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Journey Into Chastity, Book One: The Journey Begins

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Product Description

Journey Into Chastity, Book One: The Journey Begins by Stanley Jeffries

John is a college student currently separated from his fiancée Laura, while she begins a hot sexual affair with her roommate Christine. Though John is anxious to have Laura back, with Christine now a permanent fixture in Laura’s life, the terms of the relationship are about to radically change. Either John agrees to be submissive in a ménage a trois with two dominant females, or he’s out. Eager to stay in Laura’s good graces John agrees to anything, including public humiliation, panty wearing, and Laura’s unique punishment for unauthorized masturbation: a locking chastity device. She tricks him into putting it on, not telling him that Christine has the keys. Later he learns from Christine that a key has been hidden in his weekend bag all along. But now, the demanding Christine wants him to consciously choose to remain in chastity!

John can’t help wonder who’s running the relationship, Laura or Christine?

As the two femmes take charge, John is trained to serve their every whim, to call them mistress, and play their humiliating sexual games. When he fails to please this daunting duo, he suffers a variety of painful punishments from bondage to whipping to being sodomized with a strap-on.

Despite the rough demands of his new life, John finds his surrendering role strangely pleasing, and highly erotic. All misgivings aside, he’s still in love with Laura, and willing to slavishly serve both women in order to have her. But how long can this strange ménage a trois survive? Will John ever have Laura to himself again? Is Christine really falling in love with him? Although John’s journey into chastity has just begun, it’s certain to take some curious twists as these two lovely, in charge females turn this wary college boy into their groveling slave.

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The cum spurted out of my cock and along the length of Laura’s boot. It wasn’t my biggest or finest orgasm, but under the time constraints I thought I’d done well.
“Oh wow, that was so close! Get it all out now,” she ordered. “Wipe yourself off on my other boot here.”
She lifted her other boot and used it to scrape along my now receding cock. I wiped the dollop of spunk that was on my hand onto it also. Gosh she was making a mess of those boots. That was probably a polishing job for me later. But that was no problem, I was always happy to polish Laura’s boots.
“Good boy,” she chuckled. “That should keep you quiet for now. Moaning about tit jobs and thigh jobs indeed, you need to show a bit more gratitude, don’t you?”
“Yes Laura. Thank you,” I mumbled, still trying to catch my breath.
“Well you’d better start by cleaning the jizz off these boots, hadn’t you?” she said sharply.
“Yes Laura, of course. Would you mind passing me that box of Kleenex please?” There was a box of Kleenex on the sideboard about a foot from her left hand.
“Tissues?” she cried. “I don’t think we need to waste perfectly good tissues, do we?”
She’d placed both feet together in front of me and was leaning forward into my face.
“W-well did you want me to fetch a washcloth?”
Laura raised a hand to her forehead and sighed.
“The boy’s an idiot. No, I do not want you to fetch anything. Use your tongue, stupid!”
I recoiled back in horror. There was no way I was going to lick up my own spunk.
“Go on, lick it off!” she ordered. She was almost shouting now, with her right index finger pointing rigidly at the stream of grey, congealing spunk sliding slowly down her boot. I still sat there motionless, unable to meet her eyes.
“You’ve got five seconds to start licking. If not, you are on the next bus back to Loughborough,” she coldly.
I looked up into her eyes then and I knew she meant it.
“Five…” she began.
“OK, OK,” I said dejectedly. “OK I’m going to do it, Laura, just…just give me a second to get my head round it!”
Even so I wasn’t sure that I could. I’d never, ever tasted my spunk – and I certainly hadn’t tasted anyone else’s. Never. Could I do it?
“I don’t see any licking. Four!”
I leaned down and tried to stick my tongue out as far as it would go. As I approached the boot I caught a whiff of the spunk and thought I might start to gag. But I forced it out of my mind and started to lick.
The taste wasn’t what I expected. It really wasn’t very strong, but it seemed to linger somehow. And it seemed to coat the roof of my mouth somehow. It wasn’t that bad really, but I knew I’d be doing a lot of mouthwash in about five minutes’ time.
“Keep going!” Laura said, obviously trying to suppress a giggle. “I want every drop cleaned off. Then you can go and polish them properly. And Christine has some of her boots and shoes you can clean while you’re at it.”
I don’t know how long it took me –quite a while it seemed. But Laura was not only patient – she was determined that I would not miss a single drop of spunk. When she was satisfied she pulled my head up by my hair.
“That’s enough, sweetheart,” she said softly.
I was exhausted – mentally and physically. I looked up at her face, and saw she was smiling and looking over my shoulder at something behind me.
I turned to see that Christine was sitting on the arm of the sofa near the lounge door. How long had she been there?
Christine smiled at me and winked.
“Nice wank, Tiger,” she quipped. “I’ll bet your mouth feels a bit claggy at the moment. If you fancy a drink your tea’s still here.”
She pointed down to the floor where I’d left my tea ages ago. “It’ll be a bit cold though,” she said, and the two girls burst out laughing.

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© Jeremiah Deasey – iStock.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Can't wait for the next one now!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2010

    Wow, this is quite a read. It's set in England, and there are a couple of terms, like "wank" (= jerk off) that puzzled me until I found an online slang dictionary. But boy it's worth the effort because the dialog is what really makes this book special. I read this in one sitting, and it's not a particularly short book.

    There's also a feeling of reality about the whole thing. It's not set in some imaginary world, and it doesn't seem to need unlikely scenarios.

    I looked for other stuff by this author, but it looks like it's his first effort. If that's the case it is an awsome debut.

    Buy this book if you're into realistic scenarios, verbal domination, male chastity play, bondage, Femdom and lesbian cuckolding!!

    Please let's have the sequel soon!!!

  2. Simply Fantastic

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Dec 2010

    This certainly the best fem-dom pink flamingo since G F Greens books, and it may be better than that. Best of all there is the promise of a seqel. Simply outstanding.

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