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Karl's Year In Chastity - ebook

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Karl's Year In Chastity by Stanley Jeffries

Karl, a good looking Danish guy and Asha, an extraordinarily beautiful Asian woman both work in the UK headquarters of a European cell phone operator. He finds her attractive, intelligent and great company. Asha admits she likes Karl, but when he asks her out, she turns him down and he is puzzled.

While attending a senior management meeting in Prague, Karl suggests that Asha be offered a sales position. She interviews, is offered the job and as a thank-you Asha goes on a date with Karl, during which he tells her he thinks she’s a goddess, and would like to worship her. When she presses him on what he means, he stammers and she suddenly turns cold and ends the date. Baffled, he consults his ex-wife, Freya, who suggests that Asha may have picked up on Karl’s use of the word “worship”, and may be interested in sub/Dom relationships.

At Karl’s flat Asha confirms to him that she is indeed very turned on by the idea of dominating a man. Karl tells her he would like to be her slave. She allows him to give her a foot massage. It goes well, and ultimately she grants him permission to give her oral sex. Luckily, Karl has been trained by his ex-wife in bringing a girl to orgasm and does not disappoint Asha. While teasing his cock gently. she informs him not to expect any sex, and he becomes even more submissive and enthusiastic to serve her.

Karl becomes increasingly besotted with Asha. She is still withholding sex from him, and hints that he will have to earn sexual gratification from her. She buys him a chastity device, and when he agrees to wear it she invites him to her cottage, and shows him the cellars where she would like to build a dungeon. Karl responds enthusiastically to the idea. He finds life in chastity to be a little challenging, but discovers he loves to be tied up and beaten. She delights in sodomizing him with a strap-on and he is humiliated further with his orgasms ruined.

Will Karl be able to last longer than her other chastised boyfriends? Will his wicked Mistress break his worshipping spirit by denying him orgasms?

Includes: Female domination, Female worship, Chastity devices, oral sex, slave worship, bondage, dungeon scenes, spanking, whips and chains, anal plugs.

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Karl’s mind was in turmoil. He and Asha had enjoyed a lovely hot shower together, and then he’d massaged her with baby oil. Her skin was like dark honey, and he loved to stroke every inch of her with his fingers. Normally at the end of a massage like this he’d go down on her, and of course he’d remain in chastity. But this time it was different; Asha rolled onto her back, and pulled him down to her for a kiss.
“There’s a small pair of scissors in the top drawer on your side of the bed,” she whispered. “They should be strong enough to cut through the plastic tag on your chastity device.”
“Really?” he gasped. “It’s…it’s OK to do that?”
“Pass me the scissors, Karl.”
His hand was shaking as he opened the drawer. The scissors were right there as she’d told him. He lifted them out and gave them to Asha.
“Keep still, sweetie.”
She carefully cut the numbered tag locking the chastity device to his cock. They used a plastic tag because Karl did so much air travel with his job.
“I’m just going to give you a wipe – I know you try to stay clean, but I want to make sure, OK?”
“Y-yes!” he almost sobbed.
Asha used facial wipes to gently clean his cock – which had sprung into life almost as soon as it was free from the chastity device. Karl gasped, and groaned with pleasure at her touch.
“Hey!” she chuckled. “I don’t want any accidents!”
“Sorry! It’s just…I feel I’ve waited for this moment for so long.”
“Honestly, Karl – I’ve been expecting it. I told you before; I’ve tried to do this with other men. I was hoping you could be strong for me, but I know how difficult it is, sweetie. Don’t feel too bad.”
Karl winced inwardly – she really had warned him about this. She’d told him about the other men who’d wanted to try being her chastity slave. But they’d given in – and now he’d given in too. He felt like crying; she hadn’t stayed in a relationship with those men. And now he knew he was on the point of losing her too – and for what? One orgasm?
Asha eased herself over him.
“Don’t feel bad if you come really quickly the first time. I’m sure you’ll last longer the second time! And we have all night together, my darling.”
“I’m going to please you, Mistress!” he said, almost crying with relief now. “I promise!”
As her pussy slipped over his cock, Karl gently stroked Asha’s beautiful breasts. She closed her eyes and moved over him slowly. He saw a tear trickle down her left cheek.
“You’re crying!” he gasped. “What’s wrong?”
“It’s just because I’m so happy!” she chuckled, leaning forward now and kissing him.
Karl sighed with pleasure – God; she felt so good! He wanted to be inside her forever; but then the thought of what he was doing hit him again – now that he’d given in to his sexual urges would Asha still want him? She nibbled his ear and whispered softly. “Is there something you want to ask me, Karl?”
“Ask me. You know what I want. I’m hoping you want it too.”
Karl felt a cold shiver run down his spine.
“B-but it’s…it’s just so wonderful to be inside you! Please, Asha…I can’t!”
“Ask me.”
Her fingers were stroking his nipples. This was so amazing!
“Will you…” he croaked. He couldn’t say the words.
“What, sweetheart? What do you want me to do? It’s OK, my love – you can ask me.”
Karl had to force himself to swallow.
“Asha…Mistress…will you please…lock me away?”
Asha smiled, and kissed him on the cheek.
“But your cock feels so wonderful inside me!” she whispered. “Don’t make me take it out! It’s giving me so much pleasure, Karl.”
He stifled a sob. It was giving him so much pleasure too!
“I think…I mean I really want you to lock me away.”
“But you haven’t come yet, sweetie. Don’t you want to come? You said your balls are aching.”
“I can handle it!”
“Well…if you’re really sure?”
“Yes!” he gasped. “Please, Asha – but you need to do it now! I can’t hold back.”
She chuckled softly.
“But I’m so turned on now, Karl. What will I do?”
“I c-can please you, Mistress. Like I normally do. Asha – you really need to…”
Asha eased herself away from him. Karl gritted his teeth, and tried to think of other things. He’d been seconds away from the point of no return. Now he felt the dull ache again in his balls.
“It’ll be a while before you fit back in your little prison, sweetie. Why don’t you lick my pussy while we wait?”
“Yes, Mistress!”
“And what do you say, Karl? Are you forgetting your manners?”
“I’m sorry, Mistress. Yes – thank you for letting me feel your pussy around me. It was so wonderful!”
“And…thank you for not allowing me to be selfish?”
Asha smiled.
“I suppose that’ll do. Go on then – make me happy.”
“Yes, Mistress,” Karl sighed.

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Product Reviews

  1. Brilliant - but where is Journey Book 3??

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Sep 2011

    I absolutely love Mr Jeffries' books. Journey Into Chastity was probably the best FemDom book I've ever read - and Book 2 was even better! I am so desperate for Book 3 to find out how it ends...or maybe it doesn't end. Maybe there's a Book 4 (do I dare to dream?)

    Anyway - Karls Year in Chastity is a separate story - stand alone, and also brilliant. Somehow Jeffries has a way to combine character development with the steamiest, and most realistic sex scenes I've ever read.

    And there's an actual story - that makes sense and seems to be totally consistent with all the characters. Hats off again for the ability to do this while maintainng the sexual tension.

    I remember reading a review of Journey into Chastity Book 1 and the comment was that "this could actually happen". If you like FemDom stories that have a realistic element, then I highly recommend this author.

    To give you some idea of how good this book is...I actually showed it to a girl I've been dating for several weeks. I never dared to share my chastity fantasy with anyone before that, but one rainy Sunday afternoon we sat together and she read this on my Kindle in one sitting (OK...she went to the bathroom a couple of times).

    I was pretending to read the sunday papers, and after a while she told me to stop asking where she was up to or she'd lock me up!

    For the first time I've been able to discuss what I really would like to explore in a relationship. So thank you Mr Jeffries!

    But please can we have Book 3?

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