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Of Castles & Curses & Unfaithful Wives - eBook

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Of Castles & Curses & Unfaithful Wives by Lizbeth Dusseau

Erin Longmore inherits an English castle from her recently deceased husband only to discover later the fate it holds for unfaithful wives. Caught in a century’s old curse she’s destined to forsake her lover, Curtis, or risk his death. Marrying a mysterious descendent of her hus-band’s family she hopes to atone for not just her own adultery, but the sins of the wives before her, who were unfaithful to their Longmore husbands.

A tale woven between the past and present, Erin flashes back in time to experience the ruthless punishments wreaked on Morgana, Catherine and Edwina Longmore. She learns her own punishment at the hands of her new husband will be as terrifying and ruthless... and yes so sexually provocative. She can't help but take this pilgrimage back to a time when women were chattel and property of their masters. This tawdry lusty sexual escapade features intense & graphic punishment scenes that include bondage, whipping and anal sex. For those that enjoy erotic extremes.


Curtis found her in the secluded spot, stumbling upon her one of their first days at the castle. He’d never lost his way going there a second time.
“Are you sure you want to stay here by yourself?” he asked.
“I’m not by myself. There’s Paulina and the caretaker, Fritz.”
“Such company.”
“But I’m going to dive into my work, get this place ship shape. You won’t even recognize it when you get back.”
“But if you decide otherwise, if you want to go back to New York, you know it’s not a problem for me.”
“But it’s easier for you to visit with me in England,” she reminded him.
“You’re right there.”
Six weeks straight with Curtis, she’d never had her lover so close so long. They were surprisingly compatible. Just one little explosion over his next assignment to a Middle-Eastern hotbed marred their loving interactions. He put down her rebellion quickly, reminding Erin that his work was his work and she would not dictate his life. She pouted a while, but gave in. Their relationship was not ready for ultimatums no matter how much their love had grown.
The best part of her six weeks was that her grief over Robert seemed very manageable. And now, even Curtis’s leaving seemed right, at least for a time. She wanted some days alone just to think. England in an English castle was a good place to do that. At that moment she almost wished he was already gone, so her heart and tears could move forward one more step.
But with him standing behind her now, she was aware of his physical presence and the immediate response in her own body. He was stoking her shoulders, his fingers tracing tiny lines from her neck down her back. Each prickly sensation made her shiver, a feeling that ran down her spine to her bottom. Up under the straps of her sundress with his thumbs, and both sides fell off her shoulders. Her skin was bare beneath. Slightly chilled by the cool of her shaded hideaway, she made up for that in body heat that was radiating from her groin outward. Fueled by Curtis’s hot crotch, she began to sway her ass as her pussy pressed down on the stone bench.
He pulled her to her feet and she turned around. When the sundress dropped to the ground, she was naked. There was something in her mindset, the desire to be taken, that lured her. However, what was in her imaginings was far more savage than the actual act that followed. Once he had her on her feet and well kissed about the mouth, he turned her back around and had her bend over, ass available, her hands on the stone bench to steady her balance. He liked mauling her bottom in this position, loved the luscious look of her broad derriere and how that heart-shaped ass curved into her legs beneath. Her thighs were generous and firm, but narrowed gracefully to her calves and the small feet that were now tucked in white sandals. Since the night he’d spanked her ass, he’d repeated the treatment often only to have Erin practically begging him to smack her harder.
(When they weren’t having sex, she complained that spanking shouldn’t be an acceptable practice. Though there was no arguing with the results.)
This last day with her, Curtis gave her her first outdoor spanking–even if it meant that someone might hear beyond their private hideaway. But they didn’t care. Erin tried keeping her voice low and breathy as he struck a dozen times on each fleshy orb, but it was hard to hold back her joyous response. When his erection slipped inside the molten slit between her thighs she gasped with a very audible, “awwwwww,” then gentled back against his groin as he screwed her hard, still slapping her ass.
“Good, gawd Curt, please,” she whimpered. She wanted his fingers manipulating her bud below, but he held off for some minutes. When he finally began to play with her, he did so with such vigor that she felt a dozen stabs of pain shoot from that fragile fiery knob. “No, no, no, no,” she was crying.
Curtis ignored that.
He shot inside her a moment later, then manipulated her to a painful finish with his fingers pinching her clit hard.

“Ah, you look so great naked in the out-of-doors,” he said. She’d slumped to the ground, which was warmer than the stone bench, though she had dirt clinging to her spanked ass.
“Oh, but I still feel such fire,” she said.
“You going to take a lover while I’m gone?” he asked.
“How could you even think that?”
“I’ve never known a woman to be so horny,” he said simply. He sat on the bench above her and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket so she could wipe her groin of the sticky residue.
“It’s just you that makes me horny,” she said.
“I’m not so sure.”
“What else could it be?” she asked.
He looked around their niche as if that question had an answer written on the stone walls. “Maybe this place. As earthy as it is. … Maybe it’s all the wars that were fought on this soil, all the history. Reminds me of places in the Middle East and Africa where you can almost hear the uprising of the oppressed vibrate through the earth.”
“Woah, you’re almost sounding mystical, my practical man.” She laughed, though inside she wondered herself at Curtis’s remark and some impending danger coming from out of the past. Pulling to her feet, she found her sundress and dropped it over her shoulders leaving her looking almost as fresh as when she started—except for the smudge of dirt on her cheek. “I’d better get in and wash. We have just one day left and I want to see how many times I can fuck you before you leave.”
As they were leaving their stone-walled garden, they found the caretaker, Fritz raking the garden just outside. Erin blushed while Curtis flashed him an unabashed grin.

Artist Credit

© Richard Savage, www.swage.net

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