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Nurse Nancy Misbehaves

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Nurse Nancy Misbehaves by Lizbeth Dusseau

Nancy has her own special cure to share with selected patients in Fairhaven Hospital. But when she is unwittingly caught on tape with her panties down, she learns that the ‘remedy’ for her shameless bad behavior will take her places she’s never dreamed of. Faced with losing her job—and even worse, having her daddy find out about her ‘night shift’ escapades—Nancy agrees to being punished before a group of kinky doctors, who have her best interests at heart…so she’s told. She soon learns that this quartet of doctors have more in mind than a simple disciplinary spanking. Their far-reaching ‘treatment’ will keep the misbehaving Nancy busy accommodating their peculiar sexual whims for quite some time.

Just as Nancy learns about her best friend Meg’s S&M sexual affair with Dr. Merriman, one of her own accusers, Nancy must quickly learn to experience sexual pleasure through sexual pain. This bratty slut is forced into kinky medical scenes that include bondage, clamps, intimate physical exams, enemas, and anal sex. And she can’t resist her physical response, the crude passion that comes from these shocking scenes, and one particular doctor who has caught her fancy.

It’s also her nature to resist the control these men have over her, particularly the mastermind, Dr. Lyman. But when she rebels against the arrangement, her punishment takes a dark turn, and requires an even deeper surrender. Can she hope to escape the clutches of these vile men? And is there a possibility of more than just sex from the mysterious Dr. Creighton?


“Mr. Tatum!” she jumped back, “you behave yourself!” But she couldn’t break his grip on her hand.
“Oh, no, little girl, you’ve been teasing me for three days, and men like me jus’ don’t take kindly to being teased with nothin’ to show for it.”
She smiled, feeling the pulsing warmth of his growing erection send rivers of delicious sensation all the way up her arm. They spread to her chest and down to her softly undulating belly, making her spasm in a most erotic way.
“But, really, sir, I can’t do anything like that for you here,” she said in her sassy Southern drawl.
“Oh, sure you can. Who’d know at 2 a.m., anyway?” His sour expression transformed to a sly smirk, which made her want to giggle.
Men were always making a play for her, and she knew just how to bat her blues eyes in reply, while brushing them off in her next gesture. But this fellow was a bit too delightful to ignore. He had a cowboy’s rugged look, a craggy, tan complexion and green eyes that flashed both cold and warm. And muscles. Taut, sinewy muscles—not an ounce of fat on his lanky build.
“Little sweet talk, little sweet cream,” he moved his other hand under her short, white uniform skirt and let it amble up between her thighs as if he was getting set to stay there, “Best way to cure this backwoods boy and get me back in my boots. Whadya say?”
Ooo my! How he tormented her—her hand on his fat erection, his hand snaking its way inside her panties—what could she do but let her body speak?
“You really can’t,” she purred breathlessly. Her heart began to pound hotly, and she couldn’t stop from wriggling on his exploring fingers. He didn’t have to hold her hand to his crotch; the desire bounded through her, so that she finally grabbed his erection and began to jack him off.
“Yeah, baby, that’s it.”
“Oh, but we really shouldn’t…” she warned herself as much as she warned him, although she already knew she wouldn’t, couldn’t quit. The only off switch she recognized was that powerful physical rush that erupted in climax.
“Of course, not? But who’s to know?” her cowboy stallion urged her. His free hand went around her waist, while his fingers continued to probe between her thighs. They’d insinuated their way into the moist treasure beyond her sex lips, into the place that made her quiver; that made her inner muscles constrict, and excitement flood the area with urgent spasms.
The sly lothario’s smile was positively sinful; his green eyes danced with glee.
“Oh, you are terrible, Mr. Tatum.” In a last attempt at proper decorum, she tried to pull back—but that’s not what she wanted, and that’s not what happened next. He pulled her to him harder and made her stay, where his hand couldn’t quit its feverish playing anymore than hers could stop squeezing his vigorous muscle. As precum oozed from the tiny opening of his penis, desire pored from her wet lips.
“You want to suck, baby?” he asked.
“Uhuh,” she mindlessly responded.
Pulling his hand from her crotch, he pushed her between his legs and presented his eight hard inches of tumescent might to her waiting mouth. She licked it first, her tongue riding round the head like a wave, while her round blue eyes seemed to darken and melt away with her lust. Just licking him made her pussy ooze with juice. It ran right past her panties, and drizzled down her legs. When she zeroed in on his thick meat, her whole mouth seemed to swallow him. She drew back sucking, her tongue and cheeks coiling around the stalk the way a pussy would fuck.
“Damn! You are somethin’ else, little girl!”
In the back of her mind, she imagined with horror the stir his exclamation could cause on the quiet hospital floor. She backed off and placed a finger over her lips, “Shush! Or I’ll have to stop.”
He replied, winding his fingers through her hair and shoving her face back to his cock. “Sorry,” he said. But he wasn’t sorry at all.
Back to her play, her eager mouth dove for the throbbing cock and devoured it again, and again, and again, each time sucking harder with her tongue curling about the shaft, while her mouth and lips slurped in a frantic, explosive motion. She could feel the cum in him start to rise, so there was no use stopping, no matter how loudly her patient moaned. Mr. Tatum leaned back on his bed while she worked him, his hand still clinging to her hair. She could feel the urgency, not just in his cock, but though his grasping fingers.
Then suddenly he groaned, “Gawd, yes, baby yes!” and Mr. Tatum shot all over Nurse Nancy’s face, spewing a load that suggested he hadn’t come in some time—which was probably true.
“Oh, dear!” she said, as she sat back on her heels. He’d let go her hair and was reclining against the mattress.
“Now that’s a cure!” he said, when he had enough breath to do so.

Artist Credit

Ludovic Goubet, www.ludovicgoubet.com

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