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My Wish Was Her Command

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My Wish Was Her Command by Dan Moran

How do you ask your wife of five years that you yearn to be spanked? That your hidden desire is to be dominated by her, while she has never shown any sign of wanting to try it. You’ve talked to her about it a few times in the past, drop hints when you can, even purchased a paddle and a crop. You even go through the trouble of looking up websites with descriptions, pictures and discussions and “accidentally” forget to close the browser so she can see what you’ve been looking at. Not that your marriage isn’t already wonderful, the sex fantastic, but you long for more; you need the pain, the welts, the excitement of being controlled.

After careful consideration, Justine finally comes to accept her husband’s need to be dominated. She treads lightly at first to make sure it’s what he really wants by trying out light spanking at first. Justine is astounded by her husband’s reaction to his first spanking, but quickly moves onto a swift paddling. It seems to be exactly what he’s been searching for, and she is eager to please him.

As Justine starts researching more websites concerning d/s, spanking and bondage, she finds like-minded people. Some just starting out and others that have years of experience. When she mentions this to her husband, he is giddy at the prospect that she wants to take more control of him. Justine goes on a shopping spree to add even more excitement to their sexual escapades, and buys all sorts of toys to tease and titillate her husband. A collar, ball gag, cuffs, and links attached to the floor and ceiling in their bedroom to bind him are just the start.

While perusing through her websites, Justine starts posting photographs of their sessions online, and meets Diane, a stunning Domme with years of experience in the BDSM world who agrees to help Justine and her husband with their adventures. After meeting Diane, both being highly attracted to her, they agree to invite her to the house to take better photographs and maybe join in on the fun. The couple cannot wait to see where their sexual journey will take them when she finally arrives.

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“Are you sure that’s what you want?” my wife asked.
I nodded; my throat felt dry and my heart was beating fast.
“Okay,” she said. “Give me some time to think about it.”
After five years of marriage, I had finally gotten up enough courage to tell my wife, Justine, how desperately I wanted her to spank me. Oh, she’d done it plenty of times during sex and sometimes playfully around the house, like when we hugged or walked by each other in the kitchen. She knew that I liked it. I just didn’t think she knew how much I liked it.
Neither of us had really been into bondage, and we hadn’t really worked much kinky stuff into our sex life. But I wasn’t really looking for full-fledged domination or anything like that; I just needed a good spanking once in a while. I’d been hinting at it for at least a year and then talking more openly about it, but I think she still thought I was just talking about how much I liked it when we were in bed.
So I thought I should take things to the next level. I started looking at websites that dealt with this sort of thing, and I would “forget” to close the browser window when leaving our computer (or I’d “accidentally” minimize the window instead of closing it), so that Justine would get a glimpse of what I meant. I left open informative sites about light femdom, some with polls and interviews. One poll featured questions like “How often do you spank your husband?” (The multiple-choice answers varied from “once in a while” to “every day”—I wanted to give my wife an idea of how regular a thing this could be). I found places with F/M spanking stories, and I saved some of these to the desktop, knowing that Justine would be curious when she sat at the computer and saw new documents there.
This went on for a few months, but she only mentioned it on rare occasions, giving a playful smile when she did. I knew that she was thinking about it all, but taking her time, getting used to the concept. As I said, neither of us had done much of this kind of thing before, and while I had been fantasizing and daydreaming about it for years, she needed some time to catch up, internally. I knew that it wasn’t her natural inclination to just give me spankings outside of bed or to take on any sort of dominating role. But we loved each other deeply, were together for life, and would try with all our hearts to please each other. Knowing the intensity of our mutual affection gave me hope that she would find a way to fulfill my fantasies.
After some more obvious hints, I decided I should step things up again. I looked through F/M spanking pictures online and saved some onto our computer. There were countless images available, so I spent time looking only for the ones that really portrayed the things I wanted—the positions I wanted to be in, the positions I wanted her to be in, the implements used, and the level of punishment. I didn’t want to bleed or have scars or anything, but I did want to try both light, fun smacks and also more serious stinging. The asses in the images I picked ranged from ordinary skin tone to bright, shining redness. I didn’t know how much I could take—but I did want to try to find out.
Finally, after allowing a few weeks for the images to sink in, I went to an adult store and bought a paddle and a riding crop. The paddle was small and rounded, not too heavy; I thought it would be a good intermediate step between Justine’s hand and the crop. One afternoon, I showed her these items and explained how much I was hoping that she’d find some time and some way to use them on me. I pleaded with her. I couldn’t help the desperation in my voice. That’s what led her to ask, “Are you sure that’s what you want?” When I nodded, she asked for some time to think it all over. She also took the toys and said she’d hang on to them.
Many days passed without me pushing any more. I figured I’d already done all I could, and now I would just have to wait and see if my wife could find it in herself to be interested in this. We went about our routines and I let my desires fade into the background, deciding not to drive myself crazy wondering if this thing would ever happen.
Then, one Saturday morning, I was pleasantly surprised. We’d just finished breakfast, which we ate sitting on the couch in our living room, watching some crime dramas we’d taped on TV during the week. After finishing our food and the show, I brought our dishes to the kitchen and returned to the living room, where Justine remained on the couch, having shut off the television. She looked at me in a way I hadn’t seen her do before. It was suddenly very quiet in our house.
“Well, what should we do today?” I asked.
“I know what I want you to do,” she stated.
“What?” I asked, feeling just a touch of nervous excitement.
“I want you to go to the windows and pull down all the shades. We don’t want anyone looking into this room at the moment. Then I want you to go upstairs to my bedside table and get something out of the drawer for me.”

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