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On His Knees

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On His Knees by Rose Thornwell

Young Kyle is eager to please his new boss, Alexandra, a blonde siren with a reputation for humiliating and controlling men. The naive Kyle is easy prey for the wily vice president and soon finds himself submissively licking her feet - and a whole lot more! Alexandra is so impressed with her handsome Kyle, that - much to his dismay, she farms him out as a sex toy to important clients, both male and female.

Desperate to escape his new 'job', he turns to co-worker Brittany as his ticket out. While the pretty Brittany does get Alexandra off his back, he discovers that the little goddess has demands of her own. While Kyle is in love with the girl and more than happy to submit to her, the lovely Brittany is not exactly what she seems. Before he understands what's happening, he's abducted off the street, forced into a van and taken to a corporate 'retraining camp,' where he must undergo rigorous, naked training. Kyle soon learns there's a steep price to be paid for becoming Brittany's newest toy. This deviant Femdom novel contains rigorous female domination, compulsory anal and oral sex, golden showers, corporal punishment, multiple partners and detailed male ssubmissive training. Includes humiliation, bondage, hoods, shackles, cages, leather, latex, flogging, CBT and enough boot-licking to keep the reader happy until this story's surprise climactic finish!


“Guess you nailed me, huh?” Kyle laughed nervously, doing his best to pour on the boyish charm. “Would you believe it if I told you I was just stealing it back to make some last second revisions?”
Alexandra Kingsley eyed him humorlessly from the doorway. At thirty-three she was the youngest vice president in the company’s history. She was also the sexiest, with her long, lush white blonde hair and perfectly proportioned body.
“Don’t fuck with me, Kyle,” warned Alex through icy pink lips. “Because you haven’t the balls.”
Sweat beaded on Kyle’s forehead. The ink was barely dry on his MBA. He’d had to pull an all nighter to get the report done as it was and he was damned near ready to piss his pants. A firing now could end his career before it began.
“Alex, if there’s anything I could do,” he croaked. “To make up for it, I mean.”
“You can kiss my feet for starters.”
Kyle waited for the punch line. When it didn’t come, he cleared his throat. “Um…I’m not sure I heard you right.”
Alexandra folded her arms across her chest. She was wearing a blue skirt suit with matching heels, stockings and a necklace of pearls. Her smile was deceptively sweet. One foot thrust forward, hip slightly askew she mocked at him.
“You heard me just fine, ace.”
Kyle licked at his lips. Alex was a fantastically sexy woman. He’d fantasized about her often and on more than one occasion he’d had to go off to the men’s room to masturbate just to relieve the pressure from the inevitable erections she gave him. It had bothered the hell out of him that unlike most of the other women he’d known, she’d been utterly unaffected by his good looks and lean physique. Up to now, in fact, he’d wondered if she was a lesbian.
“The choice is yours, Kyle. Get down on your hands and knees and kiss my shoe or go out and pack up the contents of your miserable little cubicle while I call security for an escort.”
Kyle grit his teeth. “You can’t be—”
“Serious?” she supplied. “Why don’t you try me and find out?”
Alexandra sauntered past him to her desk. “Security?” she chirped pressing the buzzer with an inch long, tapered pink nail.
“No!” cried Kyle, seeing his future hovering precariously over the edge of a waterfall. “Please, don’t!”
Alexandra cancelled the call. “Close the door,” she told him crisply.
His heart thudded in his chest as he turned the knob. She was watching his every move, like a cat watches a mouse.
“I want you to crawl back to me, Kyle, on your hands and knees.”
Kyle was thick and hard in his pants by the time his knees touched down on the plush, executive carpeting. He should be disgusted and outraged, he should be running out the door making a bee line to human resources with a sexual harassment charge, but for some reason, he had to see how it turned out. You had to admire a woman like this, he thought to himself; so together, with so much power.
“Step on it, Harmon. I haven’t got all day.”
“Yes,” he whispered, not sure what to call her now. The carpet fibers prickled on his palm. It was like being a child again, playing at horsy, except now as a grownup the crawling had other insinuations, much deeper and more sensual. It was crazy; him dressed in a tailored business suit, a gift from his big sister, brand new socks and shoes, doing this, humiliating himself.
Alex’ perfume wafted to his nostrils. It formed a kind of protective ring around her. The woman’s perfect knees filled his line of sight. He was within range, but not sure what to do next. She just smelled so good and—
“Are you looking at my legs, Harmon?”
Kyle flushed red. “N—no, ma’am.”
Ma’am. He’d called her ma’am.
“Do you jerk off thinking about me, Harmon?”
“That’s a lie.” She extended her left foot, dainty yet smoothly strong. “Do what you came for, Harmon and get out.”
He put his head swiftly to the patent leather in an effort to appease her. She wasn’t pleased with him. Was he going to be fired after all? Kyle put as much into the kiss as he could manage. The shoe was dry, but smooth, surprisingly sensual. There was also a smell, the odor of leather and the scent of Alex’s body, a mix of perfume, deodorant and girl scents. He thought of her working out, jogging, kick boxing, sweat collecting on her well-formed curves as she pounded her victims into submission.
For some reason he thought of her losing adversaries as being all male.
“That’s enough, Harmon.”

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