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Judge, Jury & Jailor and Other Tales of Female Domination - ebook

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Judge, Jury and Jailor, And Other Tales of Female Domination by Lance Edwards

Buxom beauties, brutal lesbians, and formidable femme fatales, out for revenge against the inferior sex, highlight this new collection of Femdom short stories. Their aim is to torture, emasculate and anally brutalize the sub male, while these pitiful creatures grovel helplessly before them.

Judge, Jury & Jailor In this title story, a date rapist is arrested by a female police officer and taken to her private residence, where she rapes the offender in the ass. Then it's off to her medieval torture chamber in a subterranean cell where he'll get 50 lashes from her fearsome looking whip. Then In Laying Down the Law, Susan catches her husband, wimpy Timmy, masturbating to Internet porn. From now on, she'll demand his total obedience, cage his sorry cock and whip his bare ass and that's just for starters! Then the tiny elfin Sprite subjects sub Kyle to lots of humiliating verbal abuse and anal sex with her hefty dildo. And Gino's boss, The Incredible Hulga, turns him into 'Gina' with the help of a wig, make up, and sexy lingerie. He'll be painfully whipped if he dares to cum, while she uses her huge dildo to violate his ass.

Life with Zoya includes bare-bottomed whipping, being buggered by Zoya's 10 inch dildo and a daily baptism of pee. And in Excellent Morning Exertions, Jimmy's overcooked roast earns him a dose of Tyra's huge punishment dildo as well as a sound bare-ass belting. In Christmas Present, Laura gives her best friends, Cara, Donna and Kristie, her gift wrapped husband Ben to use during this festive season. They'll toss a coin to decide whether they fuck his face (heads) or his ass (tails). And in The Venus Guy-Trap, a hapless sub, in search of female domination, falls into the hands of a ruthless domme who will take him to the brink with extreme CBT and anal rape with her huge black dildo.

These stories and more! Strong graphic content includes S&M, bondage, suspension, whipping, caning, punishment, cuckolding, piss play, feminization, CBT, castration, wax, pinches, dildos, gags, cuffs, branding, chastity and denial, anal and oral rape, and female worship.

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“Suckle me,” she breathed. I couldn’t wait! Immediately I latched onto her like a leech, taking the proffered nipple deep into my mouth sucking it like a starving baby. Alternately licking and flicking, circling it with my tongue and pulling powerfully with my lips I serviced her with desperate fervor and instinctive skill. In response Peg clutched my head to her and moaned with unalloyed joy. Soon she began pumping her hips against me, sliding her vagina up and down the length of my burning prick until my moans matched her own. First one unbearably pointy, resilient breast and then the other I gorged on, gasping uncontrollably whenever she saw fit to pull away momentarily to rub those stiff wet cones back and forth all over my face. Slouched submissively beneath her, at the mercy of her grinding nipples and pumping crotch, I soon felt overwhelmed with arousal. Content, nay even exalted by the way she wantonly used me for her every pleasure I found myself nearly swooning with love and lust for my lovely Peg. Oh I would do anything for her, anything at all! Perhaps perceiving this instinctive servility in the way I slavishly serviced her glorious body Peg eventually took me up on this unspoken vow.
Pulling back she suddenly shoved me sideways down onto the couch. Without a word of warning or request she moved up to straddle my face. Abandoning my painfully straining penis she settled her crotch atop my mouth and issued peremptory orders to me.
“Now my pussy, Mark! Give me oral sex. I want to have an orgasm!”
I tried to oblige, even though I found the taste and smell of her repellent. I lapped madly at her labia, urgently seeking the fabled clitoris. Unfortunately nothing I tried succeeded in bringing her off. Finally she took total charge of the operation.
“Just stick it in me already! All the way!”
Humiliated by my failure, and by the way she was ordering me around, I was nevertheless inexplicably turned on even more by her attitude toward me. My still wet, neglected erection throbbed and waggled of its own accord as I poked my tongue as deeply into her body as possible. Then I burned with an unbelievably compelling mix of devotion, debasement and excitement as she began thrusting against me, riding my face as though it was her own personal plaything.
At last she was getting what she demanded from me. Her moans became soft little cries, then sharp, urgent ones, and finally banshee screams. Humping my outthrust tongue with a mad abandon, she suddenly gushed some noxious fluid into me. I’d had no idea a woman could ejaculate. Yet clearly she just had, as Peg at last slumped back to lie atop me, panting in aftermath.
“Oh, that was wonderful! My first ever orgasm!”
“Is…is it my turn now?” I timidly asked. To my limitless disappointment and chagrin, Peg sighed dismissively and shook her head.
“I’m sorry Mark. I know you feel you deserve one. But the smell of your penis is unbearably revolting to me. I couldn’t stand to have it on my hands or breasts, and if I tried to put it in my mouth I’d surely puke. And I simply can’t let you touch yourself. Masturbation is a sin. But I’ll tell you what: one of my friends told me about a way we can have sex that isn’t forbidden anywhere in scripture. Maybe that will work for you. It’s called ‘pegging’, fittingly enough. We’ll try it tomorrow, and see if it gets you off.”
“Okay Peggy,” I acquiesced, intrigued and disappointed in equal measure. Naturally I was completely perplexed – what possible other way was there to have sex? But then the shining light and love of my life drove these thoughts effortlessly from my mind by shifting up my body and again presenting me with her fabulous breasts.
For the rest of the day then I serviced her as she ordered, my erection a source of constant maddening frustration and my mouth increasingly chafed and fatigued by the endless demands Peg placed upon it. Still I was enormously gratified just to be naked with her, and flattered by the truly outrageous number of orgasms she was able to achieve by using me. When she at last dismissed me – with a final strict admonition not to sin – I went home and collapsed in curiously satisfied exhaustion despite my lack of any climax.

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© Dmitriy Tereschenko, IStock.com

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