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Obedience School

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Product Description

Obedience School: Hard Lessons For Bryley by Reese Gabriel

He has just the place - a secret school where uppity females are trained like dogs to serve the absolute pleasure of their masters.

Bryley is sent against her will, and while on her way to the school, she learns that her new purpose in life is to 'get men off'. She begins her schooling along with a spoiled young socialite, renamed Brat and a snobby would-be divorcee whom the male Warders call Barbie. The three are stripped and thrown naked into a stinking cell after being abused and humiliated by several guards.

They are told they must submit like animals, but Bryley soon finds herself singled out by the school's mysterious head man, the handsome Royce. He offers to watch over her, but she soon finds he may have a higher price than she can afford. She struggles to keep her identity, even while feeling things for Royce that may make her forget her marriage vows. Gavin meanwhile has struggles of his own, as his boss seeks to prepare him as a submissive owner by letting him have his way with Allison, his beautiful blonde pet-wife.

Will the couple re-unite, or be pulled apart by the powers of dominance and submission that threaten to swallow them both. Contains female submissive training, bondage, gagging, humiliation, breath play, forced anal and oral sex, corporal punishment. Another sexy S&M read from one of the master's of this erotic genre.


“You needn’t worry about Gav’s job,” he stroked her cheek. Roth was not a tall man, which meant he was meeting her virtually eye to eye. What he lacked in height, however, he made up for in sheer presence. “He’s performing more than adequately. Things would just be a little easier if you would do the same.”
Bryley recoiled from his touch. His fingers felt cold. “I can’t. I can’t cheat on my husband.”
Ever the shrewd negotiator, Roth had the perfect compromise in mind.
For her first blowjob, he gave her a mink stole to kneel on and a full glass of champagne to brace her nerves. She couldn’t believe she was actually doing it, letting her husband’s boss pump his cock in and out of her gaping mouth, slapping his balls against her chin as he grunted his way to a furious orgasm.
Thankfully, he was not intent on her swallowing his issue.
“For your convenience, milady,” he held out the empty champagne glass.
Spitting out the man’s semen in his presence, especially as she was still on her knees, was nearly as humiliating as the sucking.
“That was quite good,” he said, helping her to her feet. “For a first effort.”
“This can’t happen again,” she said quickly.
He caressed her cheek, making her cringe. “Of course it can, my dear. Every woman has her price, and I have met yours.”
Roth came in Bryley’s mouth on a regular basis after that, including once in his car while he talked to Gavin on his cell phone and another time in his very presence, with her crouched under Roth’s desk out of sight.
Her pulse had raced so quickly. She was terrified of being caught, although something about the arrangement made her horny as hell. It was like the danger was racing straight to her pussy, making her hot and helpless and wet.
Was she afraid of what her husband would do? Or was she just overcome with the idea that Roth had taken her over and forced her to behave this way—taking a man’s dick in her mouth with her husband only a few feet away.
She tried to hold her breath the whole time. She was so sure he would hear what was going on or that Roth’s face would give away what they were doing.
Gavin had seemed blissfully unaware, however. As usual. The only thing that boy seemed to have eyes for anymore was work. And Allison Van Hogen.
Wasn’t that a rich joke? Gavin wanting her so badly, the poor stupid bimbo whose husband was fucking half the city.
How did Roth get away with it?
According to the man himself, Allison gave him her blanket permission. Bryley found that a little hard to believe, but Roth had a rather unique answer.
“Allison can’t protest anything I do,” he boasted. “Because she’s my slave.”
A sex slave to be precise, obedient in every detail, a loving, suffering slut who accepted every abuse of her own body while claiming nothing of her husband.
Bryley found it repugnant and told him so. He just laughed. “Slavery is the best thing for women like Allison. It gives them peace and joy.”
Like men hadn’t been handing down that line of garbage for centuries. Talk about serving their own prurient beastliness. No wonder Gavin drooled over Allison. He wanted a slave, too. A mindless fuck toy he could use and put away whenever he was tired of her.
Not a wife, not a woman to love.
Bryley could cry...but she already had, hadn’t she?
What a tangled web we weave, when first we learn how to deceive.
Who had said that? Shakespeare, maybe.
What a total fucking mess we make—there was the modern equivalent.
In order to help her husband, she had allowed another man to violate her. In so doing, she had shattered her own self-esteem and made a turtle of herself.
She couldn’t even let her husband touch her anymore. Anytime he came near her she froze up, or else fell into a total panic.
Tonight it was both. Although for a second there, when he was holding her wrist, she had felt safe, protected from her own whirling emotions, insulated somehow from the burdensome, no win choices of the world she’d created.
If only he was strong enough to hold on.

Artist Credit

(c) Samarel www.samarelart.com

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