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Marie's Descent

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Product Description

 Marie’s Descent by S J Lewis

Author of The Female Prey Series and new release Urban Prey. 

Marie and Cheryl are two attractive young single women interested in hot guys and fun sex. But when Cheryl starts talking about kinky sexual escapades with rich men in a secret basement Marie’s concerned. Sneaking into the underground lair one night, Marie watches from a hidden closet as Cheryl is bound and made to service three men who think nothing of smacking her ass in the process. As if this horrifying scene were not enough, when it’s over, Marie is suddenly pulled from hiding and confronted for her deception. She’s given a chance to go, or stay and behave herself. Worried about Cheryl’s safety, she elects to stay while Cheryl cleans up. Even though part of her is appalled by what she’s witnessed, Marie’s sexual desires have been awakened by the rough sex. With a little encouragement from Cheryl, the titillated Marie agrees to a scene of her own.  

First she watches as Cheryl gets her first taste of anal sex, then she strips on command, and is held down while a vibrator brings her to a powerful orgasm. Later she gives a blowjob to the man in charge, and a strange attraction for him begins to bloom. She's finally freed after orally servicing several other men while handcuffed and blindfolded.  

Just days after her remarkable night, Marie receives a package from the head man; inside, a cell phone, handcuffs, legcuffs a ball gag and a special CD. With her desires ignited in strange new ways, she takes instructions from her mysterious lover over the private cell phone. Though she may balk as he insists she call him “Master”, Marie is unable to stop herself from complying with his every demand. When he enters her apartment, she ends up on her hands and knees, submitting her body for his use. Later bound and gagged, she’s driven to new heights of sexual rapture as the artful torment continues.  

As much as she’s enamored with her new love, Marie knows this is no mere love affair. What her master wants is a slave. And what he demands of Marie is her total surrender. But does he want Marie for himself? Or will she be just another prize, recruited to serve the kinky needs of wealthy men? If she takes a wild leap of faith into an unknown future, will he be there to assuage her fears?

Consensual bdsm fantasy.



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She heard Cheryl whimpering before she could see her. Cheryl was naked, being hustled along by another man in another dark suit. Marie was so stunned at Cheryl’s appearance that she didn’t notice what color this dark suit was. Besides being nude, Cheryl had her hands tied behind her with some kind of black rope. It looked like more black rope circled her torso just under her arms, and her bound hands were in turn tied to it so that her hands were kept well up in the small of her back. Cheryl’s hair was still done up in the usual way that she wore it at work. She didn’t seem to be struggling, but she didn’t exactly appear to be cooperating either. The man who was urging her along pushed her up onto the mat until she was standing directly in front of blue-suit. She looked terribly small and vulnerable that close to him. The way they were standing Marie could see them both in profile. There were black ropes around Cheryl’s torso just above and below her breasts. It looked something like a harness. The ropes stood out starkly against Cheryl’s creamy white skin. Her breasts looked bigger and fuller than Marie would have expected, but that might be due to the tightness of the ropes. Her nipples were erect, pinkish-brown and tilting slightly upwards…but that might be an effect of the ropes too, Marie thought to herself, cattily. And, it seemed that in the winter Cheryl didn’t bother with bikini waxing. Still, Marie had to admit that all the time Cheryl had been spending at the gym these past few months seemed to have been worth it. Her body looked fit, trim and toned.
Blue-suit reached down and took a tuft of Cheryl’s pubic hair between his fingers. It looked like he pulled at it gently. Marie heard her friend whimper again.
“You came back,” Blue-suit smiled down at her. “That’s good. Now we’re going to train you so that you’ll be worth our while.” Cheryl whimpered. She was shifting her weight minutely from one foot to the other. She looked anxious, Marie thought, but was it from apprehension or anticipation?
“First rule,” blue-suit went on. “You only enter this room naked from now on. Got that?” He gave Cheryl’s pussy hair a tweak. She whimpered and nodded.
“Second rule.” He let go of Cheryl’s hair and pressed his thumb to her lips. After a moment of hesitation, she opened her mouth for him. He slid his thumb into her mouth.
“Whenever any of us is in this room with you, you get on your knees and wait for more instructions. Got that?”
Cheryl nodded as best she could and slowly sank to her knees on the old gym mat. Blue-suit kept his thumb in her mouth the whole time. “Good girl,” he smiled. He withdrew his thumb and began unzipping his pants. Cheryl looked from his face to his crotch and then back up again. Now she looked nervous. Definitely apprehensive, Marie thought.
“Third rule,” blue-suit went on. His voice had gone deeper and harsher. “You see a cock out, you hold your mouth open for it. Got that?” He drew out his cock. It looked fully as long and as thick as Cheryl had described it. In fact, Cheryl might have understated it. Right now, though, she seemed to be a bit less enamored of it. She drew back, still on her knees, staring at it as if she expected it to bite her. Blue-suit put his hand on her head and pulled her back towards him. He took his cock in his other hand.
“Do you understand, bitch?” he bellowed, slapping her across her face with his cock. Cheryl flinched, blinking. He slapped her again, and she flinched again with a tiny cry of dismay.
Okay, Marie thought to herself. Maybe something that big could actually hurt a little if you got slapped with it. She could clearly hear the meaty impact from her hiding place in the closet. And maybe Cheryl was reacting more to the implied threat than to the actual impact.

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