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Kidnapped: The Taming of the Princess Bitch

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Kidnapped: The Taming of the Princess Bitch by Alexander Kelly

Snatched off the street by heavy-handed thugs, the panicked Paige is bound, gagged and whisked into the back of a van. Despite her determined efforts to free herself, she moves from van, to concrete floor, to limousine, to a ghastly coffin especially fitted for the transport of a submissive.

Arriving at her ultimate destination - a scary barbed-wire compound - Paige discovers that her boyfriend Robert has led her into submission. She's now one of many captive sex submissives residing in a hidden valley where a secret society of Masters and submissives exists, known only as Valhalla. Because no one knows who sponsored Paige into their highly organized society, she's passed among the valley's ruling triumvirate as they each attempt to cruelly torture the needed information from her.

Paige has no answers to their interrogations, but she soon sees how the ruling members spar, and hopes to use this fact against them and finally earn her freedom. Before long the feisty submissive - who just happens to relish her masochistic sex - is dubbed the 'Princess Bitch'. In an especially cruel torture, she's deprived of the sexual fulfillment she loves. No matter how many frustrated insults she hurls at her conniving captors, everyone bows to her as if she were not a submissive at all.

In time, Paige learns that she alone has been forced into this strange brand of submission, while the others are there by choice. Her secretive sponsor has planted her at Valhalla in hopes that she will bring down the triumvirate. In an odd twist of fate, she is poised to take on a powerful role in the future of the valley society. Although to secure that powerful position, she's required to submit to the meanest of tortures - taking fifty from the dangerous bullwhip, and then trained as a ponygirl forced into the brutal pony races. While the fate of Valhalla may hinge on Paige, a far more personal fate may await the Princess Bitch, when an unexpected romance blooms between Paige and one of her captors.

How will it end? That's for the reader to discover... you can be assured however, that as this suspenseful novel unfolds, the skilled author, Alexander Kelly, will include a feast of graphic sadomasochistic content including bondage, whips, racks, gagging, sex, torture, electric play, dildos, strap-ons and ponygirl training, with both Male and Female domination of Paige and her fellow female submissives.


Large, gloved hands clamped on Paige from behind. She whirled and managed one ineffective slash at the air. Then the strong hands spun her back toward the lights. One hand on her wrist kept the keys away from anything solid, the other hand clamped over her mouth.
A dark, windowless van screeched to a halt next to her and the side door slid open. Her captor let go of her wrist and picked her up by the waist.
An ever-widening portal of darkness threatened to consume Paige. She grunted against the hand and fought for all she was worth. Goddammit! She was not going to be just another crime statistic!
Paige spread her legs and managed to plant them wide on either side of the van door. Whoever was inside probably got a good look under her calf length skirt but Paige didn’t care. Escape now. Dignity later.
“Shit.” This from the person holding her. A man. He tried to force Paige inside but her strong, runner’s legs stopped him. So he simply turned them both around and dragged her inside. Paige swung downward with the keys and struck thick, leather pants. The man fell backwards but didn’t let go. Paige may have won a small battle but probably lost the war. They were inside the van.
The man rolled to the side with Paige still in his grasp. The door slammed shut. In the near darkness, the van driver joined the fray, straddling Paige’s small waist, forcing the keys from her hand. With a clang, they wound up in a corner.
Paige’s teeth came into play, biting deep into the leather gloved hand. Take that, you bastard! The man cried out and pulled his hand away. Before Paige could scream, the driver shoved wadding inside her mouth until it overflowed. A rough cloth tied around her head held it in place.
Wrists crossed. Ankles crossed. Rope quickly wrapped around both then connected to each other. No way to stand. A canvas hood was pulled over her head and tightened with laces in back from her crown to her neck.
Paige twisted her wrists and ankles. No give at all. Panic flooded through her. She was really tied! It wasn’t the flimsy way her boyfriend, Robert, did it. This was tight! Any movement from her only constricted the cords. The hood threatened to cut off her air. No way out. Got to get out! Easy. Easy. You can still breathe. Air holes are right under your nostrils. In slowly, then out. Good. Calm. We’re calm. Now think.
No room to move and forget about calling for help. All the way from her tied ankles to her hood-covered head and her warm pussy in the center of it all, she was really in it now! In spite of everything, she’d still love a cock right now. Robert’s was big enough, but he just didn’t have the staying power. But the way she was tied, Paige figured she might as well just enjoy the ride. Yeah, right.
The van stopped several times then maintained one long acceleration. They were on the freeway. A couple of lane changes over the raised dots on the road, and the van settled into an extended glide. Something occasionally creaked in the front of the van. After a while, Paige realized it was someone turning back in their seat to check on her. Like where was she going to go?
The van slowed. The freeway was left behind and replaced with a more leisurely pace. They swung wide to the left then backed up. Someone got out, rolled open a heavy metal door, and the van traveled a few more feet. A rattle of chains and the large door slammed down with an echo.
The side door slid open. Gloved hands returned and grabbed Paige’s legs then pulled her across the coarse van rug. Her shirt came loose and the resulting carpet burn on her stomach made Paige squeal. But if her pain mattered to her captors, they showed no sign.
The pair of hands that had gagged and hooded Paige reentered the game. They lifted her, and dumped her face down on a sheet which had been placed over a cold floor. The air reeked of oil and rubber.
Her feet were untied then placed side by side. Paige couldn’t do anything to stop them as the rope was wrapped then cinched between her ankles. Another cord in the same fashion went just above her knees. But her arms weren’t tied to her feet anymore.
Jeans brushed against her exposed flesh. She gave an upward stab in the dark and her fingernails found something. Something soft. Paige squeezed with all her strength.
It wasn’t balls that Paige grabbed, but a woman’s breast.
“Ow! You bitch!” Paige’s hand was slapped away. Thin fingers went under her chin and lifted up her head. Paige’s neck bent back as far as it could. “Little smart ass.”

Artist Credit

(c) Surreal surreal.art@btinternet.com

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