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Joan's New Obsession - ebook

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Joan's New Obsession by J. A. Schenley

It was an accident. Lovely forty-two year-old Joan discovered an old 'swinger' magazine that her faithful husband had bought a few years earlier. Joan was at first in doubt. Did her husband wish a tryst with a younger woman? Or want to see her used hard by another man? Then, she remembered the many whispers during their lovemaking about craving  sex and surrender with a younger woman. Amused, she thought that her husband was exploring a way for a 'threesome' with her and a younger woman.

Then she spotted an ad placed by the young, beautiful Dominatrix of her erotic dreams. She was nearly paralyzed by the picture. This was the young woman who would make all of Joan's  fantasies come to life! She arranged a paid  meeting with gorgeous Victoria Thompson and her husband and herself. She thought it would be an unforgettable night of domination and punishment of both herself and her own husband. It was at least  that! Both she and her husband were dominated and severely punished.

This was the place where she belonged!  The spankings and whippings, the commanded oral pleasuring of a woman half her age were places that she had to be!  Just after her lash-marks had faded, Joan contacted her new whip-Mistress and arranged a 'session' between just the two of them. What would Joan face? How strict would exquisite Victoria Thompson be with her? What would Joan have to tell her faithful husband? Find-out in this second installment of Joan's submission.

Includes: Female domination, male submission, female submission, oral sex, lesbian sex, punishment, discipline.


“I was thrilled at the way you submitted to me, Joan. I was impressed at the way that you took your beating” she said.
“You gave me what I deserved, Mistress.”
“It seems that you need another journey to the place you crave, and the place you are most afraid of, Joan.”
I was, at that point, nearly out of breath. I had composed some words like: “That night completed me as a submissive mature woman.” All I was able to say to her was, “I do, Mistress.”
I explained that this time, my husband would not be involved. I was not going to leave my marriage by any means, but I needed the control that beautiful and young Victoria Thompson could exert over me. I asked if her fee would be the same, and told her that I would have to hide it somehow within our household budget..“A fee will not be necessary, Joan,” she said.
I was silent. I was imagining weekly sessions of obedience training and humiliation without having to hide such expensive treatment from my husband. “Are you still there, Joan?”, she asked. “I am, Mistress, yes I am”, I said in a soft whisper. “You can come by tomorrow at six.. You will be able to leave by eight. You know where I live, and you know how I want you dressed.”
I said goodbye to co-workers at day's end who had no idea what would lie ahead of me the very next day.. None of them would believe me if I had told them anyway. I weigh 102 pounds, wear glasses and very chaste skirts and dresses. Add to this my 34-B bust-line to the fact most of my co-workers are at least five years younger, and the result is that no-one considers me sexy.
As I was leaving, I called Amanda, my hair stylist, to see if she could shoe-horn me in for a quick haircut before I got home. She had an open appointment at 5:30.
As I headed towards Amanda's salon, I called my husband to suggest that we have dinner at the same restaurant where we first met Victoria .
“Ummmm...”, he began nervously. “Don't worry, she won't be there.” I giggled and and continued to say that I had some salacious news to tell him that I was sure would make him aroused. He seemed to perk-up and agreed that we would meet there at seven.
As I arrived at Amanda's salon, I already was tingling, thinking of the cat-o-nine tails that would be extracting my obedience tomorrow night. I could feel from memory the thick leather cuffs that held my wrists for my abuse and chastisement. I sat into Amanda's chair and told her that I wanted a “pixie” haircut. “Your hair is already pretty short, Joan” she said. “A pixie will show most of your ears.”
“I want to look a lot younger”, I said.. Amanda was amused and said, “You will.” She backed me up against the sink and began washing my hair. Her hands kept stroking and plowing through my already short blonde hair as she applied shampoo that had a tart pine scent. I closed my eyes as twenty-one year-old Amanda took charge of me.
Amanda was even more radical than Victoria Thompson. Her lips, nose and eyebrows all bristled piercings, like some kind of frightening armor against attack. Her arms were fully illustrated in multicolored tattoos. They depicted scenes of horse-mounted battles, skulls pierced with arrows and renditions of pin-up girls from the 1950's. As I opened my eyes for a few moments at a time, I wished that I had the guts to wear such decoration.
I would also stare at her neck. It was so smooth. I was wishing that she had commanded me to kiss and playfully bite her neck. Her tri-colored hair also nearly touched my face.”So, why do you want to look like you're in the sixth grade?, she asked. As she put a barber's bib around me, and sat me in the cutting chair, I stammered something about entering a new stage of my life. I didn't make much sense. Knowing that nothing could scandalize Amanda, I told her that a younger woman was the reason. As Amanda played this dark music by Skinny Puppy and Razed in Black I thought nothing about telling her. “I'm surrendering my sex to a younger woman.”
Wow, I actually said it! Rather than being scandalized, Amanda said, “FUCK!, there's always drama with girls.” She was snipping with her scissors at my hair. Amanda told me to 'watch-out'. “How old is this bitch?”, she asked.
I said that she was in her mid-twenties. Amanda drew a long breath and sighed.”Pussies can make you nuts”, she said. “I've had a bunch of them.” “Well?????”, I asked. “Dudes are so easy, they're so predictable, girls are wacky”, she said. As Skinny Puppy played, which sounded to me like music from Hell, I wondered if I should even go through with this tryst with Miss Thompson.
“As long as you don't leave your husband”, said Amanda. As she snipped away at my hair, I asked Amanda if she had ever submitted to another girl. She told me in lurid and profane terms how she had licked “lots of pussies”, but had never submitted. “It just gets too fucking old after awhile”, she said with total disinterest. I wanted HER to discipline me at that moment, yet I wanted to listen to her advice more.

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