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Overloaded With Chaz

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Overloaded With Chaz by C.H. Rucker

Available as ebook only.

Overloaded with Chaz is a highly entertaining “how-to” book for guys looking for tried and true techniques for getting women in bed with little to no after effects, especially that troublesome problem of love. The book was created (written) to help those men who have difficulty relating to women, teaching them how not to appear as a jerk. Included is guidance for those hoping to bang chicks normally unattainable to the average guy. The main character, Chaz, is one of those average guys, nothing special in the looks or money department, though he keeps himself fit, dresses nice and always has a job.
Each chapter describes how Chaz is able to get oral sex, anal sex and generally use women for his own pleasure. Fortunately, for the reader, he is blatantly honest when he explains that his methods are not always a sure thing, and that some of these sizzling scenarios do not happen overnight. In fact, some of the stories result in years of trial and error. His techniques range from garnering sympathy for a recent breakup, giving flowers for no reason, acting as a protector and many other tricks.
Charming Chaz includes many descriptive pictures of different types of women. The “conquests” range from picking up that ditzy blonde in the bar, finally tapping that old high school tease, seducing the Asian cutie in the Asian restaurant, picking up a hottie at the mall, seducing a single mom MILF, to scoring with a woman bent on revenge to get back at her husband.

Included: Tons of oral sex, anal sex, spanking, doggie-style sex.


I recently broke up with a steady girlfriend… and as every guy knows, just as soon as you break-up with your girl, you begin to wonder where you’re going to find a new girl to take the place of your old girlfriend as far as taking care of your sexual needs. It’s times like this when a lot of guys will head to the bars and hone in on some ditzy blond air-head wearing a tight blouse and sporting a tight little mini-skirt.
Now if you’re lucky and are able to woo her away from the feeding frenzy of so many other guys that are also trying to get in her panties you’re half-way there. All you have to do now is buy her a few drinks and shower her with compliments. Tell her how nice her hair looks, comment on her perfume and how it’s so intoxicating to you. Compliment her on her clothes. Try to sound sincere in your compliments. A woman puts a lot of thought into the outfit she wears, the way she wears her hair, the perfect perfume… well you get the idea. So show some interest in her, not just staring at her tits! Make her think you are genuinely interested in the things she does, all the while supplying her with strong alcoholic drinks. Once you’ve done your part, by the time you leave the bar with her, you should have an excellent chance of bringing her back to your place. Then it’s only a matter of minutes before you’re lifting her skirt and pulling down her panties.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with picking up a girl from the bar. Sometimes we all need that quick fix to get our heads straight. I did just this very thing. I went to a large bar with a buddy and scoped out the ladies, paying attention to their body language, their dress and who they were with. However, the key is to do a quick assessment and move in as soon as possible. Remember you are probably not the only guy in the bar that’s got their eye on a certain chick. So once I found a target I moved in to give it my best shot. I singled out a girl that appeared to be by herself so I went up and stood next to her and struck up a conversation, complimenting her on her looks, her hair, her outfit. Now if she had totally blown me off I would have quickly moved on to another target. Many guys make the mistake of hanging around one girl that shows no interest in them and trying to make something happen. Listen, if you get the feeling they are not interested then move on. You certainly are not going to win over everyone you approach. Remember everyone is different and if you don’t elicit a positive response initially then you’re just wasting your time beating a dead horse… move on!
I made contact with my target, a bleach blond chick standing roughly 5’6” and about 120 lbs. wearing a white blouse, white mini-skirt with white high heels. I struck up a conversation and got her name which was, Brittany and found out what I could about her to keep her engaged in conversation. Brittany was 22 and a college student that was here with a friend who was on the dance floor. That would be known as a clue, guys! Now I know most guys don’t care to dance, neither do I, but sometimes you need to just suck it up and do what you can. Remember the prize you are seeking at the end of the night. I asked Brittany if she wanted to dance and she did. So I just made major points in her eyes. After a few dances we found a table to sit at and talk. I got her a Long Island Iced Tea and I soon earned her confidence in me, making her feel that she was the most important person in the world to me. I danced with Brittany some more, continued our conversation in whatever interested her and kept her drinking. When the time was right, and you’ll know it through her actions, I asked her if she’d like to leave and maybe get some coffee or go someplace to talk some more. I told her I really liked her and that I’d be happy to take her home later. Brittany told her friend she was leaving and would be home later. I left the bar with my arm around Brittany; not so much showing her that I was there to protect her or that I cared for her but also steadying her walk since she was a bit tipsy when we left the club. She nearly passed out in my car and I could tell the alcohol was really starting to kick in.
I took Brittany back to my place and assisted her to my futon. When she asked why I brought her to my place I simply told her that I thought it would be better in case she passed out since she’d had a bit much to drink. She was satisfied with that answer and I sat next to her on the futon. I told her I’d started some coffee, which was a lie, and then began making out with her.
Brittany asked if I was trying to take advantage of her.
“Do you want me to take advantage of you?” I said playfully, and then tickled her before kissing her.
Brittany kissed me back and we both embraced as our hands explored the others body. Women love to be kissed, and a good kiss will seal the deal more often than not. I caressed her breasts and unbuttoned her blouse while she ran her fingers through my hair and kissed me passionately. I had her blouse open to her bellybutton so I leaned over and kissed her breast and nuzzled her cleavage as my hand, sliding up under her skirt, caressed her inner thighs.
Brittany slid her hand across my thigh and found the bulge in my jeans. I leaned her back, subtly positioning her on her back as my fingers gently caressed the soft mound between her legs.
Brittany smiled at my touch, “Oh you’re a bad boy.”
I smiled and slid her mini-skirt up above her hips and kneeled between her legs. Brittany hadn’t protested in the least so I knew I was home free. I gently pulled off her panties and slipped a finger into her pussy. She moaned a bit as my finger went inside her and felt her wetness. I took off my jeans and held my cock in my hand as I leaned forward and guided my penis into her pussy. Brittany bit her bottom lip gently as I pushed deeper into her. While I lay on top of her, Brittany put her hands up on my shoulders and would occasionally run her fingers through my hair as I pumped her with a continuous in and out rhythm. It wasn’t long before my steady pumping evolved into more intense thrusting.

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  1. To the point and entertaining too!

    Posted by Steven T. on 1st Apr 2014

    Brutally honest and to the point. Chaz tells it like it is and shows you what has worked and what has not. He tells of how he seduced the woman; how and why his seduction worked. He also admits that not everything works with every woman... but he gives you the confidence in knowing how to go after it! I actually tried a few of his techniques and had some success!

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