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Overpowered Men

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Overpowered Men by Orlando

Females take charge in this sizzling new collection of 50 Femdom short stories. Follow along as hapless men, with intense submissive desires find themselves trapped in nightmarish lives straight from their darkest sexual fantasies forced to grovel at their Mistresses feet and serve their every demented whim.

In Don’t Wake the Others, Jimmy goes home with Sara, only to find that she intends to make him the latest acquisition in her collection of caged boy toys. Then in Building a Better Boyfriend, Ryan’s on the way out of Jackie’s life unless he agrees to a special training program that includes some pretty serious body modification. And in My Ex-Wife’s New Maid, Bruce’s ex invites him over for dinner at her secluded home. Before he knows it, he’s been drugged and wakes to find himself in a shock collar and cock cage, part of a scheme to turn him into her groveling slave.

Also includes Withered On The Vine, Plain Brown Wrapper, The New Dog, A Horse With No Name and many more! Original stories with plenty of breathlessly beautiful, conniving, creative, bitchy and vengeful females all with one purpose in mind: the subjugation of the submissive male. A titillating collection Femdom readers are sure to love!

In Boarding House Rules, Mike's desperate for a place to live and takes a room at Miss Crystal's boarding house, discovering that his new landlady has some very unusual requirements that have him naked, on the floor, and subject to her iron-will. And in I've Always Wanted A Dog, Hanna's husband refuses to let her have a dog, so she decides to turn him into one instead. And in Maid Perfect - Miss Helga's Training Academy, lesbians Julie and Deb catch a neighbor sneaking into their apartment and masturbating in their dirty underwear. Once they have him on tape, the sexy duo has plenty of ammunition to turn him into their personal slave.

Then in The New Housekeeper, Benjamin wants to live as a slave to a beautiful woman. But when he hires the nubile young April to be a live-in housekeeper, she taps into her 'inner Domme' with a vengeance and takes charge in ways he never planned on. And in From Husband to Possession with the Stroke of a Pen, Mary aims to fulfill Jason's submissive fantasies. When her slave contract states that she can modify him anyway she wants, he hardly blinks. Maybe he should have read the fine print!

Includes: female domination, male submission, humiliation, subjugation, bondage, whipping, chastity cages, castration, anal rape, forced cock sucking, ponyboys, dog training, humiliation, torture, feminization, toilet service, pussy worship, electrified shock collars

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“Have you ever sucked dick, Dan?”
I didn’t like the question. She knew I had never sucked dick.
“No, Miss Farah.”
“Would you suck one for me?”
Was that a trick question? Did I have a choice? I was her slave for Christ’s sake.
“Yes, Miss Farah,” I answered with dread.
“Are you happy that you married me, Daniel?”
“Yes, Miss Farah.”
“Even though it means you can never have sex with me again?”
“Yes, Miss Farah.”
“Even with your thing locked up for months at a time?”
I thought about that one. We had been married three months. She let me fuck her on our wedding night and then caged my dick. It hadn’t been out since. I hated it but she didn’t want to hear that.
“Yes, Miss Farah,” I dutifully answered.
“I’m so glad, Dan, because I just love our life like this.”
I’m sure she did. I was her slave. Right now I was bathing her. Perhaps bathing wasn’t the correct term. She was in the shower and it was my job to wash every part of her. I did the important parts first with my tongue and then with the loofah. She was very particular if my tongue didn’t hit every spot just right. She was very particular about all of my duties, which seemed to grow daily.
Still I couldn’t complain. I had agreed to live like this. It was hard but I had her all to myself and that was enough for me. I finished bathing her, helped her out, and dried her off. She sat down on the bed and beckoned to me. I knew what that meant. I knelt between her legs.
“Daniel, we need to talk.”
The phrase ‘we need to talk’ sent a shiver down my spine. That was the phrase she used just before every single serious life changing moment in our lives had occurred. That was the phrase she had used just before she made me agree to never fuck her…or anyone…or anything else again.
“Yes, Miss Farah?”
“Daniel, I need sex.”
I put my head between her legs and started to lick. She pushed me away.
“No, Dan, I mean that I’m a healthy young woman and I need to fuck.”
I looked at her with my eyes brimming. I had hoped for this. I had believed that eventually she would realize that she would need me. I moved in and started kissing her neck. She pushed me away again.
“Daniel, stop!” she demanded. “That’s not what I meant at all.”
I was confused. I looked at her and waited for her to continue.
“Daniel, I need a man to fuck me and since you can’t anymore I’m going to get a boyfriend.”
“But, Miss Farah, I…”
“Dan, you agreed to this.”
“I did?”
“Yes, you agreed to never make love to me again after our wedding night.”
“But, Miss Farah, I thought…”
“Oh, you silly,” she laughed, “you didn’t think that meant that I was never going to have sex again… You did! Oh, Daniel, that’s so sweet but I have needs.”
“But what about my needs, Miss Farah?”
“Dan, you agreed.”
“But I didn’t think that meant a…boyfriend.”
“We need to move on in our relationship, Dan,” she said.
“I could do that for you, Miss.”
“Don’t be silly. With that little dicklet?”
“Please, Miss, I…”
“Dan, I’m not asking your permission. I’m telling you that I intend to get a boyfriend.”
I put my head on her thigh. I had deluded myself into believing that this moment would never come. I had thought that if I kept her happy enough we could stay the way we were. She guided my head to her pussy and habit took over.
“Oh, baby,” she purred, “you do that so well. I’ll always want you to do that for me, it’s just sometimes a girl has to have a real man in her. You can understand that, can’t you, baby?”
I kept licking but nodded my head.
“He won’t get to do any of the things you do for me, baby,” she promised. “I just need a hard dick sometimes, okay, baby?”
I nodded again.
“There is one other thing,” she said softly.
I lifted my head to look at her but she pushed it back into her crotch.
“Don’t stop!” she said urgently. “I’ll tell you in a minute.”
I worked my magic. During the three months since we had married she had given me extensive training on how to please her. I used everything. When she was done she kept my head trapped between her thighs. I could smell her. It was one of my favorite times.
“You know how much I hate to suck dick, don’t you, honey?” she asked.
It was almost the first thing she had told me when we started going out together. I knew that she had never sucked mine. I nodded.
“But real men have needs,” she said, “and I know that my new boyfriend will want his dick sucked.”
I lapped gently at her pussy and waited for her to continue.
“I’m going to need you to learn how so that when he wants it you can do it for me,” she stated.
I raised my head and looked at her. Surely she was joking, but the whole conversation had started with her asking if I would. She wasn’t joking.
“Yes, Miss Farah,” I said despairingly.
“I have found someone who has agreed to train you,” she said.
“Miss Farah!”
“You need to learn how to do it right, Dan,” she said firmly. “I can’t have you embarrassing me.”
“Please, Miss Farah.”
“Daniel, I don’t want to hear another word!”
“Yes, Miss.”
“Good. Now dress me because he’ll be here in ten minutes,” she stated.

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