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On A Short Leash - ebook

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On A Short Leash: Creatures of Servitude by Lindsay Ross

Two lovely and impressionable young females, Chrissie and Susannah, find themselves lured into the world of submission and servitude. Eventually, they'll be trained as human canines, subjected to a strict regimen, profound humiliation and a unique breeding program. Susannah is sent by her parents to the Septimus Grey Academy where corporal punishment is part of the curriculum. She is soon taking some hard licks from Andy Scates and his colleague, the formidable young Emma Holman. Chrissie, meanwhile, is seduced by the same dishy Andy Scates, who will make this willing young woman obediently crawl at his feet and call him master. Andy makes her have sex with an old bum, then give head to three hot studs, and finally sends her off to do nasty porn flicks. When Andy moves Emma into his flat she quickly becomes "Mistress Emma" to the submissive Chrissie.

While Chrissie is taking orders from Emma at home, Susannah finds herself subjected to the ruthless whims of that very same martinet at the Academy. Punishment benches, pillories, gags, bondage and rough humiliation in the school gym soon turn Susannah into a groveling slave to this amazing female.

What neither woman realizes is that they are being painstakingly trained as sex slaves, their passion for submission about to take some shocking turns. Their paths will cross at a training facility where they will take the next step in servitude. They'll become no more than canine bitches who serve for the amusement of the masters and mistresses that own them.

Strong scenes of S&M sexuality, including, bondage, caning, punishment, rape, pain, forced porn performances and prostitution, waters sports, induced lactation, milking and straight, lesbian and forced group sex.

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There were gasps of surprise and admiration as a stunningly beautiful woman led two females into the ring, a leash in each gloved hand.
The girls were completely naked whilst their handler wore a tightly-fitting red corset, black thong, long black gloves, suspenders and shiny black boots which nearly reached her waist. Her glossy black hair was piled up in a classic style, exposing a long white neck. She knew how to carry herself and how to walk, whether through breeding or training or a combination of both.
As more spectators caught sight of the trio, the applause spread round the arena and reached a crescendo; there were calls of ‘bravo!’ from some.
The PA announcer said, ‘Here we see Emma Holman leading Chrissie and Susannah. These fine looking bitches are jointly trained by Emma Holman and Andy Scates.’
The girls were almost as beautiful as their trainer, though it was difficult to appraise their figures because they were crawling along on all fours.
One had sandy-coloured hair and the very white skin that often accompanies reddish hair. She appeared to have a rather prominent bottom and more than one man raised his binoculars to take a closer look.
The girl on the other leash had an exceptionally pretty face, large mouth, hazel eyes and cropped hair that made her look, at first sight, quite boyish. However, on closer inspection she had the wide hips and firm breasts of a mature woman.
There were other attractive girls in the ring but the woman in the red corset with her two bitches outshone the rest.
The judges indicated when they had completed their scoring and Emma Holman led the procession back into the shade of the marquee.
There were a few betting stands dotted about the field and spectators made a little rush to bet on Chrissie and Susannah, knowing it was likely they led the field after the beauty parade, as it was commonly called.
A number of men in long brown coats ran into the ring and, working to a well-drilled routine, they had the obstacles in place for the next stage in double quick time.
For the second stage, it was Andy who entered the arena, carrying his whip and leading out Chrissie, the girl with the very white skin and reddish hair. Her skin was so white that spectators could see even from a distance that her up-turned bottom was marked with old bruises and two or three crimson stripes more recently applied. It was common for the human canines to carry scars on their bodies as a result of the very arduous and disciplined training they experienced. Spectators expected to see the whip used in the second and third stages of the competition; they were not a squeamish group. On the contrary, the men liked to see the girls receive the lash.
Chrissie was at Andy’s heel in an instant.
When the hooter sounded to signal the start, she sped off. She jumped the first two fences easily, then disappeared into the long tube where the spectators were able to follow her progress by the bulges that appeared in the fabric.
There were more cameras in action for this phase of the competition, covering areas where tumbles or mishaps might occur.
Chrissie emerged from the tube and jumped the water splash, causing hardly a ripple, then clambered over the wall, fortunately without disturbing one of the bricks at the top.
Andy ran alongside her, using the whip. The crowd saw it snake out and catch the girl’s well rounded cheeks as she approached the next fence which was much higher than the others. Just before she took off, he gave her another lash to encourage her to leap.
She was clear.
The crowd applauded and there was some cheering, obviously Chrissie was fast becoming a favourite.
When it was announced, they recognised Chrissie had clocked a fast time but there was still a long way to go.
A man with a hand-held camera came very close, taking shots of her most intimate parts to spice up the videos that would be made of the competition. The last time he’d filmed Chrissie, there was a lot of footage of her below the waist and a whole sequence focused on her pussy.
When the result of the obstacle race was announced a spontaneous cheer went up. Chrissie’s time was the fastest.
Dog carting was the part of the meeting people looked forward to most and it attracted the most bets.

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