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Muriel by Annie Cox

2012 National Leather Association International Writing Award Winner! John Preston Short Story Award!

At a young age, Muriel is married off to Wall Street billionaire, weapons manufacturer and military strategist, Bernard Leavanthal. Suffering from debilitating agoraphobia, the genius broker lived in virtual seclusion while he trained his young bride in the high art of the Dominatrix. Becoming his most trusted confidant, Muriel lives for forty years in a palatial prison in upstate New York as personal dominatrix to the elusive and eccentric Bernard Leavanthal.

After her husbands death, however, never tasting freedom, Muriel leaves her estate in upstate New York to set out on her own. Now in control of all her late husband’s assets, his weapons manufacturing and research laboratories, Muriel goes underground and joins the global war against terrorism. Hiring herself out as a Dominatrix, she begins training soldiers from around the world in the fine art of turning their pain into sheer ecstasy. While training the fiercest and most savvy warriors on the planet; the Dominatrix begins to hand select the best of the best as she builds an army of her own.

In the complex where Muriel lives, a young woman by the name of Tesla has moved in. Unbeknownst to the young woman, however, she had already been selected to join the ranks of Muriel’s elite. Lured into Muriel’s lair by a handsome, wounded soldier by the name of Will; Tesla soon learns she is no longer in control of her own destiny. At the hands of the master manipulator, Muriel, the predestined introduction to the irresistable soldier will unleash an explosive chain of events that will force Tesla on a perilous journey to the very heights of sexual hell and the pinnacle of ecstasy.

Contains; whipping, bondage, torture, toy play, lesbian and straight sexual themes.


“Tesla,” I said. Muriel stopped and turned to face me.
“Is that your name sweetie, Tesla?”
I nodded. Muriel walked over to me. Leaning over, she whispered into my ear, “Well, Tesla, you just relax and let Muriel take it from here.”
She then gave me the softest kiss on the cheek, and I caught just a hint of her honeysuckle and rose perfume. As she exited my apartment to retrieve the young man, I couldn’t help but think, “What a wonderfully sweet, kind, old lady.”
I woke to the feel of Muriel’s hand softly stroking my cheek.
“I’m so sorry it took so long, sweetie, but I forgot I had sent Will to fetch some ointment for his wounds.” Behind Tesla stood the same young man I had encountered in the parking lot with my box of books in his hands. “You poor darling,” Muriel continued. “You must have fallen asleep as soon as I walked out that door. But it’s okay now. Will and I will take care of you.”
Muriel turned to the young man and began to instruct him. “Now, Will, it seems Tesla here has all her boxes labeled. If you would kindly deposit each box into the appropriate room, I can tend to Tesla’s needs.”
“Yes, Miss Muriel,” Will answered. As Will tackled the job given to him, Muriel set her eyes on me.
“Now for you, sweet dear, I’ve taken the liberty of retrieving a bottle of wine, a few personal hygiene products, and some clean towels from my house. Let’s get you washed up.”
She then took me by the hand and gave a gentle tug, lifting me from my sitting position, so that she could lead me into the bathroom.
I began to wonder if I really had not awakened yet but was dreaming all of this. As she turned to start my bath, the sweetness of her honeysuckle and rose perfume was invading my senses. Her hands were so soft, and almost hot, as she began undressing me. She held my arm to steady me as I sank into the tub full of luxurious fragrant bubbles. Muriel filled a wineglass with sangria and handed it to me. She removed her blouse, revealing pink erect nipples on round, milky breasts.
“I admit, Tesla, I have had some work done, but it was at the request of my late husband. I don’t want to get my blouse wet while I bathe you. I only wear cashmere, silk, and angora. Now I need you to lean your head back so we don’t get any water in your sangria.” As she poured the warm, scented water over my hair with one hand, she softly stroked my back with the other. ”If this is a dream,” I thought to myself, “I don’t want to wake up.”
She massaged my head with a cedarwood and borage oil shampoo. The scent was intoxicating. Stroking and caressing me as she washed my body. I readily spread my legs upon request as I laid my body back and leisurely sipped my Sangria. Muriel took her time as she washed my private area; spreading the lips of my vagina with one hand as she slowly ran her soft, delicate fingers through my folds. She then instructed me to turn over to a kneeling position and turn my ass towards her so she could clean between my buttocks.
As I leaned over to set my wine glass down, I saw Will standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Muriel instructed Will to stand by the tub and spread the cheeks of my ass apart. As Will spread my butt cheeks, Muriel took her soapy hands and began rubbing and caressing my ass. She softly took her middle finger and worked it in circles around my anus.
I turned and looked at Will. He was intently watching Muriel’s finger as it worked circles around my hole. He was beautiful, I thought. He could be no more than twenty-five years old. His hair was dark blonde, short, with a precise trim. His body was taut and muscular. Beneath his pants, his pulsing erection was unmistakable.
I could feel Muriel’s finger penetrate my anus. As she slid the length of her middle finger into my rectum, I turned to look at Will’s face. He had tears running down his cheeks. It was at that point that I realized I didn’t understand what was happening to me. I also realized that I didn’t care.

Artist Credit

© Daniel Korzeniewski - 123RF

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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent!

    Posted by A Voracious Reader on 16th Aug 2013


    *Book source ~ Many thanks to Pink Flamingo for providing a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

    Muriel Leavanthal is her husband’s only heir to his vast empire. Married young to the severely agoraphobic billionaire she spent the first five years of her marriage being trained as his Dominatrix. For forty years she dominates him before he dies of cancer. After his death, taking her skills and his money she goes underground, hiring herself out as a Dominatrix training highly skilled elite soldiers how to turn the pain of torture into pleasure. When 32-yr-old Tesla meets Muriel, she has no idea that her life is going to merge with Muriel’s and she’ll be forever drastically changed.

    This story is very interesting and unique. Until now I haven’t read about a Dominatrix training soldiers how to turn the pain of torture into pleasure. I’m not exactly sure the purpose of Tesla since she’s not a soldier. I would think Muriel would have been able to find a female soldier or two among those serving in the military to fill the female spot on the team instead of picking a sous chef, but it’s only a minor complaint in an otherwise excellent tale. The only other small complaint I have is the scene on the airplane. It didn’t seem to fit with Muriel’s character. And of course, the ending completely sucked, but only because of what had to happen. There was no getting out of the ending, no wriggling, plot twist or miracle that would lift it up from the suckfest it was. Then again, real life is messy and tends to suck from time to time. We honor those deserving of honor, pick up the pieces and continue onward. Should there be more stories about Muriel and her team I would love to read them. All-in-all an awesome BDSM read.

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