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Krissy, A BDSM Novel by S J Lewis
Author of the popular Female Prey Series and his latest title Tanya

Krissy is an attractive young blonde, living in a big city. She makes a living as a commercial model and convention hostess, entertaining men who want her hot looks and voluptuous body. In truth, she couldn't care less about the men she dates; she prefers women when it comes to sex. However, when it comes to making money, she's perfected the perfect con game, luring wealthy men to cheap hotels where she teases the mark with her girl-next-door sex-appeal, then drugs them, robs them and splits before they even knew what hit them. Her clever disguises prevent her from being easily identified, and in order to further confuse the cops, she litters the crime scenes with so much extraneous forensic evidence that the police still don't know that it's a single, and very enterprising female behind the robberies.

However, one day, after a falling out with Tito, the mid-level crime boss who fences what she steals, Krissy's luck suddenly runs out. Tito arranges for her to be picked up by a pair of corrupt vice cops who know how to make pretty young women disappear. After being taken by the cops, she's turned over to a frightening older man who trains those 'disappeared' young women to be sexual submissives for wealthy men all over the world. Even the shrewd Krissy is no match for the men who hold her captive. Whisked into a nightmare she's unable to stop, she's held captive, restrained and is vilely used by men she hates. When the resistant Krissy is given a choice to submit or be cruelly punished, she knows that surrender is the only way to save herself. As time goes by the last embers of her resistance are stamped out as she is trained to service men.

A nonconsensual story from author SJ Lewis, featuring male and female domination of Krissy and her fellows submissives, bondage, confinement, humiliation, exhibitionism, punishment, whipping, shackles, collar and leash, plus graphic lesbian and straight sex.


dark eyes, no mercy at all. The approach of her partner, all eager anticipation as he looked at Krissy gave her an excuse to look away from those eyes.
“You fucking bastards,” she snarled. The woman slapped her, so quickly that Krissy never saw it coming. It stung, and it snapped her head around, but Krissy felt certain that the woman had not used her full strength.
“Strip,” the woman ordered. She waved the stun gun suggestively and smiled nastily.
Krissy sighed loudly, trying to appear calmer than she actually felt. Looking down and away from the two cops, she slowly unbuttoned her coat. As she began to shrug it off, she looked up at the woman, who was clearly the one in charge.
“Just drop it on the floor,” the woman told her. Krissy complied, then reached around awkwardly to unzip her dress. She saw how the woman’s partner leaned forward, all but licking his lips, and fought back an urge to shudder. She half turned away from them and finished unzipping her dress. She could stall, dragging out the process as much as she dared, but realized that that would only excite the fat man even more than he already was. She slid the spaghetti straps down off of her shoulders and let the dress slide down along her body to the floor. She regretted not wearing some sort of bra under it, but the dress was so revealing that she didn’t have a bra to go with it that wouldn’t show.
“My, my, my,” the woman said, her tone mocking. “Those are very nice. Mind if I check them out? Put your hands on your head, bitch.”
Krissy sighed again, trying to sound annoyed, and put her hands on her head. The woman reached out with the stun gun and ran it across Krissy’s breasts.
“Hey…” Krissy’s mouth was suddenly dry, her voice a croak. “Hey…”
“Shut up, you little bitch,” the woman ordered. “Just a little reminder.” She reached out with her free hand now and cupped each of Krissy’s breasts in turn, testing their weight and firmness. Then she squeezed one, gently at first, then with more force.
“You’re a lucky girl,” she said as she let go. “Lots of women would kill for a set of tits like that. And yours are all natural. I like the way the nipples poke a little bit upwards. Looks nice and perky. What are they, C-cups or D-cups?”
Krissy gulped, but didn’t answer. They could just go ahead and do to her whatever they were going to do to her. She wasn’t going to get into a conversation about it.
“I say they’re D-cups,” the man spoke up. “Damn, she’s got curves.”
“Nah,” the woman shrugged. “Looks like she’s a nice, full C-cup, maybe even a D, but she’s not really all that more endowed than lots of other women. I’ll bet she goes about 34-23-34…or maybe 35. But she’s only about five-two or five-three, so she looks a lot curvier because everything’s closer together.”
“Yeah, okay,” Krissy heard the man say. She made a point not to look at him, even out of the corner of her eye. From the tone of his voice it sounded as if he was salivating over her.
“No stockings or pantyhose either,” the woman observed. “You must be pretty confident about your legs, bitch. Well, no matter. Get those shoes off first, and then those fancy, frilly white panties.”
Krissy sighed again and slipped off her shoes. The cement floor felt cold on her bare feet, so she stood on her coat as she slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. They weren’t all that fancy or frilly, but they were the last bit of clothing she wore, and she really didn’t want to take them off. She hesitated. Then she yielded to the inevitable and slid them down to her knees. She straightened up and let gravity do the rest of the work.
“Aw, man,” she heard the male cop complain. “Shaved.”
“Yeah, you like at least a little bit of fuzz down there, don’t you?” the woman chuckled. “Deal with the disappointment. Turn around, bitch, and put your hands behind you.”
“You don’t have to do that!” Krissy looked up, protesting. The woman slapped her again, but not very hard.
“Shut the fuck up and do as you’re fucking told you fucking little bitch,” the woman said. The words came out in a flat monotone that dripped menace. Krissy closed her eyes, turned around, and put her hands behind her, ready for the handcuffs. Instead, she felt something thin, hard and unyielding go around her wrists. There was a sharp yank, accompanied by a zipping noise, and suddenly whatever was binding her wrists became painfully tight. Krissy let out a surprised ‘Ow!’ before she could stop herself.
“Plastic restraints,” the woman breathed into Krissy’s ear. “I’m told that they can really hurt if they’re too tight. How are yours? Tight enough?” All Krissy could do was nod. Any other response might make the woman pull them even tighter.
“Get things ready,” the woman said. Krissy saw the male cop hurry over to the mattress and push it over onto the floor. Then she felt the woman step up close behind her, their bodies touching, and felt her slide her hands up under her breasts again, squeezing and fondling.
“I’m told you like girls,” the woman said breathily into Krissy’s ear. “Is that true?”
Once again, all Krissy could do was nod.
“Hmmm…” the woman purred. “I’ve always been a little bit curious myself.” She tweaked Krissy’s nipples lightly, then not so lightly. Krissy bit her lip to keep from crying out. “Maybe this is my night to find out, you think?” The woman’s breath was warm and damp against Krissy’s neck and shoulder. Under very different circumstances, she might have found it arousing. Now, it was just creepy.
“Ready!” the man called out. He stood next to the mattress, looking avidly at Krissy’s naked body.
“He likes oral,” the woman huffed against Krissy’s neck and ear. “But I don’t think you’d like that at all, would you?” Krissy just shook her head.
“In fact, you’d probably bite his dick off if he tried it, wouldn’t you?” Again, Krissy shook her head. Just the thought of letting that man stick his cock in her mouth made her nauseous. The woman laughed.
“So I guess he’ll just have to settle for fucking you,” she said. “Are you ready for that?” One of her hands let go of Krissy’s breast and wandered down to her lower belly, the long, sharp fingernails tracing parallel lines across Krissy’s skin. Krissy couldn’t suppress a shudder. “Let’s see,” the woman went on, and then her fingers were probing Krissy’s pussy, sliding between the fleshy outer lips. It made her start, but she held still after that.

Artist Credit

Niko Guido – iStock.com

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