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Make Me Yours - ebook

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Make Me Yours by BJ Wane

Author of Amy's Redemption, Sasha's Portait, & Susie's Awakening.

Featured on The Romance Reviews website - Check out the review!

Part One – Jack & Morgan

Jack and Morgan have known each other for twenty years, ever since Jack worked on Morgan’s parent’s property doing general maintenance.  Jack still sees Morgan as the lonely, neglected little girl he knew back then.  Morgan wants him to see that she’s much more than that pathetic young girl he knew twenty years ago.  She’s a woman with needs and desires; her main need is to have Jack in her bed.

Jack and his best friend Marc own a BDSM lodge in Colorado, and this is where Morgan flees after she finds her fiancé in bed with a pretty and petite blonde.  Constantly reminded by her mother that she has no other prospects due to being ugly and fat, Morgan runs to the one person she has always relied on; Jack.  When she shows up to the lodge, soaking wet and freezing, she walks into a private party with scantily clad women and men spanking, whipping and having sex throughout the room.  Morgan spots Jack flogging a woman, and finds herself extraordinarily turned on by it.

Jack is hesitant to introduce Morgan to his BDSM lifestyle, even after she throws herself at him.  Can Morgan handle Jack and his fetishes? Can Jack handle Morgan and her needs?

Part Two – Marc & Cassie

Cassie is the one girl that Marc could have seen himself with permanently.  When he suggested that she scene with both Marc and his best friend, Jack, Cassie fled the BDSM lodge in Colorado.  Hurt and confused, Cassie didn’t realize that Marc was just trying to please her in every way possible.  After seven years, she stuns Marc by reappearing suddenly.  When Cassie gets to the lodge, Marc is helping Jack and one other gentleman give Morgan her "birthday present" by taking her in every orifice at the same time.  Though Cassie is upset to see Marc with another woman, she finds herself engrossed in the action.

Knowing that Marc has quite the sweet tooth, Cassie buys his favorite bakery in Bear Creek when the owner decides to retire.  While at work, Cassie gets an unmarked envelope with a threat from an unknown stalker.  When Marc finds out, he rushes to her, gathers her up and takes her to the lodge so that she’ll be better protected.  Though annoyed at the thought of having to be kept under guard, Cassie knows this is her opportunity to win Marc back.

Will Marc tell Cassie she’s the only girl for him?  Can Cassie accept Marc’s BDSM lifestyle completely, including sharing with Jack and others?   

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“Uh?” Morgan was so surprised by his abrupt order she just stood there and gaped at him.
Narrowing his eyes at her, he said, “Your only response should be ‘Yes, sir’. Do you need me to repeat my order?”
“N..no,” she stammered before casting an embarrassed, nervous look at Marc who had remained leaning negligently against the kitchen counter and was watching her closely.
“Never mind Marc, Princess. If you want to be with me, you’ll have to get used to having him around, as well as public play.”
Morgan jerked her gaze back to Jack and was relieved to see his eyes soften and the small, one sided smile on his face that always made her heart turn over. Her fingers clumsily released the buttons on his shirt before she shrugged it off. Her eyes refused to meet his and her hands clenched into fists to keep from covering herself. As both men stared at her, she had never been more self conscious of her less than slender figure.
“Look at me, Princess.” When she blushed and her eyes met his, Jack wanted to rave at her mother for causing her to feel so self conscious and undesirable because of her full figure. Reaching out, he fondled her breasts, rubbing his palms against her hard, little nipples. “I like a full figured woman, I like soft and plush.”
Morgan’s mortification swiftly turned to desire as he molded her breasts with his big hands, his palms and then fingers rough on her sensitive nipples. She couldn’t prevent a whimper when he took both nipples between thumbs and forefingers, pinching the tender buds until she gasped at the erotic pain. Grasping his wrists, she leaned into him, and pleaded, “Jack, please.”
Chuckling, he released her breasts, grabbed her hands and sat on the sofa. “Not yet. Last night you received a spanking as punishment. Now, I’m going to show you how much pleasure you can get from the same act.” Before the surprise she showed could cause her to pull away, he tugged her wrists and pulled her between his spread knees and over his right leg. With his left foot, he separated her legs and held them apart.
He had moved so fast, Morgan didn’t realize what he intended until she found herself once again in a prone position over Jack’s lap, her naked ass on display. “Jack, wait..” she gasped, her hands reaching behind her to protect her vulnerable buttocks.
Pushing her hands aside, he landed a hard slap on her right cheek. “Quiet. Either keep your hands out of the way, or I’ll have Marc come over here and hold them.” He couldn’t help but smile at how quickly she moved her hands.
“I’ll be good,” she quickly complied. It was bad enough she was facing away from Marc, her spread legs revealing everything to his gaze.
“Good girl,” Jack murmured approvingly.
When he did nothing but fondle her buttocks with one hand and run his fingers lightly between her legs, caressing her rapidly dampening folds with the other, Morgan relaxed. Resting her head on her arms, she quickly became aroused, surprised by how fast Jack had brought her to an elevated peak that had previously taken a lot more foreplay for her to achieve. Moaning, she soon forgot Marc’s presence and tried to push against his hand, hoping for deeper contact. “Jack, please,” she begged before biting her lip.
When the first slap landed, Morgan cried out, more from shock than pain. Two more light slaps fell before he resumed rubbing the flesh he had just abused and running his fingers over her damp slit before inserting two fingers into her pussy and very lightly caressed her engorged, swollen clit. As soon as her hips lifted for more, he pulled from her pussy and his hand smacked her again, once, twice, three times, each hit harder than the previous one. She cried out in unfulfilled need and confusion and he waged war on her senses, alternating between smacking her buttocks and then fingering her increasingly wetter vagina, his fingers tormenting her needy clit just to the point of climax before retreating again.
When his swats turned hard, landing repeatedly on her cheeks and accompanied by the thrust of now three fingers, Morgan came apart. The pain blended with the pleasure, the combination driving her higher and higher. Nothing could have prepared her for such an intense experience. Crying, she struggled against the overwhelming onslaught of sensations, but when his thumb rasped over her clit and then pressed against the tender, aching bud, accompanied by a continuing barrage of hard slaps against her sore buttocks, she splintered apart. Screaming, she let the pleasure engulf her, swamp her senses and take her to a height she had never dreamed imaginable.

Artist Credit

Cover Image © Ulia Koltyrina - Fotolia.com

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