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Outer Island

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Outer Island by Lizbeth Dusseau

A Futuristic S&M Fantasy - In New Victoria, sex outside of marriage is against the law. Sex Crimes Court judges offenders and the punishments are severe, as this society has returned to the days of public floggings and hard labor to punish the guilty.

When Delila violates the law with a co-worker, the initial corporal punishment is swift, however, the hard labor she is condemned to is far more than she expected when Degas, the Overseer of an underground brothel, buys her from the State for the duration of her sentence. Delila enters the steamy underworld that her society has condemned, finding that she's not so much coerced as a willing participant in the deviant sex acts required of her. Any hope of reconciling with the husband she loves looks doubtful, unless he can understand the passion that now drives her.

In Outer Island, Lizbeth takes a journey out of present time to weave this remarkable erotic fantasy with bold and vivid strokes. Supremely sensuous, it is an elemental tale of light and dark, submission and control, passionate love and longing, for those readers willing to take a leap into wilder sexual territory.

Includes: female bi-sexuality, graphic anal sexuality and intense B&D punishment.


The leather room was as dark as its name suggested, no blinking lights to blind the eye, just solitude at this hour to mark Delila's entry into the deepest regions of Outer Island.
Fier, becoming more brusque just entering the room, shoved her to one end of a simple sawhorse with a leather covered rail. The rail itself was at an angle so that once bowed over the apparatus, her head would be far lower than her ass. Forcing her into the position, he then secured her ankles to either end of the wooden rail, and her arms were stretched out in front of her.
Thus posed, her ass stood out a ready target for a new order of sexual violation that frightened Delila. Yet even as she trembled wondering how this horror would proceed, her body craved the abuse she would feel, knowing that as with all other acts at Outer Island this would take her into greater bliss if she could get beyond the pain.
The initiation starting, Fier lashed her ass with a leather thong whip until Delila cried out for him to stop. Not stopping, the valet continued the punishment until he saw that her backside was a righteous crimson color, bright enough to suit his fancy. Once the first lashing was complete, Fier swathed a smooth penis shaped dildo with a thick spicy smelling grease and began shoving it against the door to her ass end.

Delila: I was tied at four corners, not a state I was unaccustomed to, nor was I unaccustomed to all the focus on my ass. How many times I'd been caned, flogged and thrashed, I wasn't counting anymore. And the lashing, though painful, was hardly cause for more distress.

The dildo in my ass was another thing.

I tensed when Fier began to insert the piece, and as if he was infinitely patient, my valet pierced that place slowly, until the head of the fake prick was past that doorway, and the remaining eight inches of inflexible wood was buried inside. Tying it firmly in place with leather straps so I couldn't expel it, he left me. I couldn't even see his face for my eyes were closed, my head aching from the blood rushing downward; but I know he was scowling happily.

In the hours that followed that first abuse, I was flogged, lashed, paddled and probed by customers who found my cunt more pleasing than ever with the hefty prick lodged next door. After hours of oblivious abuse, it seemed like my ass wasn't even connected to me. Though I must admit the sensations were remarkable, and when I did have the advantage of a less severe lover, I was toyed with until I climaxed too, and could benefit from the powerful surge of lust my state of bondage brought me.

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Lancelot Knight on 23rd Apr 2010

    A dual review...
    Outer Island by Lizbeth Dusseau
    Sinner's Fire: The Punishing of Rachel by Reese Gabriel
    Reviewed by Lancelot Knight, Copyright (c) 2005

    These two novels provide a dazzling example of point and counterpoint in novel writing. Although the books were written about ten years apart, they provide a hauntingly similar view of the future. These are cautionary tales, suggesting that our sexual freedoms are in as much danger as any of our other personal freedoms.

    Outer Island takes place in a place called New Victoria, where sexuality is harshly repressed. Delila Armand is sentenced to be whipped and sent to prison for having an extra-marital affair. Sent to a distant Siberia-like locale she is recruited by Degas, who, it turns out, is running a high-priced brothel. There Delila discovers the many facets of her sexuality, including her craving for “discipline”.

    In Sinner’s Fire the locale is called New Christendom. The state is run by religious zealots, deeply suspicious of any natural sexuality. Rachel Taylor has a husband who is unsatisfying, repressed and conformist. Rachel, too, is having an adulterous affair.

    Both women are dissatisfied under the repressive regimes under which they are forced to live. Both women seek release for their pent-up sexuality and discover their submissive sides with men other than their husbands. Both women find themselves attracted to men who dominate them. In Delila’s case it is Degas, the owner of the brothel in which she works; in the case of Rachel it is the sadistic General Lazarus, into whose hands she falls. Both women ultimately find liberation through the freeing of their sexuality.

    Both novels also suggest that such state-endorsed repression is doomed to failure, that hypocrisy is bound to be the result if our natural sex drives are ignored or, worse, stifled.

    The climaxes of these two stories move in different directions; yet both books are thoughtful, entertaining, well-told tales, which give the reader many moments of erotic pleasure and excitement, and much to reflect upon after the tale is told.

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