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Lost & Found

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Lost & Found by Nat Cameron

Samantha had disappeared into the predictability of her life. She felt as if she had been sleepwalking through the last years of her marriage. Walking away, had been the right decision, but it had been hard on her family, and on her.

‘I’d been way too vulnerable,’ she said to herself as she tried to understand and forgive herself for the disastrous relationship she jumped into shortly after her divorce. From day one, Bobby was so attractive, intense, seductive, yet incapable of connecting with the people in his life. Although he had trusted her enough to tell her why, she had known he was incapable of any kind of emotional intimacy. But they connected so beautifully when they had sex. She loved the sex, the lust that had been missing from her life for so many years. Eventually with Bobby, she began to explore her fantasies. When the inevitable happened, when the sex stopped and Bobby withdrew, Sam had felt more pain than the divorce had caused. ‘The brightest light causes the darkest shadows’ had been her way of summing up that tumultuous time with Bobby; the beautiful stranger.

After all of these events, Sam’s decision to try on-line dating brings cautious optimism and many friends with all kinds of advice. She hopes to find a man who will combine Bobby’s passion with the emotional connection she knows she will always have with her ex-husband Jeff, even though they had slowly grown apart.

Sam lets herself take the ultimate risk again, discovering a connection that is exciting and safe enough for her to love deeply and explore her kinkiest, most intimate sexual fantasies and secrets.

Heterosexual, Bisexual, Lesbian scenes of BDSM, Bondage, Spanking and Pet Girl Fantasies

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“What are you wearing?” John purrs seductively into the phone.
“Describe them to me.”
“Well... they are a silky material. They have a floral pattern on them. They have long sleeves...”
“Mmmmmmm, hhmmmmm, anything else?”
“What kind?”
“White, lacy panties.”
“Nnnnnice, and oh so girlie.”
“What are you wearing, frat boy?”
“I’m wearing gonch and pajama bottoms.”
“You and Jeff are the only people I know who say gonch. Are you wearing anything else?”
“What are your underpants, excuse me, your gonch and pajamas like?”
“The gonch, are black briefs that are about as long as boxers.”
“No panty line.”
“You know, like when you wear jeans, those underpants don’t leave a panty line, just your athletic butt to see inside your jeans from the back.”
“And what about from the front?”
“Oh yea, lovely mmmmm, beautiful baby. Just your package to see from the front and yes I have noticed how good you look,” she said biting her lip.
“So you’ve checked out my package.”
“You know I have! every chance I get! Mmmmm, tell me about your PJ’s.”
“Boxer style, thick waistband, kind of striped.”
“Ummmm, sounds sexy.”
“I want to stroke those panties of yours,” he says quietly. “I want to stroke them slowly and feel your lips and your clit as it gets swollen and hard under that thin layer of cotton. I want to stroke you until I feel those girly panties start to get wet.”
Sam keeps quiet, determined not to interrupt the sweet narrative that is causing her to tighten and wriggle. She knows, at this rate, the panties she has just put on will soon start to get wet.
“I want to trace the shape of your lips against your wet panties creating a second skin and then I want to peel them off you and look at your beautiful, naked pussy spread open for me.”
Sam’s breath escapes her, entirely beyond her control. She begins to stroke herself through her pajamas and panties, a feeling of electrical attraction galvanizing her body.
“I want to see you in those pajamas,” she says to John. “I want to kneel in front of you and see your beautiful package filling out the front of the pajamas. I want to touch you and feel you get hard. I want to cradle your sac in my hand while my other hand strokes your cock. I want to pull those pants down as I stay kneeling and free your thick cock and I want to take you into my mouth. You know you need to be sucked, don’t you? I want you in my mouth right now.”
“Oh God, I am so hard. Tell me, what do you fantasize about?” he asks.
“Well... can I really tell you?”
“Of course, I want to pleasure you in just the right ways...in every possible way.”
“Well... what I really want is... I want to be submissive to you. I want to be dominated by you, not all the time, but...yea, that is such a turn-on for me. How do you feel about something like that? Is it too ‘out there’ for you? Do you think I’m...I dunno...a freak or something?”
“No, I think you know what turns you on and you want to explore it further and I want to, too. It sounds very exciting and baby, trust me, I asked you, you can be naked with me, in every sense, ooohhhhhh, I can’t wait to be naked with you.”
“Me too, I want to lie down with you, feel your warm skin against mine and hold you, fall asleep and wake up with you. But sometimes I want you to dominate me, control me, correct me, restrain me and punish me when I’m bad,” she says in a quiet, almost hesitant voice.
“Oh God! It’s down to the station for you and cuffs behind your back. I am so hard right now. You are making me so hard.”
“Does that sound like something you could get into?”
“Do you want to dominate me?”
“Only if you’re good.”
“Too late for that,” Sam says with a giggle.
“What do you want to do on Saturday?” he asks.
“I want to ‘do’ you into next week, but I’m going to force myself to wait till date number seven because I love the anticipation and I see it as an endurance test now,” she says, “kind of like arriving at the buffet really, really hungry.”
“I can’t remember ever being this starved,” he says
“Me either.”
“What should we do on Saturday?” she asks.
“How about a walk in the afternoon and Sushi afterwards?”
“Great,” she says.
“I should go,” she says.
“I should too.”
“I don’t want to.”
“I don’t either,” he says.
“I feel like a teenager,” she says.
“You’ve got the ass of a teenager.”
“Spank you, spank you very much, I mean spank me, spank me very much,” she says.
“You’re adorable.”
“I know.”
“Goodnight,” he says
“Goodnight, I can’t wait to jump into your bed, frat boy. I had intended to just read in bed tonight, but clearly there is a new top priority now.”
“Talk to me, what are you going to do?”
“I am going to get under the covers. I am going to pull my jammies right down so that I can spread my legs wide open. I am going to fantasize about you having me cuffed and vulnerable and I am going to put one finger just inside my tight, wet pussy so that I can pleasure my G spot. With my other hand I am going to stroke my clit. When I come, I am going to feel my pussy tighten all around my finger. I am going to feel it contract in a rhythm just like it will when your fat cock is inside of me, hard and slamming into my cervix.”
“Mmmmmm, I love that filthy potty mouth of yours!” He pauses, picturing it all. “I can’t wait to be inside you...in the mean time...enjoy!”
“Oh you know I will baby, you too.”
“I will, sexy girl.”
“Goodnight John.”
“Goodnight, baby.”

Sam’s dreams that night are filled with erotic imagery. She is facing John, on his lap, straddling him, wearing a pale cotton dress. Bathed in soft white light, they sit together. Her hands are held firmly behind her back. Her dress hides her secrets. John folds the fabric back, revealing her panties, her legs spread so wide on either side of his body. John strokes her panties and he continues, touching her lips and her clit as it swells and she becomes wet. Sam closes her eyes and feels the warm sunshine on her face. Her breasts are partially hidden until John gently takes hold of each one and slowly lifts them out of her dress, the cotton now supporting them from underneath. She sits before him, exposed and open to him.
He puts her nipple inside his mouth and draws repeatedly, hungrily, creating an aching deep inside her. His hand moves back to stroke her panties. She cries out as her aching continues to climb.
“He’s gone, baby,” John says.
Sam cries, but her tears are tears of joy and wish fulfillment. All of a sudden she is alone in the air, suspended on some kind of platform several stories above the ground as if she’s on a balcony. She knows she is safe and she’s not afraid. She’s not going to fall. Ahead of her is a glass building, a modern, sleek, office tower reflecting the clouds, other buildings and birds as they fly close to it. To her left, a flock of dark birds fly together. They are the same size as sparrows. As they approach the building, they suddenly double in number and fly so magically together in perfect synchronized patterns. It’s beautiful to look at. Sam studies them for a long time, marveling at their grace. She looks away for some reason and when her gaze returns, only two birds remain. They understand each other so well, anticipating each other’s bodies so perfectly, their dark outlines flying flawlessly together until she realizes there is only one, the other is merely a reflection.

Artist Credit

Patricia Chumillas - Shutterstock.com

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