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Kay's Decision - ebook

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Kay's Decision by D.W. Collins

Mortified after Dave asked her to suck his cock, Kay calls him every name in the book and they part company. After a month, she realizes she misses him terribly and figures she can win him back and not have to do anything as disgusting as fellatio. Kay goes to the Cathedral, where Dave is the Bishop, and puts her charms to work. They decide to go on vacation together to his cottage in Jordan Valley, but he has one condition; she must completely submit to him to determine if she can live with his lifestyle and marry him. Figuring she can convince him she’s the one in control, Kay agrees.

When she rebels during the drive by not immediately taking off her panties in the car, he tells her to get out on the side of the road. He grabs a paddle out of his trunk and proceeds to spank her disobedient ass. She soon realizes that he’s serious about the submission. After her punishment, she has to get back in the car panty-less and they resume their drive.

Upon arriving in beautiful Jordan Valley, Kay learns this village is like no other. Men are dominant and the women are expected to submit, or they receive harsh punishment; mostly in public. They soon find themselves watching Seth switch his wife, Rebecca, for sassing him. The punishment takes place over his porch railing that most houses in the village have installed just for this purpose. Kay takes it well, but cannot imagine Dave actually doing anything like that to her.

During her week, Kay learns the true meaning of submitting herself completely to Dave. D.W. Collins brings us a titillating tale of training a perfect submissive. Included in this sensual tale are fantasy scenes, public nudity, paddling, switches, public humiliation, anal sex, oral worship, bondage. This book is perfect for those just entering into a D/s relationship and want to learn more.


Kay could not believe how anxious she was feeling. Dave had stopped calling four weeks before. She had dialed his number many times. Each time, she had been too nervous to speak when he’d answered. Caller ID never crossed her mind. The idea to stop at his office at the Cathedral of God had come this morning. It had been a flash of inspiration if you please. She knew that he always kept office hours each Wednesday until the evening service.
She found herself perched on the maroon leather seat of one of the chairs that filled the Senior Pastor’s plush waiting room. She spent the time anxiously staring at the dark walnut sign that read “Bishop David S. Gallagher, D.min, Ph.D. Senior Pastor”. Dave’s highly efficient secretary, Lisa Mason had informed Kay that Bishop Gallagher was taking a call and should be available in a few minutes.
Kay had arrived straight from work and was dressed in a white silk blouse and gray suit of which the skirt reached below her knees. Her black leather heels were modest and professional. Enough of the tiny top buttons of her blouse had been unbuttoned just for this meeting to keep his interest. She hoped that Dave would be pleased.
Kay could not keep herself from fidgeting until the phone on Mrs. Mason’s desk finally buzzed. She put the receiver down and motioned for Kay to follow. The heavy walnut door swung open and Kay was face to face with the man she always called Dave.
“I am pleased to see you,” he said as he pushed the door shut behind her.
The young professional woman distinctly heard the lock engage. She took her seat in front of his huge desk and was more than a little surprised when Dave took the chair next to her rather than using the luxurious executive one behind his desk. “What can I do for you?”
“I came to ask you for a date,” she said, cursing herself for her nervousness. Why did she give this man so much power over her?
“I’m pleased and surprised,” he said. “After our last time together I thought that you were not interested in being with me. Your rejection was pretty emphatic.”
Kay could see that this was not going to be as easy as she had hoped. “I’m sorry I was so abrupt. You were moving a bit too fast for me.”
“I see. If you feel that way, why are you back?” His expression was gentle, but his eyes bored into her.
“I would like to give things another chance,” she said trying to keep on an even plane with him.
“Every relationship has things that can be negotiated. A little time together could let us clarify our feelings,” he said.
“That sounds very good to me. You know I find you very attractive and don’t want to discard the year that we’ve been seeing each other without some effort.” There, she had taken the risk. Now, she cringed as she waited for his reply.
Dave smiled and touched her knee. “I am glad to hear that. You know that I am attracted to you as well and would like a block of time to test the waters between us. I recall that you have a week’s vacation coming up.” Dave never forgot anything. “Would you be willing to share it with me at my house in the Michigan woods?”
Kay was startled and pleased with the prospect of having so much time with Dave. She was certain that she could convince him that she was worth making some concessions for. “Yes, my vacation starts next Saturday. I would have to be back by the following Sunday evening.”
“That’s wonderful,” he smiled so warmly that she paid little attention to his next words.
“Of course you remember that a positive relationship between a man and a woman demands respect, trust, and an honest acceptance of their different roles, roles that are ordained by God.”
Kay smiled warmly as she savored her success.
“I want to be frank about my expectations. Neither of us have time to waste.”
“Of course,” Kay said, as she struggled to keep her excitement in check.
“I plan to thoroughly enjoy the time we spend together and I want you to enjoy it too.”
“Me too,” she said fully understanding that he was talking about sex. He had blown her mind several times before and she was ready for more, very ready indeed. “I am looking forward to a lot of quiet time together,” she said seductively.
“However, there is an issue that needs to be settled if this relationship is going to have any future at all. I was very insulted by the things you said the last time we were together. I trust that you know that I am a gentleman and that I would never harm you. You rejected my proposal of marriage. The harsh things you called me were not fair and I demand restitution for them.” His deep blue eyes froze her in her place.
“What sort of restitution?” she asked.
“You acted like a child and I am going to demand that you allow me to give that luscious bottom of yours a few well deserved smacks.”
Kay was initially shocked, but she could see that he was dead serious. His tone was so polite that she decided to go against her usual convictions and agree. “Alright, as long as you realize that I am not giving you permission to beat me. You know I will never tolerate that.”
“A little domestic discipline is not a beating. The spanking is not the point, your learning to submit is. I will stop whenever you say and bring you home. Our experiment will be concluded and we will part company forever on cordial terms. The goal of our days together will be to learn if we can transform our obvious physical attraction for each other into a relationship with future potential. I believe we have a good chance of having a very pleasurable time together.”
Kay placed her hand over his and casually maneuvered it an inch higher on her thigh. It came to rest at the edge of her skirt. How much of an invitation did she have to give? The more she focused their time together on sex, the better it would be for her. Her feminine charms were her greatest asset in this struggle of wills.
He looked down, smiled and slipped his index finger under her skirt to the knuckle. He would take her dare. “We will be using our time together for you to experience what living with me will be like.”
“I understand,” she said as her pulse began to quicken. Everything was going far better than she had expected. She only needed to get his fingers a few inches higher and she would have nothing to worry about.
Dave eyed her confident smile. She thought she was so clever. He slipped his hand higher as she withdrew hers. His palm held her firm thigh. He could feel her warmth through the sheer stockings.
Kay casually spread her legs. She had been careful when she sat to make sure she would have lots of room if this moment came. Her skimpy silk panties were already touching the leather chair seat. It felt cool and so exciting.
“I want you to use our time together to make sure you experience as many of the things that you will like in our future relationship and as many of the things you won’t as possible.” He let his palm slip to the side of her thigh. “I am not perfect, but as much as I enjoy you, I want you to be able to make the decision that is right for you.” He let the back of this hand touch her opposite thigh.
She was struggling to concentrate. Thank goodness he locked the door. It was a precaution he regularly took for counseling sessions and her past visits. She was glad he could do whatever he wanted without fear of interruption. “Thank you, I will use the time to get any questions answered.” She knew she had to keep focused even though his free hand was squeezing her other knee. He was taking advantage of her and she was glad.
“A permanent relationship demands that the man love and respect the woman and that she love and submit to him.” Both sets of fingers were over the edge of her lace topped stockings. The two inches of bare thigh was tender and very warm. Her crotch was steamy.
“I am anxious to learn to please you,” she said struggling not to sound too breathless. Why hadn’t she left her damn panties in the car? This whole thing was going much better than she had hoped.
David lifted a hand and ran a finger along the top edge of her damp panties. He had her full attention. She wore no garter belt to complicate matters. The evening worship service would be in twenty minutes, he considered demanding or even taking those tiny panties, but decided to wait for an occasion with more time to enjoy that momentous event. A little tease would have to do. He curled his fingers over her waistband and let them slip inside. The close cropped hair and the treasures beyond would be his to enjoy later. One final fondle would have to do for now.
Kay felt so disappointed when his hands slipped out of her skirt. He had touched the top edge of her beaver and left her craving so much more. He stroked her face with the back of one hand while the other shamelessly cupped a breast. There was no way he could miss her rock hard nipples. Damn this man. Why had he left her so hot? She would get her sweet revenge when they stood.
“So, do we have a date?” Dave asked.
“We do,” she replied.

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