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Journey Into Chastity, Book Three: New Depths of Pain - ebook

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Journey Into Chastity, Book Three: New Depths of Pain

The final part of Journey into Chastity finds John even more deeply entwined in the triangle of love, denial and physical torment with two beautiful women. Laura, his fiancée, and Christine, her housemate, now seem to be locked in a power play to be in overall charge of the relationship. John is always the long-suffering victim, finding himself enduring even more devious physical and mental tortures, and sexual denial.

Outside of his sex life, John is now excelling in all of his goals. He’s honed his body to please both of his Mistresses, and is working harder than ever to be a good student. But after a frantic weekend of sex and suffering by Christine, she and John both realize he has allowed her physical abuse of him to go too far. When Christine admits what she’s done to Laura the two of them almost come to blows – and they agree that a cooling off period is needed.

They ask “Goth Girl” Angie to help keep John on edge while the girls head off together on a Spanish vacation since John will be living at Angie’s apartment the following year, he feels it’s a good opportunity to get to know her better. Angie doesn’t have a key to his chastity device there’s no risk of things getting out of hand…or so he thinks. John’s time with Angie convinces him that living with a dominant lesbian couple will certainly not be boring!

When the girls get back from Spain there’s a sinister, and very painful surprise in store for John that will transform the relationship and open new doorways of opportunity, and sexual denial.

The concluding part of this epic trilogy contains detailed scenes of female domination, sexual humiliation, chastity play, bondage, corporal punishment and lesbian cuckolding.


Laura’s fingers grasped the keychain and pulled it gently back away from me, and out of my hand. She stared at me in surprise as I allowed her to take it from me.
“Are you seriously telling me you want to stay locked in chastity?” she asked. “After all that’s happened this weekend already?”
For a moment I didn’t know how to respond, but I made a half-hearted grab for the key and Laura pulled her hand away.
“Oh no!” she said firmly. “You don’t get this back until you look me in the eye and beg for it.”
She slipped the chain around her neck and I swear I felt a sense of relief pass through me. Laura looked stunningly beautiful in the silky, red teddy. Her strawberry blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders, and it shone from the conditioner she’d used earlier in Angie’s flat. Her full lips were glistening and inviting me to kiss them. I could see the marks that Angie had left on the front of her thighs earlier; and I could still picture her face creasing up in pain as she took each stroke.
“John, are you going to answer me?” she asked softly.
I felt slightly dizzy. What was going on here?
All of a sudden I just dropped to my knees and began to gently kiss Laura’s bare feet. As I did so I whispered my mantra.
“I obey my Mistress.
I love my Mistress.
She is my Goddess, and the one I worship.”
After a couple of minutes I felt Laura’s hand on my shoulder.
“Get up, sweetheart,” she said softly. “Come over to the bed.”
She led me by the hand towards the bed, and we lay down together.
“Are you OK, John?” she asked, stroking my hair gently.
“I…I’m just so confused,” I told her.
“Hey, it’s OK, you should try to relax,” she told me. “It’s been a crazy twenty four hours; I know that. We can just snuggle if you like.”
She eased her body against me and kissed my lips; and I allowed my hands to drift down onto her buttocks. She gasped as I squeezed gently.
“Oh, sorry!” I said quickly. “It must still be a bit tender.”
“It’s fine,” she whispered. “I like you touching me – you can keep going.”
Suddenly I was kissing my way over Laura’s cheek, down to her neck, over her chest and onto her breasts. I felt the metal in her pierced nipple and lapped at it gently with my tongue. Finally, I began to relax and the confusion I felt a few minutes earlier was starting to clear.
As Laura moaned with pleasure I kept on kissing and stroking, and then I slid my fingers into her pussy. She was dripping wet, as I’d expected. Even after all the playing we’d done today with Angie and Louise, I knew that Laura hadn’t had an orgasm yet and I wanted to make this session perfect for her. I wanted it to be gentle and loving and I felt a huge ball of emotion inside me wanting to burst out. I knew it was the pent up sexual frustration after a month in chastity, and the last two days of teasing. But I wanted to steer that feeling away from raw sexual lust and towards something more sensual for both of us.
“I love you so much, Mistress,” I whispered as I kissed her. She was breathing heavily now, and I could feel her trembling under my fingers.
“Oh God, John, I love you too!” she told me. “That feels so nice, sweetheart; it feels really, really nice.”
Inside the CB3000 my cock was straining to get out. I’d been seconds away from taking the key from Laura’s fingers. She told me she wanted me to make love to her – she actually told me she wanted to unlock me. I’d earned my release, and yet at the very last second I’d given the key back to her – what the hell was I thinking? But I drove those selfish thoughts out of my mind because right now I wanted to make the next few minutes as wonderful as possible for my Mistress. I moved back up to kiss Laura on the lips. I smiled at her, and we looked into each other’s eyes. Her breath was hot on my cheek as she drew one trembling breath after another. I continued to look into her eyes as my fingers brought her closer and closer to the edge.
“You’re…you’re not going to stop are you, John?” she whispered.
I smiled. She really seemed to love the edge play that I’d started a few weeks earlier.
“Maybe I should,” I teased. “I don’t want you getting too excited, Mistress,”
“Please don’t stop!” she whispered. Her right hand closed over my wrist as though she was going to hold my hand against her pussy. “Please, John, not this time. I’ve been waiting all day. I need it, John. Please!”
“Do you, Mistress?” I asked innocently. “You really need it?”
“Fuck yes!” she almost sobbed now. “Just a few more seconds! You’re so good with your hands, darling. I’m begging you please don’t stop!”
I kissed her lips gently. I’d slowed down the strokes of my fingers to keep her close.
“John, what do you want?” she asked desperately. “I’ll give you the key; you know you can have it darling. You don’t need to tease me!”
I drew my finger right across her clit slowly. She shuddered under me, but it wasn’t a climax. I saw beads of sweat gathering on her forehead.
“That’s not what I want, Mistress,” I told her.
“Then what the fuck do you want?” she asked in exasperation. “You know I want you to make love to me, John! Please!”
“I want to be the best slave I can for you Mistress,” I told her. “I can’t even imagine what I could do to deserve the gift you’re offering me. It’s an honor just to be allowed to kiss your feet and…it’s not my place to be inside you, Mistress. You know what I want you to do, Mistress…you always know what’s best for me.”
Laura tried to lunge up with her hips to press more firmly on my fingers, but I eased away from her. She sobbed in frustration.
“Fuck you then! I’m not going to unlock you!” she spluttered out at last. “You’ll stay locked in that thing forever. You’ll have to move heaven and earth to persuade me to release you…you fucking worthless piece of shit!”
I put my mouth over hers and pressed my fingers against her again. Almost right away I felt her body stiffen, and her arms tighten around me. She was holding her breath, and her face was flushed red, her eyes screwed tightly closed. Suddenly she turned her head away from me and exhaled a shuddering breath.
“Oh, sweet Jesus, yes!” she screamed. I cringed at the thought of the whole dorm block hearing this; but they were used to it by now.
Laura’s body twitched another three or four times, and then she flopped back onto the bed. She was drenched with sweat, and I gently stroked the hair away from her eyes. She lay there panting, eyes closed and shivering slightly. I eased my way down the bed, and Laura automatically brought her knees up and opened her legs for me.
Her pussy was dripping wet. I knew she could squirt a little bit if she’d had a really powerful orgasm, and that one must have been a cracker. I lapped up the juices greedily, and then began to gently massage her swollen clit with my tongue. I slid two fingers into her and pressed upwards. Immediately she placed both hands on the back of my head and groaned with pleasure.
“Oh you angel!” she sobbed in delight. “Yes, John, oh yes please, darling!”
I took it slowly, massaging the upper wall of her vagina with slow strokes of my fingers. She’d settled down into a steady rhythm of breathing now and was clearly enjoying my efforts.
In the past I’d always aimed for the number of orgasms I could give to Laura. I was proud of giving her four or even five climaxes. But more recently I’d decided to go for quality, rather than quantity. Using the edge play had been amazing, and Laura clearly seemed to love it. This time I didn’t try to hold her at the point of orgasm, I focused on gentle massage. The approving noises from Laura were obviously positive feedback, and so I continued.
After several minutes she squeezed my head gently.
“John, please may I come again?” she asked softly, between ragged breaths.
“Of course, Mistress,” I told her.
I increased the pressure on my fingers as I lapped my tongue gently against Laura’s clit. Within a minute she’d built up to another climax, and this time I was treated to her spurting right onto my face! I was still laughing as I moved up and kissed her.
“Eww! Did I do that?” she chuckled, tracing a finger through the goo on my cheek.
“Well I like to think I played my part too,” I told her.
“Oh yes, I think you played a very critical part, sweetheart,” she whispered, smiling as she kissed me. Then she began to lick her own juices from my face.
When she’d finished we just cuddled. Laura moved her head down to my chest and began to suck my nipples gently. Her right hand went to my groin and stroked around the chastity device.
“You’re dripping too, John,” she chuckled. “It’s a sticky mess in there.”
“I’m sorry, Mistress,” I said sleepily. It was lovely to feel Laura’s mouth on my nipple. Normally she took great delight in biting down on them, but this time she was very gentle. Of course that just made the pain from my expanding cock even worse. After a couple of minutes Laura got up and straddled me. She looked down into my eyes and smiled. Then she adjusted her position and actually guided the CB3000 towards her pussy. It was too bulky to get very far in, but I saw the smile light up on her face as she felt it.
“Mmmm,” she purred. “Actually that feels quite nice; grinding on your cock while it’s in its prison.”
She placed her hands on my chest, and began to pinch my nipples harder now.
“Ooh, yes, that feels good,” she whispered. “Does that feel nice for you too sweetheart?” she asked with a wicked smile.
“Of course, Mistress,” I told her. “It feels wonderful if I’m able to give you pleasure.”
Laura continued to rock slowly back and forth, pinching my nipples until I groaned with the pain.
“You really have become a good slave, John,” she told me. “If I think back to January, when I first told you about me and Christine. Well...I mean I just can’t believe you stayed with us on this journey.”
She was twisting the flesh of my nipples viciously now and I was almost crying with the pain.
“Th…thank you, Mistress,” I managed to gasp.

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© Jeremiah Deasey istock.com

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