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Master of OZ

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Product Description

Master of OZ by Savannah Jalayne

Dominance, submission, BDSM, and a tension-filled attraction so great that it cannot be fought by kindergarten teacher, Dorothy Gale, and local businessman and BDSM dungeon owner, Kingsley Ozburn has the two in a seductive dance filled with pleasure, pain, denial, and desire that explodes when the two cannot restrain their passion for one another.

When Dorothy Gale moves to Wichita, Kansas to begin her teaching career, she also embarks on an erotic journey she started in Kansas City, discovering her deepest desires, her wildest fantasies, and her most erotic dreams under the firm hand of local BDSM club owner, Kingsley Ozburn. Dorothy has only had minor BDSM experiences but identifies with her naturally submissive nature and tries to expand on her limited knowledge of the lifestyle by attending a local club. However, a bad experience nearly happens and is thwarted by Henry and Emily Lyman, a married couple into the D/s lifestyle. Henry and Emily bring Dorothy to OZ, local BDSM club and dungeon owned by Kingsley Ozburn, and her new life as a submissive begins. Through a series of unplanned punishments in OZ, submissive Dorothy Gale and owner of the club and Dominant Kingsley Ozburn find themselves constantly thrust together. Obviously attracted to one another, the pair tries to not act on their feelings but emotions win out and their resulting encounters are explosive. Can the two continue to fight their building desires for one another, or will passion win out and bring them together in fiery ways? Master of OZ will take you on a journey through the world of BDSM, submission, dominance, and the fight against desires of the mind, body and soul. Who will end up together and what will have to happen for happiness at the end? Read Master of OZ and discover the answers.

This story contains bondage, spanking, puppy-play, dominance, submission, male-female, BDSM themes.


Dorothy stood beside Emily, completely in awe of the gorgeousness of the club that spanned out before her. There was a bar directly in the center, surrounded by many people, a dance floor to one side, a store and staircase in the back, and equipment and seating areas filled every other available space. There were also doorways off the main room and Dorothy guessed that they were theme rooms. She couldn’t get a glimpse into any of them to verify her suspicions.
“Dorothy, while here tonight, you’re under my protection. If someone wants to scene with you then they need to speak with me first and I decide if it’ll happen,” Henry told her as he moved to her side, Emily instinctively stepping behind Dorothy to make room for Henry.
“And how will people know that?” Dorothy asked.
“You’ll wear a protection collar with my name on it so everyone knows who to speak to. This isn’t an official collar. You won’t be my sub, but I will watch over you and make sure you stay safe. But with the collar and my protection comes some rules. You will kneel before me at appropriate times. You will address me as Sir or as Master Henry, and you will be polite and respectful. If you cannot do that, I’ll send for a car to take you home now. Am I clear?” Henry asked in his deep tenor voice, the control and dominance made it more than clear to Dorothy.
“Yes, Sir,” Dorothy replied and then Emily was before her, gracefully sinking into a kneeling position, her hands together and out in front of her as she presented Henry with a small collar and tag.
“Kneel, Dorothy,” Henry commanded her and Dorothy dropped to her knees, not at all gracefully, and already ashamed that she wasn’t better at the action. “We can work on your posture, poses, and grace later. Tonight is about getting a feel for the club, the members, and seeing if you would like to start the membership process. Are we clear?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good, now present me your neck,” Henry told her and Dorothy pulled her long golden blonde hair from her neck and held it up so Henry could access her body.
Dorothy shivered when the thin leather collar slid around her neck, but it wasn’t from fear, it was from excitement. But the excitement quickly turned to nervousness when a voice washed over her, bathing her in dominance, nearly taking her control away from her with just a few words. Her body visibly trembled, her breaths became shallow, her heart rate soared, and her hands clenched in her hair. Just the voice of the man took away her desire for control, her desire to lead. She wanted to submit to him without seeing anything more than his feet which were encased in a pair of scuffed and dull black boots partially covered with the bottom of black jeans.
“Are you taking on a second pet?” the voice asked. Dorothy heard Henry laugh loudly.
“No, Master Kingsley,” Henry replied, “this sub here is Dorothy, a potential addition to the training program. Dorothy, look at me, little sub,” Henry commanded and she looked up slowly, making sure to switch her gaze to his body instead of the newcomer, the Master Kingsley that Henry had spoken to. “This is Master Kingsley, he owns OZ. You will call him ‘My Lord’. His word is law in this club. He even retains precedence over my rule, which includes over you. I have invited you here as my guest but he has the ability to refuse your admittance. He also protects all the members and guests of OZ, which includes you, little sub.” And then Henry turned to Emily who was still kneeling by Dorothy. “Greet Master Kingsley, sweet Em,” Henry ordered before leaning over to whisper in Dorothy’s ear, “Watch how Emily greets Master Kingsley. You do the same, little sub.”
Dorothy watched Emily as she bowed low from her kneeling position and said, “Good evening, My Lord. May I serve you in any manner? It would be my pleasure.”
“Little Emily, the pleasure would be all mine, I assure you. I hope you enjoy yourself in OZ tonight,” Master Kingsley told her and petted her head affectionately.
“Your turn, little sub,” Henry told Dorothy. She tried to match Emily’s movements perfectly.
Dorothy took a breath to try to calm herself as she was thoroughly shaken to the core just by Master Kingsley’s voice, and to think of him touching her… Dorothy could only hope.
“Good evening, My Lord. May I…may I serve you tonight? It would be m-my pleasure,” Dorothy said in a shaky voice, but not from being frightened; she was thoroughly turned on by the thought of serving Master Kingsley.
Dorothy bowed low and raised herself back up in the kneeling position, but she made the mistake of raising her eyes to Master Kingsley’s face. He was tall, oh so tall, well over six feet, appeared to have black hair that was graying at the temples. Dorothy couldn’t fully see his eye color but they seemed bright and there were laugh lines around his eyes. Master Kingsley had tan skin and was sporting a five o’clock shadow. He was dressed casually in relaxed fit black jeans, the scuffed boots Dorothy had spotted when she first heard his voice, and had a black button-up shirt on, but the sleeves were undone and rolled up his muscular forearms.
Master Kingsley’s eyes caught Dorothy and she was frozen in his gaze, everything else surrounding her drifted away as if it had never existed. Dorothy was powerless to look away.
“Your sub’s name?” Master Kingsley asked Henry.
“Dorothy,” Henry replied and Dorothy was trembling in anticipation of hearing her name roll off of Master Kingsley’s firm lips and coat her soul in his voice.
“Sweet little Dorothy, I am certain the pleasure would be all mine. I think I might have to take you up on that offer later tonight,” Master Kingsley said. “Henry, why don’t you bring her to me later tonight after you’ve given her a chance to acclimate herself? I’d like to see her potential first hand.”
“Sure thing, Master Kingsley,” Henry said. Master Kingsley held Dorothy’s gaze a moment longer, reached out to pet her head, to which Dorothy leaned into. He then excused himself without another word.
Dorothy felt the penetrating gaze of Master Kingsley break and she was able to drop her eyes to the floor again, completely off-kilter at the interaction she just had and the way it made her feel.
“Little sub,” Henry addressed her, cupping her chin with his hand, forcing her to meet his gaze. “Next time try not to stare directly at him unless he requests it. Do you have a problem being given to him later on? He will make the ultimate decision on your acceptance to the training program and club if you choose to apply.”
“No sir, I don’t have a problem with being given to Master Kingsley,” Dorothy said, complete honesty reverberating through her voice.
Henry nodded at her and then ordered Dorothy and Emily to rise and began taking Dorothy on a tour of the club. He explained the equipment to her, made sure she watched scenes, kept an eye on her reactions to them. If she visibly appeared to reject a fetish, he questioned her on her reaction, asking what she didn’t like about it or why it made her feel the way she did. He did the same to fetishes she appeared to enjoy as well. Dorothy realized that Henry was a truly attentive Dom and was slightly envious of Emily having him. She just hoped that one day she would have a caring Dom of her own.

Artist Credit

Cover Art © Giuseppe Parisi & Guryanov Andrey Shutterstock.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Wonderfully Sinful

    Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2013

    Anyone looking for a book that has a realistic outlook on the nature of BDSM should definitely read this. This book bought out several emotions when I read it, and that’s why I love it. As a reader you want to feel something for the characters when you read them and this book absolutely does that. The characters are extensively well written that you feel something for all the characters and it makes you want to read about their lives as well *hint hint Savannah =p*
    Kingsley and Dotherey’s chemistry comes of the page when you read it; there is still a sense of romance in this book which is what hooked me immediately. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to read romance and wants a further understanding of the lifestyle of BDSM.
    Well done, Savannah I will definitely be looking out for future books from you.

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