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Owned And Owner

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Owned And Owner by Anneke Jacob

Author of As She's Told, Winner of the 2009 National Leather Association

New Review from Dear Author!

Consensual BDSM Fantasy Erotica. A story of unconditional slavery, told from inside a woman's bound and naked skin.

Far in the future exists a world of men, a planet where the only women are rare and exotic pets. These few women, convicted of crimes, have chosen their punishment: slavery on Henth. The few men who buy them know what they are getting: eager submissives, willing to accept their lowly status in order to be owned by men. Etrin is a young woman who makes this choice; Garid is the man who buys her. Their story is one of dominance and submission taken as far as the imagination can go.

Long prior to the time of the book, Henth's colonizers split along gender lines, and the women removed themselves to a separate planet. The two societies have almost lost sight and memory of each other, except for the rare occasions when a woman chooses slavery on Henth over the alternative punishment on her home planet. Driven by a deep need for submission, Etrin pushes her misbehavior year after year, knowing that she’ll eventually be sent to Henth.

When finally convicted and sentenced for her crimes, the bound Etrin is overwhelmed by her first contact with the men on the planet Henth. Soon transferred to the care of animal handlers, she is caged for transport along with the other exotic pets, and prepared for the auction that will determine her new owner. Once Garid purchases his new pet, Etrin goes through stages of acceptance and the relinquishment of self as she faces the strict demands required of her. Meanwhile, Garid, driven and possessive, establishes a sense of ownership strong enough that he is finally able to share her. Readers learn of Etrin's struggles in the form of first-person introspection, and Garid's as he talks with his friend Therin, another dominant.

This beautifully crafted novel delves deeply into the psychology and emotions associated with dominance and submission.


“Slavery on Henth.”
There was a sharp murmur behind me in the courtroom. No one had chosen the Third Option from my community in living memory. After a few moments the initial disbelief gave way to a roar of indignation. I clenched my sweating hands together, eyes fixed in front of me, my back to the crowd, trying not to cower. This was even worse than I had imagined. I was afraid they were going to lynch me.
“Etrin Aboia, let me be sure the court is not mistaken. State your choice again clearly and fully.” I swallowed with difficulty, and looked down at my hands. They were clenched together, but the thumbs made a small upward gesture, as if to tell me to get on with it.
Taking a deep breath, I raised my head and made my hunched shoulders drop. A kind of desperate calm came over me. For once I was going to say the truth about myself and not be ashamed. I made myself meet the judge’s eye. The room went quiet.
I thought, this is it. Do it right, Etrin.
The words that emerged rang clear, across the court and back to me again, to echo around inside my skull. “I, Etrin Aboia, choose the Third Option, slavery on Henth, as punishment for my crimes of irresponsibility.” The voice sounded like it knew what it was talking about, and I was grateful. I could see by her expression that the judge, at least, knew the truth.
Still, I had to wait the required twenty-nine days before my choice was considered final. Twenty-nine days of hell.
At first I was elated at my emergence. I felt buoyant, without that leaden weight of constant concealment. I actually thought it might be possible to be who I was and say so. But my family was let in to plead with me, and their horrified reactions shut me down pretty fast. I went from glee to defiance, through to anger and resentment, then down into guilt. Soon I had to reassume my sullen armour, my only protection against their outpourings of grief and fear and anger, and my intense shame. By then I felt horribly naked and exposed, like a calibspod out of its shell, and I did my pathetic best to get my shell back on in a hurry.
Radiating disapproval, the authorities made sure I knew exactly what the Third Option meant. Although I heard some interesting details that I hadn’t been able to pick up earlier, details which scared me more than ever, I didn’t change my mind. The warder brought the photographs, then took them away again. Doctors made me go through another battery of tests to assess my sanity, very short with me for fooling them the last time. Sorry, sorry, sorry. They kept commenting on my intelligence, as if that mattered.
My family would have tried round-the-clock brainwashing techniques if they’d been allowed. The ten hours they had each day were bad enough. They were losing me forever, and I should have been gratified that they found this so awful, in spite of everything I’d put them through. But at the time I attributed it to their embarrassment over my appalling choice. Then of course I could reject them for their conformity to public opinion – a gibe that led to such a fight that the warders had to intervene.
Secretly, I suppose I wanted someone to understand and acknowledge my choice, someone to accept me as I was. Laughable when you think about it. Pathetically unrealistic, and far more than I deserved. I was bound to be disappointed on this one, because it was impossible for me to tell them just how long I had felt this way (forever), and how much I needed to go to Henth (indescribable). They thought it was just one of my self-destructive whims. The finality of it terrified them. Understandable; it terrified me, too.
I spent a lot of time with my arms crossed over my chest, glaring at the ceiling while they railed and pleaded. If even one of them had sat down and listened, I might have been able to tell them the truth. At last, driven to desperation, I grabbed one of my sisters by the shoulders and shouted in her face, “I’m doing what I must; let me be!” Too little, too late. It didn’t help. No one really heard me. They didn’t leave me alone until the very last minute of the very last day.
At first the solitude on the spaceship was an unbelievable relief. I could put the guilt away and bask in the elation, having survived the ordeal. But the wait soon became boring, imprisoned alone in my little cabin, and at the same time brutal in the urgency of my waiting for the end of it. Finally, after those months in custody on Raniz, there was no peephole in the door, and no one demanding my attention. They brought me my food three times a day, that was all. I had nothing to read or screen. All I could do was think, try to imagine what was ahead, and relieve the pulsing demands between my legs, brought on by the memory of those photographs, and by the knowledge of what I had accomplished. The fear made my belly tighten with surges of excitement, the fear of what they would do to me, of whether I could stand it.
I spent hours looking at my body in the mirror. Was it pretty enough? I had no way of knowing what men would like in a woman. My body felt oddly detached from me, as if it wasn’t mine at all. It occurred to me with a thrill of fear that soon it really wouldn’t be mine, in honest truth.
I watched my hands hypnotically stroking the full, pointed breasts, the slender ribcage, the smooth buttocks. I ran my palms over the silky skin of my inner thighs, and my breath came faster. My eyes closed, and I thought of whips. I had never been whipped, or even slapped. Opening my eyes, I examined my face. Pale skin, reddish curls to my shoulders, the grey eyes shadowed and fearful. I was smaller than average, and I knew men were tall. Helpless, I’d be helpless. The word made my belly contract with arousal.
There was nothing I could do about it now. Still, now that I didn’t have to convince anyone else, I could admit to myself that I was well and truly terrified.
I was going to men to be owned…

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istock.com © Royce DeGrie

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Product Reviews

  1. Posted by Unknown on 23rd Apr 2010

    Owned and Owner by Anneke Jacob
    Reviewed By JG-Leathers

    Allow me the freedom to introduce myself and provide a few credentials in reference to this story and the review that follows ... I, as JG-Leathers, have been around the kink scene for some time and back in the mid 1980's was instrumental in having the video series, PONY GIRLS AT THE RANCH, created. I supplied all of the harnesses, many of the story elements for the videos, and had the good fortune to appear in them as Jack, the ranch ram-rod and general all around bad guy.

    My harness designs have been widely-copied since and I have had the satisfaction of seeing this until-then obscure part of the kink community – pony girls and horse women – flower and come to a much wider participation than it ever had before. With the release of the videos, this sector grew into much wider prominence, for the roots were already well established. I now devote my time writing and inventing and am a published author myself with nearly a dozen stories and innumerable magazine articles in scene-dedicated publications and have my own free website: www.jg-leathers.com.

    Now, on to my review of the excellent OWNED AND OWNER, by Anneke Jacob ...


    Owned and Owner is the first story by the remarkably-talented Ms Jacob and caught my attention immediately. She has written an exceptionally well-crafted tale of love, dominance and submission, and, using a science fiction setting to get the story firmly established, she then gets to the meat of the matter by delving into the primary personalities ... those of Etrin and Garid her owner and without a doubt, her Master.

    Etrin, the heroine, has managed to manipulate her world’s all women society’s rules and make it respond to her own desires; this being accomplished by her being willingly and wantonly destructive on her home planet, Raniz. Matters move forward and she soon finds herself sentenced to slavery on a different world ... one that she has heard of in only scandalized whispers ... Henth, the world of men.

    Her new owner is a successful and caring man by the name of Garid and he quickly establishes his position with her for Etrin is immediately enveloped in a state of subservience by not being permitted the privilege of being able to learn or to understand his language. Garid soon finds that the mere possession of such a lovely creature changes him in ways he’d not considered, for he comes to love her for the person she is, and more importantly, she him for who he is. They have each at last found what they have so desperately wanted for such a long time, despite the substantially differing standards of ‘normality’ that both of their societies have inculcated them with.

    Etrin is soon fitted with a wide array of restraints and interesting garments, not the least of which, some months after her arrival, is an almost permanently worn chastity belt. Then, as their relationship evolves, her nipples are pierced and ringed, as is her nose and the jewellery that is fitted into these most intimate perforations is used in all sorts of interesting ways ... some humiliating and some painful, but always with love. Although Etrin is not aware of it, Garid, is a man of honour and would not keep her as he does if she was truly unhappy. She, though, is a rebellious sort, one who has a strong inner core that until now, none have been able to conquer. However, her master is that person in spades, for he instinctively knows how and why her mind functions as it does, and it is his goal in life to mould her to his vision.

    Etrin, although his treasured household pet, is kept nearly always leashed and caged when not needed for sexual services, or being taken out under strict supervision. Unfortunately, this captivity and Garid’s, for the most part unintentional lack of attention, soon lead to her feeling neglected and when her fingers prove too destructively nimble for her own good, he has her fitted with padded paws. These are not truly punitive, but are used to prevent her from attempting any unauthorized self-stimulation or from getting into other trouble. Etrin is gagged on occasion, preventing her from voicing her feelings of abandonment and although her initial lust for her new life begins to cool from the incandescent heat she first had for it, soon her life changes yet again. Being the person he is and with all of the fantasies he has built over the years together with the encouragement of his friends, Garid has more plans for her.

    She is to become his horse woman.

    Within a short span of time, Etrin finds herself wearing a harness, bridle and bit, then is hitched to a small carriage and other devices. Her training regime is severe on occasion, but with Garid’s constant supervision, she finds it to be erotic in ways she had never expected, even while she is driven to perform. The various harnesses and clothing that Garid has had designed and takes great pleasure in fitting to her are impressive ensembles designed to show Etrin off to her best advantage and she begins to revel in her submission. Even though bridled and bitted for many of her days, Etrin finds herself sinking deeper and deeper into her love for Garid and he cannot get enough of his new possession; coming to need and require her presence with nearly every waking thought. Many nights she sleeps in a cage wearing her paws and chastity belt, but on other occasions Garid brings her to his bed and unleashes the seething volcano of her constant lust ... to both of their delight.

    Eventually Garid takes her to race meets where she competes against other horse women from her home world and it is at these times that she discovers this too is only another means to bring her to a greater depth of understanding of both herself and Garid’s love for her. He is the one constant in her new life ... the person she has sought out with such determination and at the end of this wonderful story, Etrin has attained her goal. It is what she wanted in the beginning, although her journey is not how she expected matters to unravel and now she has lost all control and will never, ever, regain any of it ... and quite loves what has happened.

    In closing, I must say that this story is a beautifully-crafted tale of dominance and submission and strangely enough, a love story. It is propelled by the desires of the two principal characters to achieve an end that is not truly accepted by their originating societies, but is nevertheless accomplished. The tale contains wonderfully descriptive and evocative situations painted by Ms Jacob and is a gem to be read and reread, as I have done quite a few times.

    I recommend this story MOST highly and can assure you that should you buy it, your money will be well-spent and you will get many hours of enjoyment in the reading.

    Reviewed by Tobias Tanner

    Take a healthy serving of Heinlein, baste with deSade and salt heavily with some very twisted Horse Whisperer, bake slowly in a crucible of pain and profound deviance, then serve hot, very hot. What kind of meal is it? I’ll give you a hint. It’s out of this world. Way out. Think of it as science fiction and social commentary. This is an earlier novel than Anneke Jacob’s prize winning As She’s Told (which won the National Leather Association’s prestigious Pauline Reagé award for 2008). It’s a good thing that Owned and Owner was not available for consideration last year, as it would undoubtedly have given the prize winner a run for its money. In my opinion, this one is just that good. Maybe even better.

    What is the single most deviant sexual desire for a man born and raised in a world where male children are crèche spawned and where homosexuality is so normal that there isn’t even a word for it? That depends on your definition, of course, so let’s hone it down a little. Would you say that bestiality is the most aberrant sexual desire on any planet, even our own? Okay, maybe not. But it ranks right up there, doesn’t it? And what if the beasts in question were women; strange, faintly repellent animals, imported from off world and sold to wealthy men with a secret and profound desire to own one of these horrible female things, to control it, teach it and to…dare I say it…have sex with it.

    I’ll bet you can see where this is going. (It’s going onto my list of books to read again, among other places). There is plenty of kink; beatings and public humiliation and cages and piercings and chastity belts and…well, you get the idea. But there is more. Questions about the human spirit, about changes and fear and consequences and, inevitably, about choices made under circumstances where no choice seems possible. Only all things are possible, especially in the capable hands of this author . I recommend her work, period. Read. It’ll do you good.

    Reviewed by C. Tracy

    This is a wonderful erotic tale of Etrin and other sex slaves who have committed crimes on the Planet Ranize, an all female planet. Etrin has always dreamed of going to Henth, an all male planet, where she’d become a slave to a male owner. She commits every mischief possible in order to be caught, tried and sentenced. Once convicted, it will be her choice where and how she serves her sentence. She’s given 3 options, and to the chagrin of her family and the community, she chooses the male planet Henth. For her family this is the worst decision she could ever make, a lifetime of slavery to a man!

    On Henth, Garid wins the auction bid for Etrin and begins training her for complete and total enslavement. He wants total ownership of her body and mind. Etrin wants this too, however, her mischievous behavior gets in the way. Left unchecked, the girl can’t help herself, and she manages to cause havoc in Garid’s household at the most inopportune time. Interwoven into the story of Garid and Etrin are the stories of other slaves and their owners on the planet Henth.

    This is a thrilling, sometimes even humorous, erotic novel, a delightful read. It includes all the sex, bondage, pony training and piercing to cause one’s pussy to get fiercely wet! Anneke Jacob is truly a gifted writer. One thing that was particularly entertaining is the reverse attitude of the people on these two planets from what is common in our world today. Women and men find heterosexual behavior as perverse. Radical!!

    I truly enjoyed this book. This is a must read!

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