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Leaves of Lust: Seven Explicit Tales of Adventurous Erotica - ebook

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Leaves of Lust: Seven Explicit Tales of Adventurous Erotica by Dan Moran

Dan Moran has been publishing erotica since the 1990s, and in this latest work he brings to life an assortment of vibrant characters determined to follow their bliss and make fantasies real. From spontaneous encounters with strangers to mutually planned explorations of new sexual territory, these people are possessed by powerful desires and unafraid to indulge them.

An artist and his two live-in models enjoy much more than the music when they have a Night at the Opera. A woman indulges her exhibitionistic side when her husband arranges for their evening to include some Unseen Eyes. In The Great Outdoors, a man goes skinny-dipping only to find that his chosen spot is not as secluded as he imagined—and discovers that it is not so easy to get dressed again. Two couples head to a ski vacation in Getting to Know Valerie, but one woman finds that the other woman is interested in far more than the slopes. A man discovers what interesting turns life can take when one stays past Closing Time at the Gym. A married couple unknowingly find themselves at a regular gathering for swingers, and begin to acquire some Different Friends as they explore new territory together.

In this steamy anthology, we follow the men, women, couples, and groups who dare to open new doors and freely explore fresh pleasures. The open-minded and respectful attitudes of all players are just as important as their willingness to share in the delights of the flesh; the reader will find not only carnal pleasures, but genuine affection in these pages. Whether indulging in threesomes, exploring voyeurism, trying a little BDSM, or stepping out side their usual sexual orientations, these characters give you intimate glimpses of expanding boundaries. A wealth of pleasures awaits... and if you haven’t already tried some of them, you just may find yourself inspired.


It was Saturday evening, and I stood near the door of my apartment, waiting for the girls. Janine and Alexis were always a little late getting ready, usually because they got dressed in the same room and ended up fondling each other while still half naked. Not that I had any problem with this—indeed, our threesome worked very well—but in this case Wagner’s “Das Rheingold” was playing in our local opera house and I actually wanted to see it, or at least hear it while looking at other things.
Presently I heard some giggling at the top of the stairs, and saw that the girls were coming down and looked ready. Janine came down first. I was glad because I always loved to watch her descend stairs; there was something sexy and elegant about the way she held her body and turned her head slightly as she stepped down. She had on a simple black evening dress that clung to her slender form, the hem falling to knee level, with slits on either side that went almost to her hips. Her hair was straight and short except in front, where a shiny sheet of it cut diagonally across her forehead and hung slightly over her right eye. She had recently dyed it black, and along with the dress it highlighted the lovely paleness of her smooth skin. A jeweled choker glittered at her throat, and a variety of silvery rings complemented the whole look.
Alexis came down next, also in black, but her dress had a halter top and the hem came only halfway to her knees. Her hair was dark, too, but longer and wavier than Janine’s. She was bustier, too, and had more curves, but I loved both of them and enjoyed each of their bodies with the same satisfaction.
“That was quicker than I thought,” I said smiling. I put my hand on Janine’s stomach and slid it around her torso, feeling the soft fabric that hugged her delicious form. “This shows your body quite nicely,” I said.
“That’s because she isn’t wearing anything under it,” Alexis said, and then to prove it she stepped forward and slid the dress strap down Janine’s left shoulder, exposing a naked breast. She began fondling the breast and Janine stood still, lips parting. She had a slightly submissive streak and loved to place her body at the disposal of others, to be used for their pleasure.
“I trust that you aren’t, either,” I said to Alexis. She let go of Janine’s breast and raised the front of her own dress, showing her voluptuous thighs and her neatly trimmed black bush.
“Nothing at all,” she said and giggled.
I placed a hand between her legs and found that she was already wet (or maybe still wet). I slid two fingers inside for a few seconds, and withdrew them just as she began to moan. She let her dress fall back down, pouting a little, while I jabbed the moistened fingers in Janine’s direction. “Here,” I said, and she moved forward to suck them clean.
“All right,” I said after about half a minute. “Everybody get their clothes back on. We can do this all night, but I want to make it to that opera.” They fixed their clothes, which went well with my modest black tux, and we all went to the car.
The girls both sat in back while I drove. I was wealthy, but not so rich that I would ever hire a driver. I’d made good money as an artist, especially with my erotic paintings. I was amazed at how many collectors of such things there were, and at how much money they seemed to have. Janine and Alexis had both started as models for my work, and I never had models more inspiring. We all found that we had an enthusiasm for each other that went well beyond artwork, and now they lived with me, free to play with each other, with me, with themselves. I couldn’t think of a better situation.
As I drove, I heard slight gasps from the back seat at regular intervals. Checking the mirror, I saw that Janine and Alexis had their skirts hiked up as they sat there side by side, their hands in each other’s laps, gently stroking. I smiled. I loved how much they enjoyed each other. Sometimes when we all took the car out, one of them would sit beside me in the front seat and give me head as I drove, but more often I liked to let them both play in back.
At last we arrived, and after parking and showing our tickets we entered the old opera house, one beautiful young woman in each of my arms. “Let’s take a look at our seats, ladies,” I said, “and then we can find the bar.” We took a set of side stairs and began to ascend. The narrow stairway was poorly lit and seemed rather quiet.
Alexis suddenly half-turned and put her hand forcefully on my crotch. “Let’s stop here for a minute, shall we?” she asked, unzipping my pants. Janine then reached down to open the fly on my silk boxers and took out my cock, which was instantly stiff. The two of them remained on either side of me, blowing in my ears and giving my neck short licks while they both stroked me. It was delicious, but then I heard footsteps.
“Someone’s coming!” I said in an urgent whisper.
“And it’s not you?” Alexis whispered back to me, half-giggling.
“I’m serious,” I returned, freeing my dick from their mutual grip and quickly zipping myself back up.
I was only just in time, too. An elegantly dressed couple rounded the landing above us just as I was pulling my hands away from my zipper and placing them once again about the shoulders of my lovely companions. I stepped forward, trying to look as though we had not really paused in our ascent of the stairs. The couple descended past us, the man nodding as our eyes met. The woman seemed slightly puzzled but smiled all the same. We were safe.
“That was close,” I said when we had reached another landing above and I no longer felt the need to whisper. “Now listen, no more funny business in the stairwells; they’re too exposed.”

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