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My Pet, Spanking Erotica - eBook

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My Pet, Spanking Erotica by B J Wane

Lillian Gaines’ unorthodox desire to be completely owned by a man, existing for his pleasure only, leads her to the popular club, Fantasy. While watching an auction of women living out their own sexual fantasies, she spots the club’s owner, Brock, from across the room, and becomes lost in his dark depths. Brock is just as fascinated by the lovely redhead, and for the next two months watches her from afar, until he can no longer resist the strong attraction. However, after encouraging her to fill out an application to have her own fantasy fulfilled, he’s surprised to discover that she wants to give him everything he has ever desired from a woman. Her sole desire is to be his possession and live her life to please him. He’s torn, worried about where this might lead. When he buys her at her slave auction, it’s with the expectation that she’ll back out of the month long contract in a day or two—especially after the humiliating way he plans to feed her his cock and punish her before an audience. However, that experience only confirms Lillian’s fierce desire for him.

Once Brock takes her home, she becomes his slave, and his brusque and demanding treatment continues. Even when he fucks her with no regard to her pleasure, she has no intention of leaving. More bondage, spanking and raunchy public exhibitions follow. He gives her to other men and still she does not balk. In fact, her need to see Brock happy and be the receptacle for his pleasure grows with every new demand. Although Brock desires her deeply, he continues to push her away, certain that a relationship based on such total submission cannot last, all the while he hopes with all his lust, need and love that it will.

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“Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Fantasy’s auction night. Tonight we have four lovely women who have fantasized about being sold to the highest bidder for a variety of carnal pleasures. As usual, we have offered you a variety of scenarios to choose from and all money gathered from this nights sales will go to charity.” Looking to his right, he nodded. “I see Kent is ready with our first offering. For those whose fantasy includes an audience, feel free to join them in the observation rooms upstairs after the auction has been completed. Enjoy your evening.”
Lillian was disappointed when he walked off the stage, her eyes following him as he moved to stand in a corner where he could view the proceedings. Not even the sight of Kent leading a bound, naked and collared woman onto the stage by a leash attracted her as much as the man in black. Visions of being bought by this man, taking his cock into every orifice and sitting meekly at his feet while she awaited his pleasure swamped her imagination, and she now had a face to put with the fantasy of being completely owned by a man. As Kent started to speak, she literally had to force her attention back to the stage, reminding herself that that was what she was hear to observe, not some stranger.
“Linda here would like to be bought by two or three men and made to service all three, but, unfortunately, she prefers privacy for her fantasy, so whoever buys this lovely piece will have to fuck her in one of the private rooms.” Kent ran his hand down over Linda’s breasts, tweaking her nipples. “These babies are real and sensitive. She assures me she loves having her nipples bitten and sucked hard, so rough play is acceptable for this acquisition.”
The woman stood meekly, her blonde head bowed. Lillian tried to picture herself up there, naked in front of a room full of strangers. Her eyes drifted to the dark man in the corner again and she knew she could do it if he was by her side. Loud bids started ringing out, once again drawing her gaze back to the stage. Kent was fingering Linda’s cunt, two fingers crudely fucking her while he held tightly to the leash.
“I have a bid of five thousand,” he announced, pulling his fingers from her quivering body and holding them up to show the crowd how wet they were. “Anybody care to go six?”
A bid was called out for six thousand, and Lillian marveled at how much these people were willing to shell out to have their fantasies met. The bid was accepted and the man in black returned to the stage to lead Linda off, the three men who bought her following behind them and disappearing down a hallway.
“Ready for a refill, Lillian?” Eric asked.
“Oh, yes, thank you.” She hadn’t even realized she had finished her drink, so caught up in her infatuation of the stranger and the auction.
Eric filled her glass, smiling at her. “You seemed to enjoy Linda’s sale.”
“I did, but I don’t know if I could ever have the nerve to do something like that. What if I didn’t like who bought me or didn’t want to go through with it?”
“Brock meets with each applicant personally and puts their detailed fantasy in a contract. Copies of these contracts are posted on the website a week before the auction so we can draw the members in who are interested in those particular fantasies. There’s also a copy at each table, so the bidders know exactly what they will and will not be allowed to do with their purchase. The contract is signed by the woman before the auction and then by whoever buys her and agrees to its terms. There are cameras in every room, including the private rooms, and the patrons are monitored from the time they enter until they leave. It is perfectly safe.”
Brock. She now had a name for her man in black. It suited him. “Is he the owner? Brock?”
“Yeah and he’s a great boss. He arranges fantasies for people all the time, not just the auction.”
Lillian knew from her research you could e-mail the club with your particular fantasy and it was arranged for a hefty price. “I’m amazed at the amount of money people are willing to shell out for sex, after all you can get it for free.”
“True enough, but you’re getting more than sex here. Here, you are assured your fantasy will be met and in a way that is both satisfying and safe. Applicants are required to submit a personal health report, and if condoms aren’t used, the woman has to provide proof of birth control, giving applicants peace of mind. If they don’t have to worry about disease or unwanted pregnancy, they’ll be more relaxed and freer to enjoy themselves more. In addition, having an explicit contract ensures the people involved are getting exactly what they want and paid for.”
“It seems he’s thought of everything,” she murmured, impressed by the owners foresight.
“He has a very satisfied clientele and new applicants all the time.”
“Does he ever turn anyone down?” she asked, wondering if he had ever had a request for a fantasy such as hers.
“Rarely. He’ll arrange anything as long as it doesn’t involve torture, extreme abuse or cause true harm. There have been a few cases where things have gotten out of hand, but, thanks to the cameras, security stepped in quickly and the people involved have been banished permanently from the club.”

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