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Masters of the Club - eBook

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Masters of the Club by Lizbeth Dusseau

When Gillian discovers Kate McPherson’s diary, detailing the stunning secrets of an exclusive sex club, it sparks her own sexual desires, and she’s determined to become the club’s newest member. Though unsure of this high-powered attorney’s true motives, Mike Bellamy—one of the club’s most accomplished dominants—takes on her training, putting Gillian through a rigorous initiation to determine her true sexual desires and ensure her obedience. Meanwhile, Kate finds herself undergoing a tough probation for having allowed the club’s secrets to fall into the hands of an outsider. The Club was first introduced in the novel Member Of The Club. Now, Lizbeth takes this stunning society of sexual pleasure deeper into the realm of dominance and submission. Includes exhibitionism, semi-public sex, spanking, discipline, & more!


Kate pulled up enough to undo the buttons of her suit jacket and quickly let it fall from her shoulders to the floor.
“Everything, McPherson,” Thaddeus clarified, should she have reason to question the orders. And with that, he proceeded toward the cabinets at the far end of the room behind her back while she continued to disrobe. She removed her bra and the black high heels, and the tight red skirt and finally the sexy patterned stockings. There were no panties to remove, and so returning to her submissive posture, she remained chillingly nude against the cold marble and shivered in anticipation of Thad’s next move.
Never in her three years with the club had she so much as questioned a directive. Rarely did the look in her eyes, or a grimace on her face suggest she was displeased with her “assignments”, let alone would disobey an order. It was not in her nature to balk, and she’d been thoroughly schooled in the ways of this fraternity of masters who had brought her life amazing freedom and safety in her sexual desires. She never even thought of what punishment she’d warrant for a violation of the vows she solemnly professed. She certainly never believed the chronicle of her awkward initiation would suddenly bring about her first true chastisement, a reprimand she tried so hard to avoid.
“Lift her over the table and tie her hands above her,” Thad directed the two executives. “You can hold her feet.”
Not quite understanding what was happening, it was all transpiring so suddenly, she found two pairs of hefty hands lifting her nude body to the conference table, hoisting her on top so that the edge of the table hit where her legs meet her torso, leaving her bare ass to bob at that edge in anticipation of what was sure to be a painful paddling. Her legs were not long enough for her feet to touch the floor, so while she teetered with the sharp edge of the table painfully pushing into her groin, one man secured her arms above her and the other steadied her.
With her hands tightly fastened to some unseen bolt underneath the table, each man took a leg and held it wide, while a third man, not Thaddeus, approached the lush target of her derriere from behind. Glancing back she could see the paddle Thad handed the man—a ¾ inch thick slab of wood some five inches wide and a good eighteen inches long. There were holes drilled along the surface which seemed to add a mysterious question mark to the effect these holes would have on the pain she’d bear.
“Gag her before you start, Sabatini,” she heard Thad’s voice. Unable to see him, it was just as well, since she had no desire to look inside his rigorous eyes the way he was so focused on this punishment.
As a ballgag was suddenly thrust into her mouth she was tempted to object to this discipline. But it was too late. Even if she had time to spit out her protest, there was no way Thad would stop it. The rules were etched in stone, and from them no member of the club was advised to waver. “Why now?” she thought to herself. All this time, and the blasted diary suddenly looms as her accuser, and Gillian Brahms as well. Why would the woman betray her so, and what did that betrayal mean? Had she suddenly uncloaked their mutual secrets? Were there sleazy stories of the club’s exploits all over the tabloid newspapers? Were judges and lawyers and corporate heads being accused of crimes they never committed just by association with those mentioned in her journal? The longer she waited in anticipation of the paddle’s first blow, the more hysterical was her imagination.
At last, with that first strike, all the anticipation and the hysteria vanished. The wooden implement wielded by Vitorio Sabatini’s firm hand, backed by the well-worked muscles of his arm and shoulder, came crashing down on her vulnerable ass creating a sting she could feel to the far reaches of her body—even in places where there were no nerve endings. The vibration alone was agonizing. Sabatini struck the paddle twenty times and each time the sensation ripped new channels of pain. She cried at the top of her lungs, but that passionate response was curtailed by the confining gag, and all the sound she could produce was a muffled lament.
While she attempted to struggle against the hands that held her, these hands were fixed tightly about her ankles as secure as ropes or cuffs. Several times in her service to the masters she’d been bound and even playfully brutalized for their pleasure. Yet, those times had only produced the most profound erotic joy, as the men that owned her body and soul, only enlivened her sexual desires. What could vigorously explode with fire and bring her satisfaction one day, now became a horror that seemed to have no end in sight.
By the time the twentieth crack of the paddle was over, her body was heaving uncontrollably, and a flood of held back tears finally burst. Relief then poured through her limbs as she was set free. Though on her feet, she was forced to gaze at a forbidding board of gentlemen that stared back at the naked woman with judgmental eyes.
Thaddeus Chamberlain was noticeably absent.
“Ms. McPherson,” Vitorio Sabatini barked at her from Thad’s place at the conference table, “you have violated the club’s directive in a most alarming way. Let this punishment be a warning of what will follow if this incident becomes costly to our membership. Any future disobedience will result in disciplinary measures that will restrain your freedom. You’ll be placed under house arrest and summarily punished daily until we can be certain that you are free of any renegade thoughts and behaviors that would subvert this joint endeavor of ours. Should it be determined that you are unredeemable in the eyes of this community, you will be expelled, stripped of your position and all personal property that has been accumulated as a result of your membership in this society. There can be no crime greater than your disobedience to the rules. If this warning seems extreme, that is because it is necessary to assure the secrecy of the club. Do you understand, McPherson?” the man literally roared the question, and quaking in fright, Kate nodded while biting her lip.
“I am so sorry,” she finally said.
“Apologies are useless. Obedience is paramount, and any disobedience needs to be immediately crushed. It is unfortunate that this disregard of the rules was not found out when it was committed. Certainly your membership would have been forfeited at that time. Since you have been a member in good standing since then, some charity has been earned. But don’t ever falter again, McPherson.”
“I promise.”
“You may leave,” he ordered her directly.
Some time during the melee over the conference table, Kate’s clothes were removed from the room, so she was forced to walk stark naked out the door with her hot red ass the last thing that her masters saw.

Artist Credit

(c) David Williams, www.myeroticart.net

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