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On Dangerous Ground - ebook

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 On Dangerous Ground by Alexander Kelly

On the run from her threatening past, Jordan needs a place to hide, and she needs it now! At a roadside diner, she impulsively hops a ride in the back of a truck, only to find herself in the midst of a freight-load of females, all blindfolded, bound and being transported to god knows where. But this is not the time to panic. She goes along for the ride, swiping a blindfold and cuffs so it appears that she's just another captive. After being intoxicated, Jordan and her companions awaken at a secluded compound called Sanctuary where the business at hand is all about sex. When one of her fellow captives is taken to the 'rack' for a demonstration, Jordan know that it's only a matter of time before she gets the same treatment.

Jordan is swept into a world of sadomasochistic sex, where she learns to take the beatings and the hard sex and still survive. Rough as it is, it's a whole lot better than what awaits her outside the safety of the Sanctuary.

Once she gets her bearings, Jordan sets her sights on one of the Sanctuary 'nobles', Gavin, who's making plans to leave the country with a personal submissive. She aims to be that submissive. But a menacing Mistress Gisele suspects that Jordan is an SM faker, and blackmails her into obtaining information from the powerful Gavin. Jordan's caught in the midst of a dangerous game. But she'll stop at nothing to reach safety, submitting to every master, mistress and trainer in Sanctuary, and even if that also means going along with Gisele's destructive plot.

Both male and female domination, with heavy bondage and whipping, discipline, punishment, suspension, submissive training, public exhibitions, collars, gags, punishment devices and plenty of coerced sex, including oral, anal, straight and lesbian.


The older man made a disparaging noise. “I don’t care if you’re starving of hunger. First thing, first thing, you do is feed the cargo. It calms them down and you won’t have any nervous nellies while you eat. Al and Erna run a tight ship here; they’ve probably already got the special dish ready. Get it. Now. You can stuff your face later.”
The younger man’s feet ran off and the older one began unlocking the gate. Shit! He was going to come in here! If he saw me he would toss me out in a second. But there wasn’t any place to hide!
Oh, yes there was. And in plain sight.
Of course, a lot depended on him not checking that ‘manifest’, whatever was on it. Spare leather blindfolds hung on a wooden slat near the end of the bed, right next to several pairs of shiny handcuffs. In a flash I grabbed a blindfold and secured it over my eyes. My hands groped for and found a pair of cuffs that I locked on my wrists, but not tight, so I could wriggle out of them later. I kept my hands in front and took a chance that the men wouldn’t notice that, unlike the other women, I also didn’t have a chain running to the ring in the bed. When the time came to jump out of the truck on some stretch of road, I wanted my hands available for use, even if they were cuffed.
I just got my ass planted on the end of the bench next to freckle-face when the tarp was pushed aside. Fresh air blew through the truck bed, then was cut off. Several pairs of booted feet clumped on the bed’s center.
“All right, eat up,” the older man said. “It’s been a bit of a trip already for some of you, and there’s still a ways to go. Can’t have any of you falling over from hunger.”
The scent of well-seasoned, hot food filled the truck and my mouth watered. I hadn’t anything to eat since lunch yesterday and my stomach demanded satisfaction. Now!
Bowls and spoons were pressed into our laps, then food, from the smell most likely beef stroganoff, was generously ladled out. Spoons uncertainly clinked against porcelain and I sensed the men fed the women whose hands were behind them. A few comments floated around about how eager all the women lapped up the food, myself included, even though we couldn’t see it.
Wait a minute. What was in that food? All too suddenly, a strange feeling came over me…I could hardly make my brain work. I was getting sleepy. My head fell back against the wooden boards. No, don’t! You need to…to…stay…awake...
Even though my mind faded in and out I knew the bowls were gathered. But when it came my turn a pair of fingers hooked in between my wrists and held them up. My arms hung limp.
“What kind of sloppy work is this?” said the older man. “You’re lucky these just don’t fall off! And she’s not even chained to the ring.”
Another voice, probably the other young man that jumped out from the cab earlier, said, “Not my problem, Logan. Talk to the people at the sally port. I just drive today.”
“And if one doesn’t show up it’s out of your pay, Burton,” said the older man, Logan. “But that’s not my problem either.” With a quick gesture he tightened the cuffs. He scrambled around my numbed feet, locking another set on my ankles. From then on I wasn’t sure what else he did. My head lolled to the side and softly bumped against Freckle-face. At least, I think so. Couldn’t tell... The black under my blindfold was replaced by another, deeper darkness.

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