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Mistress For Sale

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Product Description

Mistress For Sale by Victoria Morris

The high-spirited Lucy and husband Beauregard Addams are taking a long awaited honeymoon in France. But this was not be the romantic honeymoon Lucy envisioned. When they arrive at the Le Chateau de la Rose Noire (Castle of the Black Rose), Lucy is shocked to discover that the luxurious castle is a BDSM training establishment and Beau has brought her there for further instruction as his submissive and obedient wife. Lucy is incensed when ordered to submit her brother-in-law Thaddeus and their old friend Vivianne. Then further humiliated when Beau arranges for her to be trained by a cocky, young British Dom, Sir Benjamin Strathmore, who she finds utterly repulsive. Over the next few days, shes punished for her resistance, forced into a chastity belt and trained as a puppy. When she refuses to sign something called The Registry, intended to deepen her submissiveness to Beau, she earns another painful punishment.

Later, during a submissive hunt on the Chateau grounds, Lucy is assaulted by Sir Benjamin leading to a duel that sends the arrogant young Dom away in disgrace. Days later, when Vivanne turns up missing while on a trip to Paris, the shady Sir Benjamin becomes a prime suspect in her kidnapping. The once self-possessed Mistress finds herself bound and battered by a ruthless assailant who intends to enjoy all this luscious female has to offer before he takes her to a slave auction in Algeria. After being beaten, gagged and invaded by foreign objects, shes completely restrained in a coffin-like box for transport. Having been further debauched and humiliated while on the ship to Algeria, the disconsolate Vivianne then languishes in a squalid prison awaiting her terrible fate. Any hope for rescue is fading fast.

While Beau and his friends embark on a frantic search for Vivianne, Lucy remains at the Chateau under the care of trusted Dominants, who will once again challenge the high-spirited beautys willingness to submit.

Author Victoria Morris weaves together the trials of Lucy and Vivianne into a compelling novel that is both romantic and filled with strong BDSM erotica. Featured content includes bondage, punishment, whipping, restraints, enemas, submissive training, oral, anal and straight sex, plus  BDSM, humiliation and restrainment. While primarily a novel of male domination and female submission, there are some Femdom/malesub scenes.



He didn’t even have to ask for her to assume the proper position. Nora rolled over and went up on all fours, letting the warmth of the blankets fall away from her naked body. While she turned, Thad slid himself up on the pillows and leaned his back against the headboard. Nora crawled over his lap. His warm hand ran up one thigh and down the other, making large, slow circles on her bottom. With his fingertips he tickled her skin, first her left butt cheek then her right until Nora wiggled her bottom playfully. Thaddeus’ rugged hand drew back and, with a quick, short slap, brought it down on her ass. Nora purred. He moved to the other cheek, smacking her a second time before returning to the feathery strokes of before. When he felt her sigh, his hand came back a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth time, drawing the first traces of pink to her skin. Thad’s fingers move to check between her legs and drew away pleased.
The hand came down again and again, harder with each strike, until Nora let out a little cry of pain. Thad held her down with his left arm, pressing her tight to his lap, before continuing the spanking. Her bottom grew pinker and pinker before taking on the dark, rosy hue Thad liked so much. Nora panted into the blankets. Normally they would have stopped at this point; but, today, he wanted to push her a little further. Each slap aroused him as much as it pained her. Harder now, three strikes to one side before switching to the other, then four, then five until Nora squirmed to get away. There was a faint little hitch in her throat, but still Thad continued until he got what he wanted, the trickle of two little tears from her eyes.
“Had enough, pet?”
Nora swallowed before she spoke, “Only if… if you say so, Master.”
He delivered a dozen more hits, satisfied when she finally let out another cry and more tear ran down her face. “Now you’ve had enough.” Thad nudged her away slightly. She lifted herself slowly, arms shaking, and moved her head down to his groin, offering him a full view of her glowing red ass. Nora’s lips wrapped around his cock, drawing it in hard. “Oh, yes, that’s nice,” he said just loud enough for Nora to hear. His hips lifted a little bit, pushing himself deeper into her throat. “Hold it there and suck.” Nora drew on his shaft harder, moving her tongue around its thickness. “Yesss…” he moaned, his fingers playing with her sex. “Should I let you cum today?”
Nora whimpered, giving no answer, but her continued attention to his manhood. It had been weeks since he’d given her release. Her body rocked a little over him, and he could tell how much she wanted it. Thad drew her pussy lips together and pulled them down gently as her groan intensified. “Keep sucking, that’s it.”
His own need was growing more focused and his hips pulsed to match the rhythm of her mouth. Thad let his head rest back on the pillows, concentrating on the pleasure he was feeling. Letting his slave bring him closer and closer until the hot tingle and pulse pushed upwards and she opened her throat to his fluid. Thad felt, rather than heard, a deep moan rise from the center of his chest. Nora kept his cock in her mouth until he pulled it away and let her shift to her side on the bed, his creamy residue still glazing her lips and chin.
Thad bent down and kissed it away. “Good girl, pet. Such a good girl. I really should reward you, shouldn’t I?” She had rolled to her back slightly, legs just parted. Thad’s hand went to her sex, teasing the little bud he could just see. “Open your legs wider.” Her legs spread apart, displaying the pink moisture of her own desire. Fingers pushed deeply into that place until her breath trembled. “Yes, I should reward you. But,” his hand moved out, covered with moisture, “not yet. A few more days, I think.”
Nora moaned, “Oh, please, Thad.”
The reporter only chuckled, “Soon, I promise.”

Artist Credit

Wendy Needham http://beautifullychaoticstudios.imagekind.com

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