her. She didn’t back up. She just stood her ground, staring back at him.
“Next,” Stan said very quietly, nodding at the sports bra. She finally hesitated again, but only for a moment. Her arms crossed in front of her and her hands gripped the elastic band in the bottom of the sports bra. She pulled it off over her head with one quick movement, shaking her head to clear it from her long ponytail. The movement made her breasts jiggle nicely, telling us that they were indeed real. They looked full and round and taut in the firelight. Her nipples were a dark tan, tinged with pink. They pointed slightly outwards and a little upwards. She let the sports bra drop to the ground and put her hands on her hips again. Her belly was more taut than flat, with a hint of muscles showing through from under her flesh. Stan stared at her breasts until she acted as if she couldn’t bear his gaze any more and was going to cover them with her hands and then he looked back up into her eyes. She still looked defiant, but more than a little nervous now. It seemed like it took an effort for her not to cover herself. She really looked good in the firelight. She would have looked good in the dark.
“You are just gorgeous, Barbie,” Stan chuckled as he edged closer to her. She didn’t try to back away, but it looked like she sure wanted to. “We’re gonna try somethin’ now. I’m gonna come close, and put my arms around you and kiss you. You gotta keep your hands just where they are. Think you can do it?”
She tilted her chin up and matched his stare. “Try me,” she said with another small toss of her head. The best ones always do that. They act defiant, daring us to keep going. I guess it helps them not to show just how skittish they’re getting along about now. Stan stepped close to her and slid his arms around her, pulling her close. We heard her make a small noise when he fastened his lips onto hers. She tried to keep her hands on her hips, but she couldn’t. After a moment, we saw her put them around Stan. Maybe she was looking for a little reassurance that we weren’t going to be too rough with her. Maybe Stan’s kiss got to her a bit and she didn’t realize what she was doing. Either way, it didn’t matter. The minute Stan felt her arms around him he broke the kiss.

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  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Hunting Party by S J Lewis
    Reviewed by Back to Bagdad

    This is for those readers wanting another taste of the “Prey” novels and the outdoor adventures of beautiful women who discover their submissive side at the hands of stern dominants. This time, however, instead of hunting their human prey, the hunters really are out to hunt game. They simply like to hire beautiful women, who have not really discovered their hidden submissive sides, to strip and submit to rough, kinky sex in the wild. These hunters are prepared and the ladies go from reluctant to willing submissive in a matter of days. The biggest question of the story is will they get to come back and repeat their abusive adventures? SJ Lewis expounds on his original outdoor “prey” theme, but with a twist. Initially, I was not sure I would enjoy the plot change, but really began to appreciate the story as I read on. There is just something tremendously arousing about willingly captive women who submit to a group of horny, kinky men in an outdoor setting. The voyeur in me really gets off on broad-daylight scenes of stripping and under-dressed beauties who submit to abusive discipline and rough sex. Once again, the scenes seem realistic and believable, as if the author were describing events he witnessed. Perhaps these basic, stripped-down scenes are the stick that strikes such a fundamental chord in me; I cannot get enough of SJ Lewis’ outdoor adventure novels.

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