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Misadventures in Infidelity - eBook

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Product Description

Misadventures in Infidelity is only available in ebook.

Misadventures in Infidelity is sexy string of stories revolving around a married woman’s untamed desires. Each story begins with a flashback, as Erin recalls her earlier days of infidelity. Erin Porter is a slut and a tease, she always has been. Nothing changed after she’s married, as she thought it would, except having a ring on her finger and a man who has no idea what she’s doing when he’s away from home.

In A Rude Awakening, Erin gets together with friends for a night of carefree and innocent partying when her husband is away. She wakes up the next morning to discover she had a wild night of raunchy, unprotected sex with two men. Too bad she doesn’t remember it. Lucky for her there is a video that shows what a dirty whore she really is.

During Mr. Harley and his Unwanted Guests, Erin makes a fledging effort to openly cheat on her husband, but hunting for guys isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. After meeting a rough and tumble biker at a strip club she’s convinced to enter a wet t-shirt contest with the promise of drinks if she loses. Things never work out for Erin the way she plans, and she gets much more then she bargained for, or was emotionally prepared to deal with.

In The Working Girl, Erin is unexpectedly offered the job of becoming a house slave and sexual pet to the rich and powerful Miss Olivia Waters. In her desperation for money she accepts, despite what her humiliating ‘duties’ will entail. Everything at her Mistress’ mansion seems to be going well, as Erin gradually learns her place as an obedient submissive, but when the striking Mr. Olan enters the picture, finally acting on his desires for her, things really heat up!

From the author of The Devils Dance and Steam & Spurs, comes an entertaining collection of stories that have something for everyone. Scandalous cheating, lesbian sex, anal and oral sex, threesomes and more!

Included: Oral sex, Anal Sex, Multiple Partners, Erotic Dancing, F/f, Lesbian Sex, Interracial, Spanking, Light BDSM, Submission.

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I flew into my apartment a jittery mess, turning the thermostat down to rid the stagnant air of unwashed dishes and neglected trash. My purse hit the kitchen table and I looked around the apartment, chastising myself for the slovenly mess I’d let my home become in Rob’s absence. He’s going to be so mad at me if I don’t get this cleaned up. Right, like he would really care what the apartment looked like, after finding out what I’d done.
With shaking fingers and a growing knot in my stomach, I pulled the living room blinds and put the tape in the VCR. I waited impatiently for the blue screen to pass, taking a seat on the couch, and lighting up a smoke. I knew I should take a shower first, I felt so dirty, but the need to see my depth of infidelity last night, overrode everything else now.
The picture made me jump with a screech of hysterical flightiness, when it did appear. Loud music and unintelligible background talking blared back at me, while the blurred image of who knew what jerked across my TV. I turned the volume down, hitting the fast forward.
The picture finally came into focus, and there I was in all my pornographic glory. I covered my mouth in shock, shaking my head. “Oh, my god…”
My face was beat-red, covered in a bright sheen of alcohol and arousal induced perspiration, while I looked up at the camera with drunken eyes and an impish grin. My shirt and bra were already off, and my large nipples poked out tauntingly like two dark brown marbles. Mike was slouched next to me with his arms draped across the back of the couch, and a mile-wide smile. My surroundings dimmed to nothing but cockflesh; I had his dick in my hand and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The bile started to rise in the back of my throat, and my heart began to race.
Mike was large; he had to have one of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen, and it stood straight up in his lap like a glistening pole of vein covered obscenity. It could have just been a camera trick that made him look so big, but I don’t think so. My fingers slipped under the hem of my shorts, finding the battered piece of meat that I’d so willingly given away last night. No, he was every bit that big, based on the persistent throbbing that started between my legs, and ended deep in my gut.
I should have been repulsed or mortified from the image on my TV screen, but I wasn’t, not really. Instead I felt a familiar twinge of excitement, accompanied with inflammatory heat.
“Okay, you ready, Erin?” Carolyn prompted me as the picture zoomed in on my face. Damn, I was fucked up.
I leaned forward, pushing my shoulders together to extenuate my modest cleavage. “Uh huh.” It looked like I was trying to contain myself enough to talk without laughing. “Thanks to my new boyfriend, Mike, and his awesome fucking dick, I’m going to be a slut for your viewing enjoyment tonight.” Jesus, did I just say that? This is just too weird; it was like I was a totally different person last night. I wanted to stop the tape so bad right now, but…
“Bring on the horny slut!” Carolyn shouted, and I heard Bob give a hooting cheer, accompanied with muted clapping. They’re both watching? My own cheer followed shortly thereafter, and I raised my arms in the air, bouncing exuberantly on my butt. That was until Mike’s hand coiled around my neck, pulling me into his crotch.
My jaw dropped and I leaned back in the dim comfort of my crowded one bedroom home, watching things unfold like the spectator to any other porn flick. I felt numb, yet incredibly anxiously to see its predictable outcome.
“Mmmm…fuck yeah, I love sucking dick,” I moaned as the view zoomed in. My hand went to the base of Mike’s thick shaft and my mouth opened wide, lips greedily trying to engulf the entire thing with a single, throat-stretching swallow. Yeah, I was wasted all right; there was no way I could have done that otherwise. I’ll be feeling that one for sure. I opened and closed my mouth several times to check the toll on my already damaged jaw. Ouch…
There was something oddly intoxicating brewing inside me, while I continued to watch my erotic antics. It was so gradual that I barely noticed it, yet it hit me with the ferocity of an approaching storm. I had a finger buried deep in my sweltering pussy, still slick with the residue of a man other than my husband. I was playing with myself like a brazen whore, while watching my enthusiastic adultery in vivid Techno color, and I couldn’t stop myself.
Mike had a firm grip on my long, shoulder length hair, guiding my head up down while my large hoop earrings danced across his thighs, as I fed his cock into my mouth with more gusto than I normally had for doing something like that. After a few minutes it slowly reappeared, still connected to my outstretched tongue by a thread of sticky pre-cum and saliva, that eventually broke and landed across my chin.
“Uh oh, someone’s getting close,” I cooed evilly, running my moist lips across the velvet smooth flesh, gently kissing the shimmering tip. “Looks like you better put that thing to use soon. You want to fuck me, don’t you?” There was a soft, almost pleading note to my invitation. Despite my looks, I’d always been self-conscious to the point of insecurity.

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Product Reviews

  1. Hot&Sweet!

    Posted by Maz on 2nd Dec 2011

    This was a most definately entertaining account of the sexual adventures (and misadventures) of Erin, a now married woman who has always feel the need to explore her sexuality, and being married has not made a difference to that!
    Although at times it almost feels tragic, the author carries the story with a pinch of salt and humour.
    You will enjoy her sexual journey, at times, and at others you will identify with her feelings, and even might wish you were there!!
    It contains scenes of menage, anal, oral sex, and more....
    I have personally read other books from this author and they have become an automatic buy for me, I am never dissapointed!

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