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Our Lady of Pain - ebook

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Our Lady of Pain by Victoria Morris

Corinne Anderson is stuck in a boring job and ready for something new. When the pretty brunette is unexpectedly approached in a restaurant by an unusually attractive priest, she learns he's an old classmate, Gregory Monroe. Corinne is strangely attracted to the man and after a very skillful and deliberate seduction on Gregory's part, she's baited into attending his Friday night service at the mysterious Saint Dolores Chapel. She quickly learns that Gregory Monroe is not an ordinary priest, but a BDSM dominant; and at St. Delores, the BDSM lifestyle has been taken to the level of a religion. She's immediately alarmed, and yet she cannot suppress the powerful sexual urges that Gregory has released in her.

Finally relenting to her own desires, she agrees to join the Order and soon finds herself in cuffs, collar and chastity belt, living in a small cell. These are the first steps in a rigorous seven week, seven stage program of submission, which will prepare her to become Gregory's 'personal assistant'. She spends her days blindfolded, is hooked to sex machines, endures 'slave labor' and is finally stripped of her identity, humiliated and demeaned. Corinne learns to her horror that she'll become the centerpiece of the Friday night service, destined to endure 'the torments of the congregation'.

While Corinne goes deep into the abuse and ecstasy of St. Dolores, a tug of war ensues between Gregory and her friend Debra, who insists that the Order is a dangerous cult. Can Debra extricate her friend from this depraved society? Or will Gregory succeed in making Corinne 'Mine'?

Our Lady of Pain is a contemporary story of lust and romance: one woman's journey into the dark realms of sexual surrender. Graphic scenes are wide ranging in content and include punishment, public floggings, enemas, bondage, medical devices, electric play, contractual sex agreements and sexual ceremonies.

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With a trembling hand, Corinne unlocked her apartment door and let herself in. Her groin was practically throbbing. The urge to relieve herself had not been this strong in years. She had to do it. Corinne hurried down the hallway to her bedroom, pulling off her blouse and bra before she was even in the room. Her slacks and panties quickly followed. Corinne stripped the blankets back, leaving just a bare sheet to spread herself on. She liked it like that. It felt stark and almost hospital-like that way. Her fingers probed into the wetness of her pussy. It felt good. She closed her eyes; one hand at her groin the other grasping her full breast, squeezing it slow and hard then grasping the nipple until it hurt. The hand at her cunt moved more quickly, rubbing the clit until she felt the first wave of shuddering. Something more needed to be in there.
She went to her dresser, pulled open the bottom drawer and dug to the bottom where she kept the dildo. Corinne never used lube, not even on this monster of an insert. She liked how it felt going in without it, the force and the slight ache it caused as it filled her. Lying on the bed with her head towards the footboard, Corinne rested her ankles on the headboard with her feet planted firmly against the wall. She shoved the dildo in, wishing there was someone else to do it for her; wishing there was another person to hold it inside her and pump it and rub her swelling clit and milk her breasts while she lay there, hips thrusting upwards. The warmth of arousal rushed through her before concentrating on her sex. Need and desire narrowed to a pin-point, took her breath away in tiny grunts and gasps as her hand worked the fake cock in and out and the fingers of her other hand, gripped and rubbed her clit.
She came in a loud, trembling gasp of pleasure. Everything inside her twitched and pulsed for no more than ten seconds. But for those ten second, it was bliss. She forgot about The Boss and the book and the encounter with Gregory and was lost in herself. It was over too soon and although she came, want still lingered. The dildo slid from her covered with cum, leaving her empty physically and emotionally. There was no one to hold after all that and the ache would not quite go away completely. It really never did for Corinne.
It had been three years since she’d had a real lover, three years of masturbating; more than that if you counted the last two years of her marriage. It just wasn’t all that she knew it could be. The image of Gregory sitting at the table drifted back to her lying there, spread eagle on the bed, fingers still toying with the soft folds of her sex. Those gray eyes were stunning. The dark suit he’d been wearing was clearly tailored and expensive, too expensive for a man of the cloth. He’d worn some sort of ring with what looked like Greek letters on it. College boy, it screamed. But it was the suit that got her, priestly attire or not. Corinne had always had a thing for men in suits. Every girl really is crazy for a sharp-dressed man. She had even noticed his black shoes that were so polished they had reflected the overhead lights of the restaurant. If she didn’t know better, she’d have guessed him to be some sort of wealthy businessman, not a priest.
“…if you are what I think you are, I may have an offer for you.”

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Product Reviews

  1. Absolutely wonderful!

    Posted by LB on 23rd Apr 2010

    Our Lady of Pain by Victoria Morris
    Reader comments from LB from New York

    I wanted to let you know I have read Our Lady of Pain by Victoria Morris. It is absolutely wonderful! From the beginning I could see everything as if I was watching a movie in my head. Now that is what a book is suppose to do, transport you right there with the characters. I could see many of feelings and struggles in myself that Corinne Anderson faced. I am new to the lifestyle as far as actual experiences go. Reading what Corinne went through and how it effected her mentally brought many of my own fears and wants to life. I would, and have, recommended this book to many. It is a great find.

    Thank you so much Pink Flamingo for publishing this book. I look forward to reading more of Victoria Morris's books in the future. For I haven't found many authors that truly can transport me into their books the way she has.

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