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Million Dollar Mistress

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Product Description

Million Dollar Mistress by Lance Edwards

Once again, Lady Lash, flamboyant adult film star and pre-eminent activist in promoting all things kink, is running a contest to find the new queen of domination through her website: degradatrix.com

 “Offered live on pay-per-view TV and on-line streaming, ‘A Celebration of Female Superiority’ will feature dominant and submissive couples competing to become this year’s Mistress Degradatrix and Slave. The prize will be one million dollars and a weekly reality TV show based on the winners’ wonderfully exciting and wholly consensual relationship. … Competition will involve four live onstage performances emphasizing each fundamental expression of the femdom lifestyle: display, restraint, discipline, and reward. Judging will be based on the scientifically determined level of male arousal combined with panel votes on female appeal, originality, stamina and their ability to dominate.”

Chosen from the pool of applicants are newlyweds who already need to spice up their sex lives; D/s couples in to serious play; a sub male who’s just met his Mistress  through an on-line ad; a dyke lesbian and her husband, dressed in his French maid costume; and, finally, the skilled dominatrix, Xenia, and her mute slave. As contestants compete before a live edition of ‘Degradatrix,’ they take their submissive males though their paces. The competition is intense, and as the tension builds so does the heavy action. No telling who will win this free-for-all of femdom prowess, but it’s certain that the lives and relationships of the participants will be irrevocably changed.

A lively and entertaining femdom tale. The action is fast-paced, sometimes edgy, featuring women in control, and the men who love to serve them.

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In short order Steve found himself naked and bent over their ping-pong table. Just the tips of his toes retained contact with the floor. His heart was hammering like never before and his cock throbbed painfully hard as it was squashed between his body and the unyielding tabletop. Pressing his hotly flushed cheek against that cool surface he surprised himself by emitting an uncalculated moan. As rampant as his anticipatory excitement was however – keenly accentuated by a titillating sense of trepidation – it couldn’t hold a candle to Amy’s unrestrained passion. Still dressed in her tights and skimpy half-shirt she was goose-fleshed all over and literally quivering with arousal. Giggling almost constantly as she’d ordered him to strip and assume the position she wanted, supervising this and clearly delighting in his quick acquiescence and properly humbled posture, she picked a paddle up off the table and moved eagerly to where her round-cheeked target waited so obligingly presenting itself.
“Here we go,” Amy giggled again. Then she immediately adopted a mock-stern tone. “You’ve been a naughty boy, haven’t you Slave Steven?”
“Yes, my lady love,” Steve replied, his excitement and unease climbing another thrilling notch. Getting truly into character in turn, Amy responded immediately.
“I am your lady love, aren’t I? In fact that will be my stage name for the competition, providing we get accepted: Lady Love. And if we don’t, it’s what you will call me whenever we play this particular game. Now then: how have you been naughty?”
Thinking fast, Steve quickly came up with something.
“I haven’t brought you flowers since before our wedding. And though I always do my share of the chores, I’ve never offered to do your share too, so you can have more time to enjoy yourself. I’m truly sorry Lady Love, and I’ll start doing both regularly.”
“Good boy!” Amy laughed approvingly. “You’d damn well better too! I’m serious: game or not, I’m going to hold you to that. But acknowledging your failings and promising to correct them doesn’t mean you don’t get paddled for committing them. It just means you get to have sex with me afterwards. Now hold still and take your just desserts like a man!”
Biting his lower lip, Steve braced himself, once again moaning in helpless upset. He’d never been spanked in his life – his parents hadn’t believed in it. Now he was to be beaten with a wooden paddle. Still he remained immensely turned on. But then the first blow smacked against his ass, and the sudden stinging pain made him cry out unexpectedly. Seemingly by themselves his hands leaped to rub at his buttocks, but his gorgeous Lady Love immediately stopped him.
“Oh no, you don’t! What did I just tell you? You’ve got an extra ten spanks coming for that. Now, do what I told you: take it like a man and don’t move! In fact, hang on a second…”
The paddle clattered onto the table. Craning his neck a bit, Steve saw Amy stripping off her tights, leaving her naked but for her half-shirt. Then she grabbed his hands and used the stretchy fabric to tie them tightly together behind his back.
“There!” she declared. “Maybe now you’ll behave yourself. And keep quiet or I’ll have to gag you with my shirt!”

Artist Credit

© Aliaksandr Zharnasek – Fotolia.com

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