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Kingdom of Slaves - ebook

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Kingdom of Slaves by Paul Moore

When Kim hears intriguing rumors about a place called "Domain", her curiosity is aroused. It may be a religious cult, or a para-military group, fit fodder for an investigative reporter on the prowl. She doesn't know that she is about to fall neatly into a trap. Stripped, whipped, and sexually abused, Kim is shipped to an island kingdom where sexual submissiveness is legal and escape is impossible. Her captors refuse to believe that she is there by mistake, and she has no choice but surrender.

Sarah is a ruthless guard in The Training Facility. It is her duty to transform frightened women into obedient female submissives. Though she knows that it is always a mistake to become personally involved with her charges, she finds herself irresistably drawn to Kim. Yet the law of Domain is clear. When Kim's training is complete, she must be branded and sold to the highest bidder. Includes: Bondage, humiliation, CP, anal, lesbian, public punishment and pony play.


“This truck is insulated,” the woman said calmly, when Kim paused to draw breath, “no one can hear you.”
They gagged her anyway. The rubber gag they forced into her mouth and strapped in place resembled a short, thick penis. The two men stripped away her remaining shoe and socks, spread her legs, and shackled her ankles to rings set in the floor.
The woman fished through Kim’s purse, found her wallet, and removed the cash. Then she threw the wallet and purse into a trash barrel. It was the last thing that Kim saw before the blindfold descended.
They cut off her clothes with a knife.
A diesel truck rolled south, carefully observing all traffic laws. There was no company name on the truck to tell what sort of cargo it might carry. The “cargo” swayed in her chains, rocked by the truck’s motion. She had been allowed enough slack to touch the floor with feet that were fastened far apart. If she stood on her toes, it eased the strain on her wrists and chest, but her leg muscles tired, and most of the time she would hang limp, her joints silently protesting the traction. Mute and blind, she could only endure and wait.
A cool hand touched her breast, causing her to stiffen and try to draw away. She heard a soft chuckle.
“Don’t be so timid, sweet thighs,” it was the woman’s voice. Her cheeriness was gone now, replaced by husky menace. “I know it took courage to come here. Let that courage sustain you. You’re a Class A Slave. You have status now, a place in an orderly system. I offer you acceptance and affection. I offer you penance and absolution.”
The hand returned to toy with Kim’s nipples, teasing them into erection with pinches and finger flicks.
“I offer you pain and pleasure.”
Two hands worked her now, stroking and teasing, bringing responses from the wracked and trembling captive.
“The life of a Class C is not for you. They are only painted whores, insolently parading in their finery, red silk on their throats, invitation in their eyes, and a sneer on their lips. I don’t care for them at all.”
The hands tested the firmness of Kim’s flanks.
“You’re much too pretty to be a Class B. I would hate to see your lovely hands grown rough with work, your leather collar stained with sweat, your eyes dulled by a life of drudgery.”
A fingertip teased Kim’s navel.
“Your life will be a glorious adventure. Your steel collar will be a badge of honor proclaiming to one and all that CAS 123 dares everything, endures everything, and surrenders everything. When you bow down to kiss your Master’s feet, you will wear a secret smile.”
A feather light touch against her belly made Kim damp. She strained to close her legs.
“You will not be punished merely for disobedience, but for our pleasure as well. Though one Master will own you, you will obey everyone. There is nothing you have the right to demand or refuse.”
As she spoke, the woman’s hands had traveled down until one of them was cupping the furred mound of Kim’s sex, while the other stroked her buttocks. When a finger slipped into her slit, Kim was anticipating it and actually leaned into the touch. The hands were exciting her, even while the woman’s words were inspiring fear.
They wanted to make her a sexual slave! It was hard for Kim to believe that Charlene had volunteered for such a fate. Then she thought of Charlene’s humble nature, her need for love, and her desire to please.
Kim hardly noticed the hand trailing down the cleft of her buttocks, for the busy fingers that pleasured her in front absorbed all her attention. She was caught unaware when a finger suddenly burrowed into her anus. She lunged forward and sought to evade the assault. Her muscles clenched against the invading finger, attempting to expel it.
Suddenly the hands were withdrawn and Kim stood swaying, her panting breath whistling through her nose.
“So!” said the woman softly. Kim could hear her cross the room, open the refrigerator, pop the top on a can, and slide a chair away from the table to sit down. The woman’s gaze upon her body was something Kim could feel. She was naked and afraid, stretched open painfully, displayed like a butterfly; and this woman was sitting down to have a drink and enjoy the show. The knowledge of just how cold and merciless her captors might be was beginning to sink in.
“You’re trembling,” said the woman. “You should be. It’s my job to examine and observe you on the way to the training camp. I am the one who decides just how unpleasant your stay there will be.” Papers shuffled. “I’m writing on your chart right now. It’s quite obvious that you are an anal virgin. This is a very bad thing for a Class A slave to be. Your ass is going to be in great demand. Any Class C can be fucked in the usual way, and most of them are experts at fellatio. If a man’s pleasure is sodomy, he seeks out a Class A, and a lovely ass like yours is almost certain to attract attention.”
She delivered this lecture with utter seriousness, though she could not keep the delight out of her voice. The prospect of Kim’s suffering seemed to please her.
“So that little asshole that you guard so jealously is in for some heavy treatment. The muscles must be stretched and trained to relax. Not a day will go by when you are left unpenetrated. You will be fucked with objects and by some of the biggest cocks you have ever seen.”

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