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Milking Male Essence

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Milking Male Essence, Femdom Erotica by Chris Bellows

Roger Armsworth Todd was once a successful investment banker, whose life is completely changed when he's convicted of statutory rape and sent to Sing Sing prison for a lengthy stay. With the hope of leading a more normal life, he signs on for a voluntary therapy program, which will allow him to live as a free man outside of prison - with a few critical physical and behavioral modifications. Guided by his trainer, 'Nurse Rachel', he's been systematically programmed to associate ejaculation with pain, making this once predatory male as tame as lamb.

But has rehabilitation really left him better off? The terms for his freedom are stringent - one misstep and it's back to Sing Sing. And his new life is nothing like what he would hope for with a key piece of his anatomy off-limits forever.

Just as difficult are the lingering memories from his training. While the program was designed to minimize any possible attraction to his domineering nurse, Roger is unable to wipe the imprint of her voice from his mind. Though he's never seen her face, when three years after his training, he hears Nurse Rachel's distinctive voice on a computer train, he knows that he's inadvertently stumbled onto the anonymous female therapist responsible for his transformation. Even now, Roger's attraction to the woman cannot be denied. All he wants from her are a few answers to some lingering questions, but he's soon swept back into her world where he'll have a new role and new demands from his cunning and provocative nurse.

A bizarre and horrifying tale of one man's surrender, featuring bondage, medical play, curious extraction of male essence (not limited to semen), body modification, intense humiliation, chastity, bondage, feminization, enemas, lesbian femdom and oral service.

Chris Bellows both challenges and titillates the erotic imagination in this singular story of Feminine domination.


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Roger obediently removes his clothing. Strip searches were just about weekly events at Sing Sing. The cavities of prisoners were regularly checked at random intervals. Thus it is without forethought that he quickly peels. As he folds his clothing on a waiting counter, a voice booms over a loudspeaker.
“Very good, Mr. Todd. Now please lie supine on the table, neck in the center of the steel where you’ll note padding, then place the blindfold over your head.”
It is the first time he hears the woman’s voice, that which brings such conflicting memories.
While mounting the table he spies the blindfold. When he lies back he slips it over his eyes and the voice returns.
“Now reach out to the right and left and place your wrists within the padded indentations.”
The room obviously has video somewhere. The woman is tracking his movements.
“Good boy. Now hold still.”
With that comes the whir of small motors. Roger feels his wrists and neck being encapsulated in steel. The stocks are modern indeed... automatic locks! When the hum stops he notes he cannot move his arms. Likewise his neck is firmly but comfortably encircled in padded metal.
He hears the door open. The voice no longer booms through a loudspeaker.
“I am Nurse Rachel,” she proclaims with authority as there come the sounds of the door being latched.
Roger hears the frou frou of a starched cotton skirt and the quiet squeaks of rubber soled shoes on the polished linoleum. He feels fingers about his face. The blindfold is adjusted then buckled behind his head. What little room light leaked through the edges disappears to bring complete darkness. Her fingers lock onto his right ear and tenderly roll the cartilage. It feels good. It soothes.
“I read your file, Mr. Todd. Statutory rape and the gross violation of prison rules. The video was rather graphic. You masturbate with determination,” her fingers rolling as she speaks.
Roger cannot see the polite smile. The choice of words suggests sarcasm but the intonation is quite professional.
“Hopefully our program will change some habits and proclivities.”
Roger feels more fingering. She begins to examine. The flesh on his right arm is gently pinched and kneaded. While inspecting, Nurse Rachel speaks.
“We’ll begin each session with a standard but rather thorough medical examination. We’re going to get to know each other very well.”
She does indeed. Roger recalls his induction to Sing Sing in which every square inch of his body was closely examined... ostensibly for pediculosis... lice... but he later learned from experienced prisoners that the procedure was just one of the guards’ methods for establishing control. Indeed, lying helpless with a woman closely examining everywhere brings a feeling of obsequiousness.
Nostrils, mouth, teeth... Nurse Rachel works her way down. Then comes a stab to the right arm. A blood sample is taken.
“Good boy. We’ll test with each visit. Now, roll for me, as best you can. First to your left.”
It is a command and, though rigidly held, Roger moves his hips accordingly to reveal much flesh of his back and posterior.
“When did you last have sex?” Nurse Rachel inquires as her fingers seem to flutter about.
“I am not permitted to have relations, ma’am.”
“Ah hah. Have you masturbated? When?”
“Two days ago, ma’am.”
“You may call me Nurse Rachel. You understand that your need for masturbation will cease. But I will ask you with every visit. And you will answer me truthfully. Lie and it’s a quick trip up the river. You’re scheduled for a three day cycle. It will be adjusted as we proceed.”
The fingers depart and Roger hears the snapping of latex.
“You will find that certain intimate bodily functions will not be so intimate when we’re together. You’ll perform for me when commanded... and you’ll learn not only to accept it, but possibly enjoy as well. We’ve reviewed all the psychologist’s reports and findings. We’re aware of certain penchants.”
Roger feels the fingers return. Between his gluteal cleft.
“A suppository. Let me know when you need to move your bowels.”
Roger is alarmed. Intimate functions indeed! He is well secured to the table and the governing woman will want him to defecate!
“Please, Nurse Rachel. I’d rather not.”
“Tsk. Tsk. You prefer a full enema? With bad boys, I go very high, hot and a helluva lot.”

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© ugur bariskan, iStock.com

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