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Nightmare of Vengeance

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Product Description

Nightmare of Vengeance by Lizbeth Dusseau

Struggling law student Kristen Davies takes off for a weekend camping trip alone. When the cold spring evening turns raw, an unsettling rustling in the trees suddenly explodes into her being whisked away that finds the redhead beauty, gagged, blindfolded and bound in a secluded cabin. Kristen is forced to suffer through two days of assaults from at least three brutal assailants. When she wakes up on the 3rd day with her captors gone, she discovers they've left a photograph taken of her during a four-way sex act in her ex-fiance's downtown office. Leaving him standing at the alter was not a good idea! Jon Ryder is a wealthy and menacing Dominant, who has every intention of making Kristen pay for the humiliation he was made to suffer.

The sex in the woods is just the first of many incidents that span the ensuing years. Each time Ryder wreaks his revenge, the unsuspecting Kristen is snatched unaware, brutally used and then left with another black and white image of her past indiscretions that will haunt her for weeks. Though the shocking scenes of humiliating domination and hard sex are terrifying, she's also painfully aroused by her own natural desires for such submissive sex. But refusing to be Ryder's victim, Kristen takes off across the country and turns herself into Samantha Ross. A whole new town, a whole new life awaits. She's soon dating yet another controlling male, although the rancher Lawton Brady is nothing like her ex. But while his loving domination satisfies her deep submissive needs, the threat of Jon Ryder still casts a cloud over her troubled life, and she balks at any serious relationship. Can Samantha ever be free of her past? Or will she be forced to suffer Ryder's ruthless domination forever?

A sexy and seductive S&M tale of revenge and redemption, featuring sex, bondage, punishment, whipping, group sex, exhibitionism, oral, anal and straight sex.


The ropes that tied my arms to my hips were loosened, although the relief was only temporary. Someone grabbed my hands, swiftly buckling my wrists in sturdy cuffs that would not give. Then my jeans came down, yanked over my hips and down my legs and finally pulled completely off. Somewhere in the melee of my capture, I’d lost my boots, although the brown boot socks managed to stay in place. Invading fingers started probing my crotch with no respect for decency. Decency? What the hell did I expect? The thought of decency was absolutely absurd under these conditions, especially when staying alive was my most urgent concern.
“Well, won’t you look at this!” a snarly voice piped up, “No panties and a wet hot snatch.”
His warm, thick fingers began to poke inside my cunt, no ceremony, no mercy. If I hadn’t already figured it out, I knew for sure that I would be raped.
I tried to snap my legs shut only to have them pried apart again by these ruthless hands.
“You picked yourself a randy bitch,” the man snarled again, while further mauling my crotch and jabbing fingers in both my pussy and my ass. I seized up when he breached the dry backdoor and bucked hard against the invasion in my ass. Not that my efforts did any good.
“No! Please!” I screamed. “Not there, please!”
I hated anal, but that wouldn’t matter to these thugs. My life seemed to be slipping from me fast. How ironic that just as I resolved to get my act together, everything would be taken from me.
My scream was met with a hard smack on my left ass cheek, then another on the right, then back and forth like a good old-fashioned spanking until the two orbs were scorched and stinging, and I was squirming to get away. “Don’t you get it, bitch?” the man said when he finally stopped. “Keep your trap shut!”
“Maybe she needs to be gagged,” another voice offered up.
Another tussle ensued with my resistant body, then the ropes at my shoulders were at last untied. When finally the blanket was drawn away, a blindfold was quickly slapped over my eyes and secured behind my head, giving me not even the merest glimpse of my captors. Maybe that was good. I couldn’t see a thing, not even a rim of light at the edges of the blindfold. I’d been cocooned in darkness, enveloped in the rich scent of leather, the feel of it soft against my face. At least I could breathe. One huge gulp of air drew in the smells of pine and sweat and bacon grease. A breath of fresh air followed. Rushing in from somewhere the draft of cold air made my skin chill and everything about me shiver.
There was no gag, but thick tape was slapped over my mouth and the sticky stuff instantly fused to my face.
Stripped of the remainder of my clothes, I was positioned on the floor and readied for the eventual rape, with my shoulders shoved into the hard wood and my cheek resting on the gritty surface. Then that pair of huge hands lifted my ass, tucked my knees beneath me and spreading them wide, exposed my rear cleft from my asshole to my pussy below. A wild, stabbing pain attacked me in the gut and then moved downward.
Though tough to admit, lurking in my psyche since I could remember were brutal scenes like this one which had the power to arouse me sexually. I’d never known where they came from or why I had to be plagued by such depraved thoughts. It would be nice to say that I was so petrified by the danger I faced that I couldn’t possibly get horny, but my entire body was painfully aroused: heart beating, pussy throbbing, desire so palpable that I could taste it on my tongue. If I were not gagged, I imagine that I’d have been licking my lips in want of a cock between them.
Any minute I expected the rape to begin, and I prayed that they’d be swift. But for a long while I heard them circling me, their boots hard against the wood floor. I could only imagine the expressions on their faces as they eyed me.
“So, bitch, let’s get a few things straight here,” the snarling talker started in, “you ain’t getting outta here until we’ve used you up. This ain’t about being nice. You play smart, you won’t get hurt – least not in any way that won’t eventually heal. You get stupid, you’ll be floating out to sea. You got that?”

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(c) Powershotz

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