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Nursing A Grievance - ebook

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 Nursing A Grievance by Lance Edwards

Taken under the wing of Sara, an experienced nurse at Milton General Hospital, Shanna has no idea how her life is going to drastically change. As the new girl on the block, Shanna’s first night on the floor of the hospital will be a huge turning point for her life. Under the direction of Sara, Shanna meets her first patient, Tommy, and begins her discovery of sexual conquest. Tommy, being fully restrained and gagged, is forced to endure oppressive enemas at the hands of these depraved caretakers. The two women soon realize they have more in common with one another than just work; they both have a lust for domination and rugged lesbian sex. Sara and Shanna move in together in order to spend more time together discovering new ways to please and punish each other.

Alan Young is looking for a job so he can earn enough money to be able to move out of his stepmother’s house and be free of the dominance she reins over him. He sees the ad that Shanna and Sara run for a male roommate and is very excited. Of course, he is received into the hands of the girls who cannot wait to have him at their beck and call. The women turn Alan into their personal slave, to be tortured, humiliated and changed into their very own she-male, Aileen.

Dr. Wycombe, one of the most feared doctors Milton General Hospital, has tormented and raped almost all the nurses who work with him, frightening them so they will not prosecute him. Little did he know what would happen when he brutally raped Shanna in a supply closet. By getting everything on tape, she was able to get her revenge on the nasty doctor. Sara and Shanna, two obviously well matched vixens, turn their love for one another into a diabolical world of degradation and carnality, that includes an orgiastic bachelorette party and a female servant Aileen, who will find an exciting and excruciating new life of perversion she never expected.

Included in this tale are Female domination, bondage, humiliation, whipping, gags, cock and ball torture, sodomy, breast torture, clit torture, feminization, ass fisting, golden showers, rugged strap-on sex, lesbian sex, nipple clamps, caning, enemas, wax.

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“He really should be in the psychiatric wing. But they don’t have room for him, one, and neither are they equipped for his level of care. In any case, he’s not violent or disruptive – if you don’t count him trying to ejaculate on you that is, and constantly proposition you in the most deviant fashion, especially during this particular procedure. That’s why the orderlies have left him gagged as well as restrained. In any case, he has to be prevented from hurting himself. He’ll beat his little pecker until it bleeds if you let him. Won’t you, Tommy?”
Tommy nodded vigorously, his eyes frantically scanning lovely Shanna up and down as though storing her image for a lifetime of wet dreams. Sara smacked his upraised ass matter-of-factly before continuing.
“Like I said, a lot of the nurses are offended by him. I just think he’s funny though. Sometimes I even undo a few buttons on my uniform to drive him particularly crazy. And I have a little trick to keep him in line. Not exactly professional, but it works beautifully. Doesn’t it, Tommy?” Still unable to tear his eyes away from Shanna, Tommy nodded again and whined pathetically in acknowledgement and need. Sara nodded back and moved on to particulars.
“One of the unfortunate side effects of the medications he needs is severe constipation. At least a couple times a month we have to reach in and manually disimpact him. The little pervert has an orgasm every time we do it too, if you can imagine that. To try to keep things from reaching that point, we have to give him an enema every day to clean him out before it builds up. This excites him terribly too however, hence the restraints.”
Shanna giggled again, rather nastily, at the sight of Tommy all gagged and bound with his bare ass hanging out, his pecker erect and his eyes goggling at her with worshipful lust. Or maybe it was the thought of him ejaculating with a hand up his ass. Whatever it was, Sara gave her a minute to digest the bizarre circumstances. Then she snapped on a pair of rubber gloves and gestured for Shanna to do likewise. As the younger nurse complied, Tommy’s squirming and whimpering quickly grew more urgent, and Sara laughed derisively herself.
“We’ll give Tommy a treat today and let you do him.
“Would you like that Tommy? Isn’t our new nurse absolutely lovely? How would you like to have her filling your perverted little ass instead of me?”
Tommy responded by literally thrashing against his restraints to show his eagerness. Sara laughed scornfully again, and Shanna joined her. Then she led Shanna over to the sink, where the needed equipment – enema bag, tube, nozzle, and a plug for afterward – waited.
“Okay girl, let’s see what you learned in nursing school.”
Shanna stepped up, lifted the enema bag and then hesitated.
“Isn’t this thing awfully big? And look at the nozzle! I’ve never seen one so wide!”
“Well, we really have to blast him with it. Like I said, if we don’t keep him cleaned out, you’re going to find yourself sticking a few fingers up there and digging the shit out by hand, while little Tommy bleats and thrashes and comes all over the place. And whether you find that amusing or disgusting, it’s best to keep it to a minimum. So fill that thing up all the way.”
Shanna did so, clearly marveling at the amount she was being asked to use. Sara was encouraged that the luscious young thing hadn’t tried to bolt the room, or foist the job off on someone else, as so many of the stuffy bitches here did. There was clearly hope for the kid.
Once the bag was filled, Shanna carried it over to the bed without further instruction and hung it from the overhead bar. Sara handed her a tube of surgical lubricant, and she thoroughly coated that oversized nozzle. She went to insert it then. But little Tommy was wriggling and squirming and thrashing so excitedly it was like trying to hit a moving target. Sara moved around the bed across from her and leaned in to help.
“Okay, here’s part one of my secret technique. If you report this I’ll deny it, and Tommy will back me up. He likes part two too much to risk losing it.”
Sara grabbed his dangling testicles, pulled hard and squeezed. Tommy gave a muffled yelp, and his thrashings immediately subsided.
“That’s right Tommy, settle down.” Nurse Stern spoke sternly, but with an underlying playfulness that betrayed the enjoyment she felt at wielding authority over a man in such an undeniably sexual context.
“This gorgeous young thing can’t fill your ass for you with you bouncing around like a Mexican jumping bean, now can she? You stay quiet for her, and Shanna here will just flood you up to bursting. I know this is the highlight of your day. And if you behave, I’ve give you that little tickle afterwards that you can’t live without. So take a deep breath and ready yourself.”
Tommy did as he was told as best he was able. Still his toes curled, he shivered with anticipation and made an odd keening sound as he forced himself into submission. Sara nodded then, and without the least bit of first-time fumbling Shanna pushed the well-greased nozzle of the remarkably large tube into his anus.
“Keep pushing,” Sara raised her voice over Tommy’s gagged cries of ecstasy. “Get it in well past the sphincter, and let him clamp down on it.”
Shanna did as instructed. Sara tightened her grip on Tommy’s balls, giving them another squeeze just for the fun of it. Then she nodded again across the bed at the younger nurse. Sara was surprised (and secretly delighted) to see Shanna grinning a bit maliciously herself. And holy shit, were those erect nipples clearly visible even through a bra and the stiffly starched fabric of her uniform? They were, and Sara’s mouth watered at the thought of how large and pointy the love-nubs must be on those amazingly pneumatic breasts.

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