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Island Indulgence

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Product Description

Island Indulgence by BJ Wane

In FREEING KIRA, Kira Walker has successfully eluded her mobster ex-husband for three years when, upon returning to her houseboat, she discovers she’s been found by his henchmen. Making a spur of the moment decision, she quickly hides in another boat and  witnesses a very erotic, kinky scene between the boat’s owner, Gabe Rivers and another woman. When Gabe is finally alone, Kira is mortified to find out he knew of her presence all along but doesn’t hesitate to take him up on both his offer of sex and refuge on his private island. After divorcing his faithless wife, Gabe has no intentions of getting involved in a committed relationship again, but soon finds himself hard pressed to ignore his growing feelings for Kira, especially when he watches her with his friend, Will and then his cousin, Alec. Kira loves life on their private island as much as she enjoys the chance the three of them give her to explore their alternative kinky lifestyle at her own pace, making up for all she had missed out on, but it was only Gabe she felt more than lust for. After unforeseen events, Kira decides to take control of her life... but what will that mean for Gabe?

In TRUST ME, Alec Rivers finds himself instantly attracted to Brooke Hastings at Gabe and Kira’s wedding, an attraction that leads to slipping away from the reception to indulge in a hot and heavy quickie outside. Brooke never shies away from going after what, or who she wants, and that night she wanted Alec. A year later, Alec is pleased to see Brooke back on his island, but soon discovers that the open, sexually adventuresome woman has been damaged, and it is up to him to not only find out what happened, but to restore her confidence in herself and in sex.

When memories of a tragic loss get Will down, he turns to an 800 sex line for anonymous relief. The night of Gabe’s wedding has Will particularly nostalgic and the shy, stuttering voice he gets on the other line is just the diversion he needs. Angie is moonlighting as a sex phone operator in order to free herself of the debts her deceased husband left behind. Thankfully, her second caller is a nice man named Will who not only walks her through it, he does it in a way that turns them both on. Over the next year, Will and Angie enjoy a long-distance, phone relationship, but when a requirement of Angie’s job puts her in jeopardy, Will wastes no time going to her rescue and finally convincing her to give them a chance at a real relationship.

 Books include scenes of erotic spanking, light bondage, exhibitionism, anal and oral sex, and sex toys.


Before Kira could assure him of keeping his confidence, a large wave rocked the boat and made her lose her balance. With their hands still clasped, she fell against him but the feel of his arm coming around her to hold her steady wasn’t enough to keep the memory of water closing over her head and filling her mouth at bay.
Gabe swore as she paled and released her hand to grab her long hair at her nape and hold her head steady. Her eyes flew up to his, widened with awareness and a desperate need he couldn’t turn down. Swearing again, he took her lips in a demanding, tongue exploring kiss that told her carnally just what he wanted to do with her.
Kira was drowning again, only this time it was in pleasure as she clung to Gabe and the passion he was so easily provoking. She had never been kissed like this, hard and forceful, with the single minded intention of arousal. When Gabe’s large hand drifted down her back to cup her buttocks and hold her against his hard erection, she couldn’t prevent the moan that filled their open mouths. Her tongue returned his stroke for stroke as their lips clung and explored.
Ever since she had spotted Tony’s men, Kira had felt like she was being swept away on a storm of fear and uncertainty. She knew she was going to lose her home, her job and the security she had come to relish. Her small boat wasn’t much and did nothing to alleviate her fear of the surrounding water, but it had offered her a sense of security the past two years. Her job at the bookstore didn’t pay much, but it was enough to pay her few bills and afforded her the opportunity to be around people, which helped alleviate the loneliness of her solitary life. Before she fled this time, she wanted to take something for herself, a memory to ease her way as she struggled once again to find a safe haven for herself.
Kira pulled back from Gabe’s marauding mouth and tightened her hands on his shoulders as she stared up into his hard face and piercing eyes.
“Would you…I mean if you want to...” Kira’s eyes shifted to the couch then back to his as she stuttered to a stop. She had never asked a man to have sex with her, had no idea how to seduce a man and suddenly she felt way out of her depth. Ashamed, she tried to pull away from his hard body though she was loath to release the only anchor she had. “Never mind, forget I said anything.”
“Actually, love, you didn’t say much, but I’ll answer your unfinished request. Yes, I would and yes, I want to have sex with you, but, Kira,” he warned, “that’s all it’d be. Just sex, just this once.” Gabe found he could ignore his conscience and misgivings, but he couldn’t ignore the need reflected on her face, a need that he reciprocated.
“Yes, just this once. I’m scared and I don’t know where I’m going to go from here and I just want to...”
Gabe shut her up by kissing her again, not liking the desperation he heard in her voice or saw in her eyes. Damn it, he thought, he shouldn’t be doing this, shouldn’t be taking advantage of her situation, but if he could give her a little pleasure before she had to disrupt her life again, what harm could that do? Her small body fit surprisingly well against him and her soft curves filled his hands and felt good snuggled against him. He could tell himself he was doing this for her, but the truth was he wanted her.
“Strip and sit down on the chair,” he instructed, taking a step back from her. Her eyes had widened in shocked arousal at his terse order, but she had watched him with Heather and knew what he liked.
Kira quickly obeyed him, more afraid that he would change his mind than of what they were about to do. With shaking fingers, she unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off. Other than Tony, she had never undressed before a man, but she was finding the experience highly erotic. She liked the way his blue eyes caressed every inch of skin she exposed, the way his gaze remained focused on her and especially the way the bulge in his pants grew.
Stepping out of her slacks, she kicked them aside, then quickly unhooked her bra and added it to the pile before she lost her nerve. She knew her face was pink, but her nipples puckered as his gaze clung to her bare breasts.
“Now your panties, Kira,” Gabe rasped. Her full breasts with the small pink nipples beckoned to him. She shoved her plain white bikini panties down revealing a sparse thatch of black curls that matched those cascading down her back. Stifling the inclination to drag her to the floor, he motioned to the chair. “Sit and drape your legs over the arms.” When she turned to the chair he got his first glimpse of her ass and had to resist reaching out to cup those round, plump globes.
Kira sat down, her mind in a turmoil of lust and need. Never had she been so turned on, so excited about the prospect of having sex. Gabe had a way of looking at her that made her feel sexy and desired, something she had never felt before now. She never imagined how erotic it could be to be completely naked in front of a man while he was still fully clothed. She knew there was going to be a telltale damp spot on his chair, and right at that moment she couldn’t bring herself to care.
“Kira,” Gabe warned, his hand gesture reminding her of his instructions. Kira’s eyes shifted warily to the table where he stored his paddle, making him chuckle. “Relax, I won’t introduce you to the paddle. Unless, of course, you keep me waiting much longer.”
Kira quickly complied, spreading her legs and draping them over the arms of the chair. Her hands clenched into fists to keep from covering herself as mortification swept over her. Even in her wildest imagination, her most vivid dreams involving her and Gabe, she had never pictured herself draped open so lewdly, nor would she have ever believed she could get so turned on by having a man stare at her most intimate parts with such close scrutiny.
“Ah, Kira, you are a stunningly beautiful woman.” Gabe knelt before her and reached out to cup her breasts. “Your breasts are so soft here,” he said as he kneaded her flesh in his palms, “and nice and hard here.” His fingers circled her nipples before pinching them lightly.
Kira gasped and couldn’t keep from pushing further into his hands. It felt so good to have a man’s hands on her again, to have a man give her compliments, to feel sexy, wanted and desirable. Gabe made it easy for her to forget her troubles, her fears and her past. There was only here and now, and the pleasure he was evoking.
“You like that, do you?” he asked, his eyes lifting to hers and demanding an honest answer.
“Yes, yes I do. Please, don’t stop.”
“But if I don’t stop then I can’t do this.” Gabe slowly moved his open palms down her chest, over her small waist until they rested at the juncture of her hips, his thumbs on either side of her pussy. Using just his thumbs, he caressed her damp, soft folds before dipping between them.
Kira moaned, her hands tightening on the chair. When she started to lean her head back and close her eyes, Gabe’s sharp voice stopped her.
“No. Look at me. Watch what I’m doing to you.”
Looking down, Kira watched as he moved his right hand down and slowly inserted one finger before just as slowly withdrawing it. His finger emerged from her pussy wet and shiny and she had to bite her lip to keep from begging him to put it back.
Smiling, Gabe inserted his finger again, his eyes going from her expressive face to between her splayed legs, then back to her face. He slowly explored her vagina, using just one finger to learn her shape, to steal her moistness and heighten her pleasure while trying not to miss any of her reaction. She was easily aroused, had an accessible g-spot and a pretty red clit that was just begging for some attention. When her inner walls clamped around his digit, he smiled at her.
Kira felt feverish and frustrated at his slow thrusts. She wanted more. She wanted him hard and fast and had no idea how to convey that need. When he started to slowly withdraw his finger again, she tried clamping around him, and when that failed she lifted her hips in a silent plea for more. “Gabe, quit teasing me,” she whimpered.
“But I like tormenting you.” Leaning forward, Gabe kissed her hard as he thrust two fingers into her. “But I’ll play nice since you’ve had such a hard day.” He dipped his head to suck a pebbled nipple into his mouth as he set up a stronger, harder rhythm with his fingers. Her hips thrust against his hand as her hands clasped his head to her breast. When he pressed his thumb against her clit then moved it in a circular motion over that sensitive little nub, she clenched tightly around his fingers.
“Oh God,” Kira cried out, her body quivering as sensation after sensation bombarded her. Her orgasm burst upon her with little warning and seemed to go on forever as Gabe relentlessly finger fucked her. She had never experienced such an intense climax and as small tremors coursed through her and she fought to catch her breath, she wished this experience didn’t have to end.
Gabe pulled back and released his cock. Donning a condom, he rose and braced his hands on the back of the chair. “Watch me fuck you, Kira,” he demanded hoarsely, her small cries from her release still reverberating in his head. His cock damn near came through his zipper when he felt her convulsing around his fingers and if he didn’t know she would be leaving soon, he would be irritated at the intense feelings she was pulling from him.
Gabe thrust into her still spasming pussy in one hard stroke, filling her completely, her snug pussy closing around him like a vice. He took a moment to let her adjust, worried that the tight fit was hurting her.
“You okay, love?”
Kira nodded, feeling overwhelmed, filled like she never had been before. Smiling ruefully up at him, she admitted, “Tony wasn’t as big as you and it’s been awhile…I’m sorry.”
“I’m not. How long’s a while?”
“Three years.”
“No wonder you’re so fucking tight. Well, then I guess we have some time to make up for.” Gabe slowly withdrew before pushing back in. Kira’s hands reached up to grip his hips, urging him to move faster, harder. They both looked down to where their bodies were joined and watched him take her.
Gabe didn’t touch her anywhere except with his cock inside her, yet Kira felt surrounded by him, enclosed with his body, impaled with his hard flesh. As she stretched to accommodate his girth, she grabbed his hips and lifted her own to meet his thrusts. The sight of him entering her flesh, of her folds closing around him and the moisture covering his cock when he withdrew all added to her excitement and she knew she’d never forget this encounter. Gabe groaned and picked up his speed, taking her with hard, forceful strokes. Kira looked up at him and saw his hard face tight with lust, his blue eyes blazing down at their joined bodies.
“Come with me. Now, Kira,” he demanded as he moved one hand down to their joined bodies and unerringly found her clit.
As he pressed her clit down against his pummeling cock, Kira cried out in shocked pleasure. She hadn’t expected to come again, let alone an orgasm to rival the first one. But she did, and when Gabe shouted out his release, when she felt his cock jerk inside her as he came, one orgasm bled into another so fast she didn’t know when one ended and the other began, and as she rode the waves of pleasure consuming her, she didn’t care.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Dmitriy Raykin—Shutterstock.com

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