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Love In Chains - ebook

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 Love In Chains by Victoria Morris

Combining hard BDSM action and hot romance in a stirring Civil War era epic.
The lovely but headstrong Lucretia wants a husband, while her overbearing father wants to cure the brat's unruly temperament. At his wits end, he takes her to Dr. Beauregard Addams at Greenbrier Plantation, where, ignoring her vehement protests, he insists she submit to the physician's most ingenious treatment for willful females. Lucy is soon humiliated to find herself stripped, bathed and shaved while the doctor looks on. Later she's chained at the foot of the stairs, on display for the entire household. And her training has only begun! It's not long before she's collared, rudely spanked and calling the good doctor Master.

Lucy is repulsed by the strange goings-on in the doctor's household and denies that she wants anything to do with her master and his sadistic ways. Even so, her passions are strangely engaged and her sexual desires ignite, setting the stage for a spirited clash between the master and his newest submissive. She’s drawn further into Beau's wicked world of pain, punishment and pleasure, when she discovers the writings of de Sade, a courtyard full of bondage stations and is introduced to 'The Society' and their submissives. According to the contract Beau signed with her father, Lucy must remain a virgin, but that does not keep the man from teaching her how to give and receive physical pleasure, through his systematic treatments - nor does it prevent him from falling in love with the spirited girl.

The two clash in a love/hate relationship that both ignites their sexual fires and threatens Beau's 'professional' ethics. But it's a jealous submissive, extracting revenge, that sets in motion a series of events that will send Lucy packing and threaten any hope that these star-crossed lovers can ever realize their love.

Graphic content includes submissive training, strict punishment, whipping, humiliation, exhibitionism, anal training, colonics, and sizzling sexuality - oral anal, lesbian, multiple partners and masturbation.

Nearly twice the size of our standard novels. Over 350 pages in print.

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“Were you not told to undress for me?”
“I was told.”
“Then why do you still sit there completely clothed?”
“I did not feel, Sir, that it was appropriate for a lady to meet a gentleman for the first time in nothing but her undergarments.”
He seemed to consider her logic. “Under normal circumstance that would be true. But these are hardly normal circumstance. I need to examine you; and, in order to do that, you must be wearing as little as possible. I would prefer you completely unclothed, of course.”
Lucretia remained just as she was and stated matter-of-factly, “Others have done examinations and I have been dressed just as I am now. Why should you be any different than the rest of them?”
She almost saw him smile. “You refuse to obey then?”
“I refuse to undress for a man I do not even know.”
“Then perhaps we can bring your father in. You know him well enough.”
That brought Lucretia to her feet; her hand raised to strike him. But it was the reaction he expected from such a remark and caught her wrist in his hand and held it tightly. “You can either undress for him, or you can undress for me. If you do not wish to do either, I shall have someone come in here and undress you for me. Your choice.”
Lucretia yanked her wrist free. “I shall allow nothing of the sort! I wish to leave.”
“You’d not last a day in a sanitarium, Miss Borgia.” He crossed his arms, watching her yank on the locked door. “It’s much nicer here. Trust me. I know.”
“Let me out of here this instant!” She turned to face him, fists clenched at her sides.
“Interesting name your father gave you, Lucretia Borgia. Was there a reason for it?” He ignored her screams of frustration as she turned again to pound on the door and yank at the knob. “I believe the original Lucrezia Borgia was quite fond of men and taking full advantage of them. Are you anything like her, your too-numerous-to-count great grandmother?”
Lucretia pressed her back against the door and glared at him as he walked casually over to her. “Stay away from me!”
“You’re getting all hysterical on me, Lucy. You don’t want to do that, do you? I’ll have to call someone in here to help if you do that.” He reached out, touching her cheek with his fingertips.
With a growl, Lucretia lunged at him; but, once more, Dr. Addams was ready and caught her quickly. He clamped her arms to her sides and held her tight, not allowing her to land one of her kicking feet against his leg. “Cassandra!” He yelled over Lucretia’s pitiful cries. “Cassandra, come in here please!”
The door clicked instantly and a woman entered. She had a soft brown complexion and warm brown eyes. Cassandra moved swiftly to the closet and flung it open. From inside, she quickly removed a set of wrist and ankle manacles and ran to the doctor’s aid. Despite Lucretia’s most violent efforts, she could not prevent the two of them from locking the devices on her. She was moved against the one bare wall and found her arms stretched up over her head; the cuffs hooked in place. Still she tried to kick at her captors; and, again, she was subdued.
Cassandra retrieved a wooden bar from the closet and handed it to the doctor who locked it between Lucretia’s ankles, forcing them to stay apart in a two-foot span. She had never been so furious or humiliated in all her life.
“Don’t make me have to gag you, too, because I can and will if I feel it needs to be done.” Lucretia could not believe what was happening. Did her father have any idea the way she was being treated? He certainly could not be authorizing any of this. “Cassandra, get her undressed. If she had cooperated, we could have left on her undergarments; but, being as she chose to disobey, please strip her naked for me.” Doctor Addams took a seat on the fainting sofa to watch.
New howls and screams erupted from Lucretia as Cassandra began to do as she had been told. He was suddenly there, holding Lucretia’s head between his strong hands. “Do you want to be gagged?” He had yet to even raise his voice but spoke with the quiet calm of any fine Southern gentleman.
“No,” Lucretia whimpered, her face red with tears.

Artist Credit

© 2006 Peter Schlough

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