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Naughty Niki - eBook

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Naughty Niki by Lizbeth Dusseau

Beautiful, wealthy and bored, Bernardo Sanchez’s new bride Niki has nothing to do at her husband’s fancy hacienda while he’s off making money. She's horny and wants sex, and her naughty desires soon take charge. Dressing up like a high-class slut, she takes off in her brand new Porsche to scour the local bars for one night stands. Then, when a freak desert storm takes out the back half of the hacienda, she's flirting with the macho workmen who arrive to rebuild the house. The carpenter, the plumber, even the foreman catch her fancy and she’s ready for more hot fun in bed.

But only when Reuben, the roughest and meanest of her lovers, demands Niki’s complete submission does the slut realize her body craves kinky sex. He forces her to grovel before him and his friends, submit to bondage, whipping, anal sex and more—all of which she loves! Despite her fears of being caught, Niki can’t help but give-in to her nasty desires and this ruthless man.

But the torrid D/s affair between Niki and Reuben gets complicated when brother-in-law, Gino, catches them in a bar, and later shows up at the hacienda wanting a piece of Niki for himself. Then, a mysterious man forces himself on her one night in the garage, and later assaults her town. This sadistic stranger appears out of nowhere demanding Niki’s surrender, only to leave her breathless and sated as she’s never been before. Who is this man – Reuben, Gino, the flirtatious young gardener, Freddie? Or someone else? She has no idea. As Niki’s wicked infidelity spirals out of control, is there any way she can stop the madness, halt her own rapacious lust, cure her addiction to sex before her entire life is shattered?

 The things Niki Sanchez could do with her eyes were devastating to most men. In some small corner of their sexual bodies, they could feel her tongue lapping their cocks to life.


They fucked in the parking lot in the back of his van, a 1980’s conversion van with orange shag carpet and rock and roll playing through the speakers. He took her like a stud would, like her husband had every time they’d had sex, laying her out on her back and drilling her pussy as he hovered above her, humping her crotch for all he was worth. It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t pretty.
But it was a lot of fun.
He’d stripped her first, of course, because he wouldn’t let her go without having access to the glorious body she’d teased him with. For nearly ten minutes he suckled her perfectly formed tits, nibbled her nipples and drank in at least fifty bucks worth of her French perfume. She felt him opening a gaping hole in her body where the raw material of sex poured out so quickly that she felt emptied within minutes, the flood of sensation nearly like an orgasm itself. When he found her pussy with his hand again, she shuddered, more tremors letting go as her flesh responded. Her clit throbbed hotter, faster, needier and another orgasm began to spasm through her body.
Then the furious missionary fuck began, with the young man pounding her pussy with a hard cock thicker and longer than her husband’s. Quite an experience! Though he had none of Bernardo’s affection or finesse, this was savage, nothing like any fuck she could recall.
She came again when the stud came, just as she had trained herself to do with her husband. Wasn’t that expected?
And that was that. Nothing tender in the ending. The guy rolled from her body and lay panting, while Niki waited for some cue. What came next? she wondered in the awkward silence. Finally, feeling a little creepy in the sleazy van, she started to dress, then asked to leave.
“Sure, sweetheart.” As he opened the door latch, his big smile returned. He quickly wiggled back into his jeans and stood barefoot on the asphalt parking lot trying to draw her in for a goodbye kiss.
Niki hadn’t remembered kissing him before – though he probably nuzzled her neck enough to leave a hickey. Why should she kiss him now? She hadn’t wanted him for anything but the physical pleasure. She pushed away, smiling demurely, but clearly uninterested in that goodbye kiss.
At least he used a condom, she thought as she waved goodbye.
Niki made up her mind that day to insist on condoms should there be future one-night-stands with strangers. Too disrespectful to her husband otherwise.
She walked not a hundred feet to where the Porsche was parked and climbed in, while her hot stud stood beside his conversion van and shook his head, amazed. Women like Niki were one in a million and rarely landed in his universe. He sure got lucky that day.

Artist Credit

© Ludovic Goubet www.ludovicgoubet.com

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Lancelot Knight on 23rd Apr 2010

    Naughty Niki by Lizbeth Dusseau
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight, copyright 2007

    This novel, Dusseau’s latest, is a literary wet dream! Niki is indeed more than merely naughty. Neglected by her husband, she craves every cock in the county, and of course the men line up—literally and figuratively. The emphasis in this novel is on raunchy, get down and get dirty sex. While her house is being remodeled, Niki has all kinds of sexy, earthy, sweaty men around her, and she finds them as irresistible as they find her.

    The sex turns kinky quickly enough. Eventually Niki finds herself being blackmailed by her husband’s sleazy half-brother. Then a Stranger takes possession of her.

    All in all, this novel is a great romp in the hay. Pure, enjoyable, arousing fantasy!

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