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Nextwave by Jay Beach

The CEO of Nextwave hires Brandon to test the security of their exciting new product, the Brainset, which allows users to communicate directly with the internet through a web of sensors installed directly on their brains.  Brandon discovers that the company’s beautiful and bitchy VP of Marketing, Hannah, has secretly installed her own Brainset.  Hannah is irate when Brandon decides to conduct his security tests on her rather than on the five official testers, but she quickly finds that there is nothing she can do to change his mind.

Throughout the testing period, Brandon forces Hannah into even more outrageous sexual acts, ostensibly in the name of proving how dangerous the Brainsets could be.  The attractive woman is forced to strip naked, spank her own ass, and pleasure herself, all in front of a webcam so Brandon can watch.  The hacker installs his own Brainset so that he can ‘feel’ Hannah’s emotions directly.  She tries to escape numerous times, but Brandon’s close monitoring leads to immediate discovery and quick, painful punishments.

Hannah’s situation gets even worse when Brandon decides that in order to prove how dangerous a hacked Brainset could be, he must train her to do something both difficult and distasteful.  Ponygirl training seems like just the thing.  The Brainset proves to be an excellent tool in demanding precise movements and instant obedience.  Unfortunately, Hannah’s brainwaves show that she is getting sexual pleasure from being forced to march naked in bondage gear.  To demonstrate that Hannah is not a willing submissive, Brandon must find increasingly difficult and humiliating acts for her to perform.

As the testing period draws to a close, Brandon is faced with a dilemma.  He wants to demonstrate his hacking prowess, but he does not want to go to jail for the things he has done.  Also, he would like to expose the security flaws of the Brainset without discouraging the company from moving forward with mass production, which he desires for his own ends.  Can Brandon have his cake and eat it too? Includes: Masturbation, extreme bondage, ponygirl training, anal and oral sex, stockades, spanking, strap-on’s, humiliation, piercing.



It was only one week after Ed hired me to find security weaknesses in his company’s Brainsets, and I was ready to roll. I had quickly discovered that the Brainsets were built to be capable of communicating directly with other Brainsets. The feature hadn’t been activated for the trial; it was just one of the many things that Nextwave had built-in for the future to make sure that their product didn’t become obsolete. Because of that, Richard, the head security moron, had done nothing to block me from hacking into the Brainsets through that direct channel.

I gained access to the Brainsets that first day, then spent a week observing. The amount of information coming from the Brainsets was incredible. I quickly identified the signals for the commands that the testers could send, and could listen on to any of their phone calls. It was also fairly easy to activate their microphones so I could listen in to anything they were saying, even when they weren’t “on the phone”.

I was also getting all the other information that the sensors were reading about their subject’s brainwaves. It was overwhelming, but after a week of listening to conversations and matching what was going on with the brainwaves, I was starting to get a handle on some of it. I had also made a number of brainwave recordings and figured out how to playback those recordings so that Richard or anyone else watching would think that everything was normal. That was the final hurdle I needed to overcome. I could then hack into the Brainsets without anyone back at Nextwave seeing what was going on.

Out of the six people who had Brainsets, Hannah was the obvious choice for my experiments. The fact that she wasn’t one of the official five testers would reduce suspicions. She also lived alone and was a total bitch, which would make my job easier and more justifiable. On top of everything, she happened to be smoking hot, which I pretended was just an added bonus and not my primary consideration. I listened in to her at work as she sent her secretary on menial errands, railed on her subordinates for insignificant mistakes, and just generally made life miserable for those around her. This tigress was perfect for what I had in mind!

I waited for half an hour after she went to sleep on a Monday night, then started the recording from her previous night’s sleep. I took a deep breath and picked up my computer mic. This was it. I was prepared for everything I could think of, but you never know exactly how your plans will work until you actually get started.

“Hannah,” I whispered softly into my mic. My voice was played directly from the tiny speaker implanted behind her ear. I could tell that she had heard it, because the graph of her brainwaves on my computer changed, but apparently it hadn’t quite woke her up. I whispered again, “Hannah.”

This time her brainwaves changed significantly and it was clear that she was conscious, so I said into my mic, “Hello, my dear.”

“Oh!” She responded, clearly surprised. “I must have placed a call in my sleep. Sorry to bother you.”

My computer registered a command from her to hang up a call, which of course didn’t actually do anything. I continued; “No, sweetie, you didn’t call me, I called you.” Another command to end a call came in, then her brainwaves started to show some nervousness. I enlightened her as to what was going on. “You can stop trying to end this call, because this is not actually a phone call. I’m plugged directly into your system.”

“What? How? Who... who are you?” Hannah stammered. A command came from her Brainset to place a call to Richard, who she had on a sort of speed-dial that didn’t require her to speak his name. I was actually impressed that she had recovered from the shock so quickly and tried to make a distress call. But it wouldn’t do her any good.

“Sorry, sugar, I’m blocking your calls. I want your undivided attention.” The brainwaves that showed her surprise and nervousness were really going strong now. My computer let me know that she tried to place a call from her old cell phone, but I had, of course, hacked into that as well and blocked all calls.

“Who are you, and what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Hannah demanded.

“Who I am isn’t important, but I’m happy to tell you what I’m doing. As part of the Brainset trial, I was hired to try to hack these gizmos so that any weaknesses can be exposed before the product goes to market.”

“What?! I wasn’t informed that we had hired anyone to do that! That’s ridiculous! Anyway, you’ve got the wrong person. I am not one of the testers; I am a company Vice President.”

Hannah’s tone had gone from surprised to haughty. It sure was going to be fun to cut her down a few notches. “I know who you are, darling. I figured that if I could hack your Brainset, it would show that I could hack any of the Brainsets.

My screen showed Hannah’s irritation rising, but it also showed that she was able to get her surprise level under control quickly. I was impressed. She then demanded; “All right, you’ve clearly demonstrated that you can hack my Brainset. Now get the fuck out of my head and never come back.”

“Oh, baby cakes, I’m not done with you just yet! You see, I was instructed to test the extent to which I could hack and manipulate your system. So far, I’ve only shown a few things; that I can keep an audio line open against your will, that I can block commands that you try to give to your Brainset, and that I can prevent those security morons back at the company from seeing your upset brainwaves. I’ve still got a bunch of things to try out.”

“You will test anything else out on the actual testers!” Hannah shouted indignantly. “Don’t you understand that as a VP I am essentially your boss? I am ordering you to close this communication line immediately and go do your work on the guinea pigs!”

“Sorry, toots, but it wouldn’t be much of a test if the person getting hacked had to give permission, now would it?”

Hannah’s anger was simmering. She tried to maintain some control over the situation, saying, “Well then fucking get going and get it over with. And stop calling me ‘honey’ and ‘darling’ and shit like that. My name is Ms. Jones. You can call me that or ma’am.”

I laughed at her again. “Actually, babe, I’m going to call you whatever I want. You see, that’s part of the deal with getting hacked – you don’t have any power anymore! I’ll be calling you ‘sweat pea’ or ‘honey pie’ or ‘stupid cunt,’ or whatever else I want, and you are just going to have to listen, because you don’t have any way to turn off that little microphone in your head!”

Her anger level continued to rise steadily while I goaded her. She said through clenched teeth, “All right, asshole, just get going with whatever you need to do so you can fucking leave.”

“That’s the spirit, cupcake - let’s get started! In order to confirm my next test, I’m going to need you to set up a webcam so I can see what you’re doing. Go ahead and open your computer and I’ll give you an IP address to type in to your browser.”

“What!? No way! I don’t want you looking into my bedroom!” Hannah shouted.

“Sorry, doll, that’s the only way I can confirm what I need to confirm,” I stated. “The sooner you set it up, the sooner I can let you get back to sleep.”

Hannah paused for a second, and I thought that I might have to give her some additional motivation, but then she surprised me and pulled open her laptop. I suppose she probably thought of a couple reasonable things that I might need to confirm visually. Little did she know…

As soon as her video came up on my screen I let out an exaggerated, “Hellooooo, gorgeous!”

She responded by pulling her big robe even further closed around her and said, “Quit being a fucking perv and just do whatever you need to do.”

“Actually, hot stuff, I now need you to do something. To be more specific, I need you to do something that you don’t want to do, so that I can prove that I can gain control over you. Since you’ve just called me a perv, I’ll go ahead and play the part by requiring you to perform a full strip-tease in front of your camera for me. Is it safe to say that stripping for me is something you don’t want to do?”

“You’re god damn right I don’t want to do it, and I’m not going to do it! Why in the hell would you think that there’s any possible chance that I would do that?”

“Well thank you for asking, my fiery little future stripper,” I responded.“The reason is that your tech geeks at Nextwave lied to you if they said that all those sensors implanted in your brain could only measure brain activity and send signals out. In fact, they can also deliver signals directly to your brain. Now, I’ve been studying your brain activity quite closely for the last couple days. I know exactly where your pain centers are, and I’m pretty sure that I can set them all off at once. Of course, since this is the first time I’ve tried this, there’s no way to know if it’ll feel like a tickle or like the worst pain you’ve ever imagined. You’re about to find out!”

Hannah was getting more and more nervous during my little speech, and she was finally starting to glance over to the door of her bedroom, so I added, “Here’s how it’s going to work. I’ll keep telling you to give me a strip tease, and I’ll deliver bursts of medium-level pain if you don’t obey. However, if you ever try to leave your bedroom, then I’ll immediately give you a burst of high-level pain to stop you. Got it?”

Hannah glared at the camera, then with hardly any visual warning she bolted towards her door. Actually, though she had made her decision quickly, I had received plenty of warning through my computer monitor. A whole different set of her brainwaves had spiked when she decided to run away. Her fight-or-flight response had been triggered, and she had decided on ‘flight.’ I made a mental note of what the brainwaves looked like at the same time that I hit the button to deliver her first burst of pain.

The running woman dropped instantly to the floor, letting out a scream as she fell. Her pain brainwaves shot sky high, though I’d actually only used a low pain setting. Wow, I thought, there is no way she is going to be able to resist.

Artist Credit

© William Langeveld

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